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What is worth looking in Pattaya in 2020

What is worth looking in Pattaya in 2020?

Pattaya is considered the most famous resort in Thailand, there are tourists here in the heart of the "Sea of ​​Depracted". However, it should be understood that despite the abundance of entertainment, beach holidays here is not the most perfect, and the sea is not the cleanest.

The cleaner sea can be found in the beach area Jomtien, The length of the coastline of which is six kilometers. This region is located at a distance of 5-10 minutes drive from the center of the resort.

The embankment is not particularly different from the analogues on the Black Sea.

Pattaya has a sufficiently extended resort, which is conditionally divided into two parts – South and North. The distance between them is not particularly large, however, not always convenient for hiking.

The most popular type of transport is mopeds and Tuk-Tuki.

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Attractions Pattaya ; what to see?

The main resort of Siam is attractive for tourists not only with a stormy nightlife, but also by many landmarks.

What can be done in Pattaya?

  • go on an excursion to a tiger zoo;
  • visit the crocodile and snake farm;
  • Go to safari;
  • go ride in elephants or see how wild animals catch;
  • Visit the salon with a real Thai massage;
  • View with your own eyes of the Show Transvestites (Alcazar and Tiffany);
  • to visit the GO-GO bar or visit the "adult show";
  • go to the oceanarium;
  • to visit the coral island;
  • Go for a day trip to Bangkok.

Beach Bang Sen

Beach Bang Sen is located on the road between Bangkok and Pattay. Here is quite quiet, price level is more democratic Unlike nearby Pattaya.

This region is perfect for a family relaxing holiday and relaxing with children.

The main advantage of the resort – Strong Sandy Beach and Clean. Also there are many restaurants with Thai cuisine and seafood.

You can visit it free.

Seafood in local restaurants Some of the most delicious throughout the country, they are very fresh, also local restaurants boasts a variety of dishes.

Tourists living on Bang Saen Beach, there is an opportunity to ride on excursions and shopping both in Pattaya and Bangkok.

SRI RACHA – Tigers Zoo

At half an hour drive from the center of Pattaya, a tiger zoo is located – Sri Racha. Zoo appeared in 1997, many tigers, elephants, bears, deers, camels and monkeys live here.

All those wishing have the opportunity to feed the animal you like, stroke or take a picture with it.

Every day a show is held here with the participation of trained animals. Almost all tourists who visited the zoo have photos with small tigers, a large tiger or a pair of chimpanzees.

Temple of Truth in Pattaya

In the vicinity in the north of Pattaya is a surprising construction – Temple of Truth.

The feature of the building is that this is the world’s largest wooden temple built from valuable wood. With its construction, not a single nail was used.

The height of the temple is 105 meters, It is built on the seashore. His main goal is to confront the sunshine and the strong sea wind.

All walls of the temple are covered with cut sculptures from mythology and religions of various countries of Asia.

The purpose of this temple is to show people the unity and integrity of the world, which, regardless of personal worldview and religion, all people are equal to each other.

Sanctuary of Truth (Sanctuary of Truth)

The temple of truth is sometimes called yet The sanctuary of truth, Its construction began in 1981, the end of construction is planned by 2025.

This temple is not so popular with tourists, although he deserves attention.

Financing this construction One Thai millionaire who has invested funds to the Museum Eravan, as well as the Park ancient city.

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Alcazar Pattaya

One of the main entertainment or, perhaps, the business card of the region is Alcazar Show, Where Music Music, Dancing and Colorful Costumes merged.

This is the place where it is necessary to go in the evening, if in Thailand.

The main actors are the best and most beautiful travelers-diva of the region.

This show is the biggest and colorful in all of Asia. Tourists come here from around the world in search of "show and spectacle".

Raisin Show is the composition of the artists. After all, all "beauties" with a beautiful figure and long hair are men.

Mini Siam

One of the most interesting places in Pattaya for reviews of tourists is Mini Siam, Those park miniature.

The park was built in 1986, here are reduced copies of the most prominent tourist facilities of Thailand, Asia, Europe and the world.

The park is included in the list of almost all tourist routes. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to see with its own eyes all the heritage of the country.

Children will also be interested in visiting the park, because, for example, at the airport of Bangkok airplanes move, and not stand still.

In addition to the attractions of Thailand and Asia, here you can see a lot of world attractions: Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, Egypt’s pyramids and much more.

Temple Wat Yang (full name Wat Yansangwararam Woramahawihan)

At a distance of thirty kilometers from Pattaya there is a temple Complex Wat Jan, which is under the patronage of the royal Thai family.

Also this place is a favorite place of rest and meditation of Buddhists.

In this park, there is also a place for meditation, there is Image of sitting buddha, about 160 meters high.

Also, there is a monastery-museum of Wat Yansengwararam, who in the people is called just Wat Yang.

The temple complex contains a collection of temples from Thailand, China and India, also here is the temple of the Chinese emperor.


Every year, Pattaya as the resort begins to develop more and more rapidly. This made this place an excellent alternative to such popular beach resorts as Turkey or Egypt.

All this has affected the service and infrastructure of local hotels. Did not cost Pattaya and without the construction of large water parks.

In Pattaya there are 2 large water park as:

  • Ramayana Water Park Pattaya

Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana is the thematic water park, one of the largest throughout Southeast Asia.

Located at: หมู่ 7 9 Ban Yen Rd, Na Chom Thian, Sattahaip District, 20250.

This is 15 kilometers from the south of Pattaya, and 90 minutes by car from Bangkok.

  • Cartoon Network AMAZONE WATERPARK

Here is the water park: Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark in Pattaya

What is worth looking in Pattaya in 2020

Cartoon Network Aquapark opened in 2014. The park has created an atmosphere of the rainforest Amazon.

It is located 15 kilometers from South Pattaya.

Accurate A Dres: 888 Moo 8, Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand .

Volking Street (Walking Street)

As at any resort of the world in Pattaya there is its own main street – it Walking Street. In the daytime, it’s sufficiently boring and dull, but with the arrival of twilight everything comes to life and lights up with many lights.

After six evenings, cars do not drive, night – pedestrian time. At the same time, local bars, restaurants, GO-GO bars, massage salons and other gold places open their doors.

Now Volkin Street began to lose its exotic appeal. There were bars with our names, and Europeans in T-shirts with inscriptions in our go through the streets.

You can also often find European grandparents who go under a handle with Thai young girls.

Shaw for adults

Pattaya is known for the whole world with its free nuts and a mass of entertainment only "for adults", one of these entertainment is "Xhhhh".

Visiting this show Many will not understand, especially people of conservative views. After all, everything is happening here that not everyone allows at home behind the closed door.

Most of the tricks are performed intimate places. Part of the people leave the room immediately after the start. The part lasts only until the middle, and the part perceives this view as a kind of circus for adults.

Tiffany Show (Tiffany&# 8217; s show)

Show Tiffany – This is another popular show, where the artists are transvestites.

This show arose In 1974, Initially, it consisted of only three artists, now the troupe owns its building and many professional artists.

The show is quite beautiful, you can safely come here with children.

Tiffany’s cabaret has a world name, tourists from all over the world daily come here to see this colorful and spectacular show program. Also this show is among the top ten of the world.

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What to see in the village of Nong Nuc Phra Bat?

Fans of nature must be visited in the tropical garden.

More than a million species of plants are growing here. Also here there is a very well-developed infrastructure, there is a lot of entertainment, there are restaurants, a small zoo and bird park.

This park was created 26 years, For the first time, opened its doors in 1980 and is now the largest parks in Southeast Asia.

Tropical Garden "Nong Nooch" and orchids Park

One of the most interesting places in the park "Nong Nooch"- This is an orchid garden, which contains more than 500 types of color data. This garden is built in Buddhist Pagoda.

Most of the plants are growing in hanging baskets. Throughout the year, a certain temperature and humidity are maintained here.

Buddha Hill (Budda Hill), Overview and Khao Phra Tam Nak or Khao

Any resort of the world has its own tourist list MUST See. In Pattaya, one of these places is the Hill of Big Buddha, which is also a business card of the resort.

The main place in the complex is the gilded large statue of the Buddha, which is sitting in the lotus position. In order to approach the Buddha, you should climb the stairs consisting of 120 degrees.

By local tradition, it is recommended to recalculate the steps rising to the top. If correctly counted – then the karma is good, if not, then it is required to be corrected.

Crocodile farm

By purchasing a tourist ticket to travel agency, a tour of a crocodile farm is very often included. It is considered one of the most interesting places not only in Pattaya, but also in Thailand as a whole.

On the farm can be observed for crocodiles, also here is the park of stones. Accordingly, you will see fossil trees with our own eyes, as well as a lot of exotic plants and animals.

The main thing in this excursion is the show crocodiles.

Elephant Village (Pattaya Elephant Village)

Traditional for Asia animals is elephant. In Thailand there are many nurseries with these animals, one of which is located in Pattaya.

Coming to the village of elephants can be observed as these animals pass workouts, playing various games, drive by car and much more.

Everyone can go on a jungle trip and see how wild elephants are caught.

What to look at the coral islands?

Pattaya is a great place to relax, there is only one thing – it is quite muddy water in the sea and not very clean beaches.

Amateur Pure Sea should go for one day for one of the nearby coral islands. There are beaches with snow-white sand, turquoise smooth and transparent sea.

Arriving on the island creates the feeling that you are in paradise or on another planet. After all, everything is completely different from noisy Pattaya.

The closest island is Ko Lan, Founding only nine kilometers from Pattaya.

Underwater World (Underwater World)

Another attraction of the resort is an aquarium Underwater Pattaya.

This oceanarium does not boast such large size as analogue in Bangkok. Although for those who have never been in such places, will seem very interesting place.

At the entrance to the oceanarium there is a swimming pool in which you can touch all locals, there is also a small waterfall.

In the oceanarium itself, there are many fish, moray, lobsters, seahorse, turtles and other underwater inhabitants.

Tips tourist

  1. In GO-go bars and on "Adult Shaw" You can not use photos and video cameras.
  2. Trade is prohibited in the country and drug use, for this punishment – the death penalty.
  3. Food and water, Water should drink only bottled, but it is better to refrain from food in dubious places.
  4. Going on an excursion, It should be neat with their own things, in most parks and on the islands there is a mass of monkeys, which can easily steal your personal belongings.

It should also be remembered that your leisure impressions depend on you yourself, so you will definitely take a good mood with you.

Independent trip

Pattaya – one of the most popular Thai resorts, which is attractive for independent recreation and long stay.

Accommodation here can be removed by a fairly modest price, especially if it is not located in the very center.

Coming to the resort It is recommended to rent a moped or Tuk-Tuk and independently cross all the territory adjacent to the resort. Independently admire temples, parks and other sights.

What is worth looking in Pattaya in 2020

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