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What is worth going to Mauritania

What is worth going to Mauritania

Mauritania – This is an exotic country located on Northwest Africa, Most of the country is covered Desert sugar. It would seem that there is nothing to look, however it is not quite so.
Natural landscape of Mauritania is diverse, offering travelers Many sights For study and recreation. Whether it is a wandering for deserted cities or admiration for a unique deserted national park, a trip along the sea or in the rivers of dried rivers – all this can see anyone. There are also several historical and cultural places that are great for travelers who want to learn more about this interesting piece of Africa and plunge into the unique history of this country.

Bank-d’Argen National Park

One of the main symbols of the country is ; Bank-d’Argen National Park, which is included in the list of worldwide Heritage of UNESCO And there is a huge number of different types of birds in it, so anyone who is interested in feathers, it is necessary to visit it, during a visit to the country. Birds live here for every taste: Pink Flamingo, Royal Kracheki, Pelicans, Hills and Many other species birds. Travelers can go to a special boat walk in the park, and thanks to her you can see the park in all its glory. Park covering extensive territory more than 120 miles, It is an excellent mixture of desert, coastal islands and sea. There are also several archaeological monuments in the park that you should visit.

Ghost City Wordan.

Wandan, as well as Bank-d’Argen National Park, included in the list Heritage of UNESCO and is old-fashioned ghost town. Berbers founded the city in 1147, After capturing this land. The city itself is located in the desert region Central Mauritania And it seems rises due to golden dunes, like a mirage. This oasis is home to several old buildings and houses, mosques of the 14th century and magnificent gardens. The fact that once was a lively and successful center of caravan trading, today is a deserted remnant of the past. There is very interesting in the city Museum, where travelers can learn more about the country and its history, as well as to solve the reason why the city was abandoned.

Plateau Adrar

After traveling to Wada, you should visit Adrar. Translated from Berber "Adrar" means "mountain" And this name is quite accurate, as Adrar and the truth is the most popular mountain in the state. Plateau Adrar ; Stunning Sierra, characterized by shades of brown and pink desert stone. Sand dunes, Canyons, rocky deserts and occasionally palm groves – All this can be seen in Adrara. The land was populated in the era of Neolithic, so there are no lovers of history, too, there are no monuments, and you can compare the life of a person then today in the desert. And was the desert then? On this question, the answer can be obtained immediately there.

What is worth going to Mauritania

National Museum

In the capital, it is necessary to visit National Museum. National Museum, one of the best museums of the country, provides travelers a great idea of ​​the history and culture of Mauritania. This multi-level building has a good reputation and boasts Extensive collection of artifacts and archaeological exhibitions, who will be able to tell about the history of the emergence and formation of this African people, and will also help trace the evolution of life from antiquity to the present day.

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Thus, Mauritania Unique in its own kind, which allows you to reveal your secrets as part of a unique trip. Africa is not only Egypt or Tunisia – in Africa many places worth seeing any traveler or tourist.

What is worth going to Mauritania

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