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What is waiting for tourists in Dominican Republic

What is waiting for tourists in Dominican Republic?

First of all, all passengers need to fill out «Medical testimonial traveler». In the questionnaire it is necessary to indicate that you did not have symptoms of coronavirus in the last 72 hours and leave contact details for which you can contact you over the next 30 days.

Immediately upon arrival, all passengers will pass a mandatory temperature measurement procedure. If the thermometer shows more than 38 degrees or the foreigner will reveal other symptoms of coronavirus infection, then he will be held an express test for COVID-19. After that, the passenger with suspicion of coronavirus will be isolated and will receive proper treatment.

Mased mode and social distance are required not only for passengers, but also for airport staff. Worker of hotels every two weeks will be tested for coronavirus.

During registration at the hotel, guests will restart temperature screening and sign a sanitary declaration. Luggage tourists disinfected, and they themselves will be offered antiseptics and medical masks. The latter must be worn every time at the entrance to any room, remove the protective mask is allowed only at the restaurant table.

What is waiting for tourists in Dominican Republic

Buffet in catering establishments canceled, all orders bring waiters. And the menu will be either digital or disposable printed. The distance between the tables should not exceed two meters, at the table is allowed to be no more than ten visitors at the same time. Bar throughput reduced to 35% to ensure visitors the necessary social distance.

Tourists will have the opportunity to go on a tour, but in sightseeing buses and cars it is necessary to observe the mask mode, the loading of the tourist transport is reduced to 50%. All routes are built in such a way that the groups of sightseers do not cross each other. At the end of the tour, careful disinfection of all surfaces with which tourists interacted.

Dominican Republic opened borders for foreign tourists from July 1. More than 8% of GDP make up the revenues from the tourist sphere.

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