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What is waiting for skiers in Sochi this winter

What is waiting for skiers in Sochi this winter

Last week, the State Duma deputy, the former Boxer-professional Nikolai Valuev on behalf of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports threatened the punishment guilty of a sudden rise in prices for Sochi Funicillers three weeks before the New Year’s weekends by as much as 43%.

Outraged sudden lifting prices for ski passes (subscriptions for lifts) on the most «peak time» – From December 26 to January 10, tourists collected signatures under the petition with the requirement of the return of previous tariffs. And have already collected (as of December 9) more than 1500 signatures. And the clumsy attempts by the director of the territorial development of the resort «Rosa Khutor» Konstanta Garanina explain the price increase in a large number of applications for ski passes only raised tourists.

But the troubles of skiers at the cost-effective ski passes are not limited. In connection with the warming of insufficient snow cover on the tracks «Roses farm», The opening of the winter season, scheduled for December 12, was postponed indefinitely. In case of deciding on the opening of the season, the ski area will work in limited mode. This means that the preferential right of skiing will be provided only to the owners of annual and seasonal ski passes, as well as the guests of the resort living in hotels «Roses farm».

Also in connection with the expected influx of tourists, the administration «Rosa Khutor» From January 1 to January 10, cancels the sale of pleasure and excursion tickets and limits the number of ski passes sold per day before – 9500. That is, if you do not live in one of the hotels «Roses farm», it is quite possible about riding in the New Year holidays you can forget if you do not take care of it in advance.

And in Sochi from December 1, only 10 pairs of electric trains run «Swallow» Between the Olympic Park in Sochi, Adler Airport and Red Polyany. And only half of them goes to a mountain cluster. For comparison – During the 2014 Olympics, the Olympians and Guests of 80 electric trains transported between mountain and seaside clusters.

Tourists now have ski equipment to get to the tracks or buses (paying more than 200 rubles. one way), or by taxi. And from December 20, that is, in fact, in front of the season, the resort may remain without electric trains in general, because Railways intends to stop transportation until the authorities of the Krasnodar Territory begin to repay debts, the amount of which at the beginning of December approached 1.3 billion. rubles. The likelihood that tourists will lose comfortable and relatively cheap transport, quite large, as well as the joy of private carriers, which are just waiting to breed prices and earn.

What is waiting for skiers in Sochi this winter

Transport problems did not go around SkyPark’s high-rise adventure park, but here tourists expect some kind of compensation. Shuttle goes to him once a hour, but you can go to the park and on foot, along the world’s longest in the world (439 meters) and one of the highest (207 meters) suspension openwork bridge over the Mzmitta mountain river. In the park itself, long open, construction work continues.

In the offseason (October-November) in the resort was clearly more workers than tourists. They still continue to work at the facilities already visited «Olympic». Obviously, the plans for the development of the resort were too ambitious and in terms of timing, and – Much to complete the Olympics failed. In addition, over the past year, all «glamorous» Olympic beauty could notice. Sailing sidewalks, a tile is chipped, flots appear on the walls of five-stroke hotels – Such is the reality of today’s postolympic Sochi. However, the leadership of the resort is preparing for the new season. Some optimism inspires the beginning of sales of cheap tickets to Domestic Loker Sourger «Victory» – On the New Year holidays in the winter Sochi are awaiting alllands.

In general, you can state – Sochi is unlikely to become an international ski resort, but it may well be able to regain the fame of the most popular domestic recreation location, which he was in Soviet times. If transport problems and overestimated prices do not interfere.

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