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What is useful to Pinterest traveler

What is useful to Pinterest traveler?

Many use Pinterest to collect and search for beautiful pictures. One of the most popular categories ; This is travel. And quite recently, the creators of the service decided to go to meet their users and expanded the functional slightly.

Now you can not only collect pictures and photos in albums, but also to mark the location of objects on the map. Thus, you can make a whole plan of travel or just celebrate your favorite location on the map.

Let’s create a small route for Paris together.

In the menu, select Section &# 8220; Place Boards&# 8221 ;:

In this section, you can view both other albums and create your own.

To create your own, click &# 8220; Create Board&# 8221 ;:

And fill out the card with the description of your album. As soon as you finish, click &# 8220; Create Board&# 8221;.

Now let’s start creating a map, click &# 8220; Add place&# 8221;.

Then, in the search bar, specify where you go. For example, in our case it is Paris.

What is useful to Pinterest traveler

Immediately, photos of Paris from other users will appear, you can add them to your album or upload your own.

You can search not only by the title of the city, but also at a specific place, the name of the sights and T.NS. In a word, on any object marked in Foursquare.

Pay attention to one important nuance if you specify the city in the search bar and want to add a closing picture on the map, then it will appear on the map not in the place where the object is really located, but in the city center.

For example, we liked the picture of the Louvre, we pressed &# 8220; Pin It&# 8221; And it automatically appeared on the map, in the heart of Paris, in 2 kilometers from the actual location.

If you are important to the location of the object, then when searching, specify a specific name, for example &# 8220; Musée du Louvre&# 8221;. Then all the pins, regardless of whether they or other people will appear on the map there are there (well, or almost there, + -par tens of meters), where they are located.

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