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What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand

Traveling in Thailand, does not require deep knowledge of local traditions. First, because Thai culture is not oversaturated with conventions, secondly, Thais Thai to ignorance foreigners. Friendly and smiling, they are always looking for a way to smooth out an awkward situation.


The main religion of Thailand – Buddhism, for him is Islam and in a slight degree, Christianity. Most of the population Adherents of Tharavada ; One of the early, conservative schools of Buddhism, in which animistic practices were firmly fit. Examples of the latter, serve "Spirits Houses" and Altari with sacrifices. Spirits spirits in different ways: from food and flowers to beer and cigarettes. Thais are confident that the inhabitants of the invisible world will provide themselves with harmony and equilibrium in life.

From the pellery and until the end of his days, Thais are guided by the foundations of Buddhism. This is more than religion, rather the style of their lives. For example, a man is owed for a while, of his life, as a rule, in adolescence ; Conduct in the monastery. It can be a few weeks, months or years, after which he can again lead a secular life.

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: Rocio Manjon, Flickr

Although Buddhism, the teaching directed against the material attachments, Thais consider any image of the Buddha sacred and refer to its images. For example, it is impossible to direct the feet in the direction of the Buddha, t.To. it is considered extremely offensive.

Behavior with monks is also determined by the rules. For example, women should avoid tactile contact when communicating. If you need to take something / pass the monk, you should not do it out of hand in hand. It is better to use a rag or paper substrate to put the subject. Touching a woman’s monk "Determines" and will be forced to pass the ceremony of purification.

In public places: transport, railway stations, airports, women should also be remembered about these conventions and not embarrassment of monks with their over-close presence. Otherwise, the latter will be forced to be reted. Places for monks are usually indicated by signs. And in some temples there are forbidden zones where women can not come.

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: Jon (AF2899), Flickr

Philosophy of life

In the life philosophy of Thais – the world is created for joy and everything in it must be pleasant and comfortable for the soul and body. Man should surround beauty. In the desire for the beautiful Thais, they emphasize everything surrounding them, trying not to violate, while the harmony of nature. Beautiful parks, flower beds and bonsai near the houses are, literally, a bright confirmation.

Very important is also a rule &# 171; good deeds&# 187;. According to Thais, good actions provide a favorable karma and a happy life at the next birth. More about tradition&# 8230;

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: Tungmay, Flickr


Thailand Country with a constitutional monarchy in which the king is even deprived of absolute power, but is the Supreme Commander and the symbol of the Unity of Nation and the defender of Buddhism. The local population sincerely honors its king and respect the royal family as a whole. On the streets, in houses, offices or in cars, you can find portraits of the king and hear the state anthem.

The dismissive attitude towards the royal family will be unpleasant to Thainta, and offensive statements addressed to His Majesty, criminal.

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What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: Thewin CHANYAWONG, Flickr

Maner and decency rules


Show negative emotions in Thailand – to increase the voice, resent or express disappointment, not just a sign of bad tone, but also evidence of the lack of self-control and internal discipline. "Lose face" – that’s what is the worst for Thai.

Conflict, for example, (&# 171; warring&# 187; Party, as a rule, is a foreigner) Taq will try to solve with a smile. According to local orders, the smile is a way to respond to what is happening. It may not only be a manifestation of joy and goodness, but also to discharge the situation, hide awkwardness or disappointment.

If the goal is not a conflict, but on the contrary, a peaceful solution to the issue, it is better to play in local rules. Smile and smooth, discreet tone will make communication with Thais much more constructive.

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: &# x2665; Siebe ©, Flickr

Ignorant is considered to post the body. And this applies to both women and men. Flashing down the street with naked torso Foreigners are perceived as unspitable people.

If we touch your head can be regarded as a friendly gesture, especially when it comes to children, in Thailand, the attitude to it is radically the opposite. Thais consider their heads and hair with the clean parts of the body, so touching them will not cause delight in no child in an adult. And if by chance you touched the head of Thai, the best thing you can do is apologize.

In contrast, the legs are the lowest and "unclean" part of the body. You can not touch anyone with my legs, pass through people on the beach, put your feet on a chair or table, pull the feet in the direction of the interlocutor.

According to Thai etiquette, there are also hands in his pockets, an abandoned leg abandoned on his chest and an indication of some finger.

The senses…

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand

Public manifestation of feelings in Thailand is not welcome. Although in recent years it has changed something and on the street you can meet those who are keen on the hand of lovers, as before kisses and all sorts of tenders in people are considered unworthy behavior in a decent society.

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: Fred @ SOI51, Flickr


Folded palms with a slight bow, an integral part of the Thai etiquette. Traditional Thai greeting expresses respect and can be used as greetings, farewell or gratitude. But there are some subtleties in the use of this gesture, for example, equal to themselves welcome holding thumbs under the chin, older in age or higher in the hierarchy holding them at the level of the lips, when the Buddha welcomes, the big fingers are between the eyebrows.

In order not to get confused in one or another position of the hands, the easiest way to answer the greeting with a smile with a slight tilt of the head.

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: DocBudie, Flickr

Clothing and appearance

Thais attach great importance to personal hygiene and appearance. Open clothing is considered inappropriate anywhere except the beach. As for local women, they are usually covered on the beach.

But if various clothing is allowed on the streets and most public places, strict rules are observed in the temples. Open tops, short skirts, shorts and slaves, can be the reason why they will not be empty in the temple. As a rule, at the entrance to the shrine lie sarongs that can be covered near. But it is better to get appropriate to dressed in advance so that the shoulders, chest and knees are closed.

When visiting temples, houses, some offices and shops, you need to shoot shoes when entering. If the door on the floor is built shoes ; it means to stop the threshold need bare feet.

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: Gwen Williams, Flickr

Sexy tolerance

Despite the fact that Thailand is quite conservative in sex issues (we are talking about the country as a whole, and not about tourist enclaves), it has long been a reputation for an absolutely safe country for LGBT travelers. Transsexuals, transvestites and homosexuals refer here cuashi or lady battles.

Men with traditional sexual orientation wishing to meet the local girl should carefully look at not to get into the awkward situation with the Katoot. It is worth paying attention to the repellent Kadyk (Adamovo Apple) and &# 171; too female&# 187; Behavior that is often inherent lady-battle.

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand. Photo Credit: Philipjbigg, Flickr

What is useful to know before traveling to Thailand

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