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What is useful to eBay traveler

What is useful to eBay traveler?

EBay ; This is a platform where you can sell or buy almost anything. Today we will see than eBay can be useful to travelers.

Food and Drink Vouchers

On eBay, you can find many different vouchers, as a rule, on free alcoholic beverages for flights United or Delta.

The voucher is a coupon for 1 free alcoholic beverage.

Often vouchers are sold at once a pack of several pieces. As a rule, buying a voucher saves you about 50% at the cost of drink.

How to find? Enter the search string &# 8220; United Drink Coupon&# 8221; or &# 8220; United Drink Voucher&# 8221;

Coupons for access to Louna

If you have to spend a few hours at the airport, for example, during a long transplant, you can search for a coupon for free entrance to Lounzh.

It is also more often lucky on the vouchers United, although you can find and Delta, Qantas, Korean Air and other airlines.

How to find? Enter the search string &# 8220; Airline Club Passes&# 8221;, &# 8220; Lounge Pass&# 8221; or indicating a specific airline ; &# 8220; Delta Sky Club&# 8221;

Tags for baggage

Revigated Participants of Bonus Programs Airlines Get Special Baggage Tags. What advantage they give?

Definitely, on the flights of this airline with your baggage will be more carefully, it will be first loaded into the plane and the first will be lost from there.

Some Tairow Owners assure that they help make a free upgrade when registering for a flight, even if you do not have the status of a privileged program participant, but how true it is not known 🙂

How to find? Enter the search string &# 8220; name of the airline + baggage tag&# 8221; or &# 8220; Airline Baggage Tags&# 8221;

Discount Coupons in Duty Free Airlines

What is useful to eBay traveler

We managed to find a discount vouchers in the Airlines store Air Canada. For 2 vouchers ask $ 25. Thanks to them you can save:

  • $ 30 when buying in the amount of $ 150, plus a bonus get 750 miles to your account.
  • $ 20 when buying in the amount of $ 100, plus a bonus get 500 miles.

How to find? Enter the search string &# 8220; Duty Free Coupon&# 8221;.

Voucher for the purchase of air ticket

Such vouchers are rarity, but sometimes they can be found. If the airline due to overbooking did not put you on the flight, then as a compensation, it gives a voucher for a certain amount. As a rule, the validity of such a voucher is only 1 year, and if the passenger does not have the opportunity to use it on time, then it will sell it the most reasonable decision.

Vouchers are always nominated, but it should not scare you, when booking a ticket, you enter its number and the amount is automatically recalculated taking into account the amount of voucher.

Most often, such lots are not exhibited at a fixed value, but at auction at a price of about 50-60% of the nominal.

How to find? Enter the search string &# 8220; Airline Voucher&# 8221; .

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