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What is urban tourism

What is urban tourism

Urban tourism ; This is one of the trends in tourism, implied A visit and study of various objects of industry, abandoned buildings and enterprises. Got its development in the West in the early 80s of the last century. Gradually, penetrating other countries around the world, became quite popular, because unknown and mystery always attracted a person.

Types of urban tourism


Stalkerness is one of the most popular directions of this kind of tourism. His essence lies in visiting abandoned objects, ranging from houses abandoned by people and ending with industrial zones and whole cities. Many consider stalkers Marauders, But such a comparison is inappropriate, since the main purpose of this type of tourism is to obtain an unforgettable emotion and impressions. Staloking implies Preserving the object under study in the same form.


The word that occurred from English "Dig" ; dig, Indicates people who call themselves diggers. Their main passion is Visit and research underground facilities. The direction originated at the beginning of the 20th century as a branch Speleology, studying space underground. Special interest among diggers use Metro bunkers and tunnels.


Rufing implies Study of the roofs and the conquest of high-rise buildings and structures. Of all types of urban tourism is the most Dangerous for life, Since there are no rare cases when the rules broke off from a huge height, which resulted in fatal outcomes. Especially popular use St. Petersburg Due to the height of buildings from which beautiful urban species are opening.

What is urban tourism


Another extreme direction of tourism is imperceptible penetration of secret and protected objects, in which the presence of extraneous people is not provided. In addition to high physical training, a person needs an understanding and responsibility for illegality His action. Therefore, the main goal of this kind of tourism is Emission of adrenaline and subsequent receipt of psychological satisfaction.


More relaxed and less dangerous Type of urban tourism, compared with previous. Lies in visiting abandoned temples, churches and other places having religious significance. Such places attract people with their rich history, because they are not only architectural monuments, but also witnesses with replaceability epochs, and as a consequence of whole religious worldviews.

What is urban tourism

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