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What is undesirable to pass into baggage

What is undesirable to pass into baggage?

We have already written about the standards and rules of baggage in an airplane, but in addition to the rules, there are also recommendations for travelers, regarding things that are undesirable to take into baggage.

  • Jewelry. We advise not to take them on a journey at all. If you decide not to part with them on vacation, then when registering for a flight, you can declare the value of the luggage given and pay for additional collection. Approximately 0.012% of luggage is lost and never finds its owners. And what if you fall into those very 0.012% ? Do not risk, all jewelry and other valuables take to manual sting.
  • The documents. This is not only passports, tickets and insurance, which should always be with you, this applies to all important documents in principle. Even if your bag is not lost, it can fly later, which will break all your plans. Always make copies of important documents or write them on the USB flash drive.
  • Money and bank cards. It’s no secret that at airports are not rare cases of theft of things from baggage. Do not risk, take money and cards with you in the cabin of the aircraft.
  • What is undesirable to pass into baggage
  • Laptop and other electronic devices. Most electronic devices are not only expensive, but also quite fragile. What many towels you would not wrap your favorite iPad, still there is a chance to smash it. Read more with the rules of laptop transport on board the aircraft.
  • Medications. Remember that not always the baggage arrives with you, sometimes it has to wait a few days or even weeks. If you regularly use any medications ; take them with you in manual sting. Even if it is fluids, and their volume exceeds permitted 100 ml., Nothing terrible, just capture a recipe and a certificate from the doctor and will allow you to take them on board. Read more about restrictions on liquids, you can read in our post about manual sting.
  • clothing. Do not put all the clothes in the luggage, take a pair of things into manual, in case your luggage will delay. In addition, you should not put things in the luggage, for which you want to get VAT reimbursement (Taks Free), T.To. You may be asked to present them at customs to put a stamp on the check.
  • Food. In many countries, the rule is valid according to which the importation of food not from the European Union is prohibited on their territory. About what food can be taken with you to manually read in our article &# 8220; Is it possible to take a meal?&# 8221;.

The responsibility of the airline for loss of baggage is usually limited to the amount equivalent to $ 20 per 1 kg. The carrier is not responsible for fragile or perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, valuable and business papers, passports and other documents placed in registered baggage.

If you still decided to transport valuable things in baggage, then when registering, declare its increased value and pay for airline. When losing your suitcase, the carrier will reimburse its cost. The maximum amount you can get in this case is $ 5,000. USA. Please note that in this case you will not be able to pass the luggage on the drop-off rack, you will have to stand in line with the rest of passengers.

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