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What is this – to be a taking blogger

What is this – to be a taking blogger?

Literally every third channel on social networks calls to throw office work and become a conversation blogger – because it is cool, fashionable, expands the horizons. Yes, undoubtedly, but let’s stop for a minute and see if it is so easy.

Need to be invested

Alas, sponsors are not every blogger traveler. To wheel the world for someone else’s account, this must be achieved. Therefore, many first dig money and do not go on vacation. If you have such a plan, while you work, make sophisticated visas, where you need to prove your material viability.

To write about what to write in your blog, you need to walk somewhere and spend money for it. Museums, entertainment, interesting, but hard-to-reach places where you can get only on a helicopter. You will also need equipment: a decent camera and a laptop, the phone will not be enough. And it all also requires money. So it turns out that you first invest your time and pregnancy, I really really understand what you get at the exit.

You objected: I will shoot a blog about budget travel, how to see the world with minimal investments!

Good idea, but usually it implies a night in so-like a place, saving on food and impressions, while the flights will still be bought off from the budget. And then answer the question: how long can you so and whether it really is interesting? Dicar travel method comes far from all.

This is a permanent job

Writing takes a lot of time if you want to write well and interesting. No one will read a boring list of facts or watch video where solid shake and installation at the plinth level.

If you want to make money on your blog, then the selection and preparation of the material will take away almost all the time. And one post per week is hardly bringing some earnings.

Big competition

On TV half gears about travel, Travel channels on YouTube is also incredibly much. It is very difficult to stand out in such a stream, there are already top-end personalities here, which are watching millions. Need your chip.

The problem for the beginning of the Travel-Blober is also that all banal places have long been carved for a hundred times, and watch or read about non-unistricted places of Paris or Vienna is no longer interesting. It drives travelers to the uncharted countries and Dali, where for three kopecks no longer get.

You depend on the technique

So that the blog turns out interesting, one text is not enough, you need a visual. Photo or video requires good technology, as well as material processing. And if the camera or laptop breaks on the journey? We always need to have funds to have a new technique, otherwise the blog development will rise.

Your works will not notice

The success of the article does not always depends on how it is written and how many signs in it. People for the most part struggling to read long texts. They provide information as compressed as possible, like "Top 5 attractions of Cape Town, which you need to visit" or "10 countries where the visa is issued online".

Therefore, before writing a huge article, pass the audience and competitors.

What is this - to be a taking blogger

We have to teach reality

No matter how you wanted to write the truth, you still have to make validity a little. You can sleep badly at night, to suffer from inconvenience and insomnia, but you can hardly write about it. No, you post a post with your fresh and happy face in a cafe (made last week), where you will describe local cuisine.

Loss of communication with loved ones

When you are constantly on the trip, it is difficult to keep in touch with loved ones. Parting on a month does not look so crushing, but if you are not half a year old, even the most durable connection is slowly erased. The same applies to relationships. Well, if you went to recognize the world together, because on the same wave. And if not? Going in long journeys will always have to sacrifice something. Any trip – Verification of strength relations.

Impressions are mercutu

When you fly on vacation after a few months of hard work, it’s some impressions. But when you have already traveled several countries, then some waterfall in Iceland no longer seems so impressive. After all, you have already seen something similar on the other end of the mainland. Feel? Impressions are dulled over time.

At first, everything will seem steep and unusual, but after 30 waterfalls, 15 mountain peaks or 26 sea coasts will be about the same. Sooner or later you will want a simple human stand in the morning, cook breakfast and walk with friends. After several months of life on the suitcases there will be a settling, some permanent place of stay and definition.

But despite the minuses, many Travel Bloggers do not give their activities. They are already accustomed to permanent roads and find their kayf in it, and their close to the fact that they are almost never at home. In all this, there are also its advantages about which you can not forget.

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