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What is this in Malaysia and Singapore

What is this in Malaysia and Singapore

2) Malaysia – the former colony of European countries.
Therefore, there are many cozy colonial towns
with European architecture in which it is so nice to spend time!

This is almost Europe, but with Asian low prices and Asian climates.

3) in Malaysia Amazing Nature. There are impassable jungle, rivers, mountains.
Some of these jungle still live tribes,
which hunt primitive methods and mined fire by friction.
But they are very happy to tourists. So you can see their life from the inside.

4) Malaysia and Singapore ; These are the most technically developed countries of Southeast Asia.

If you traveled a lot in Europe, and accustomed to the level of life and comfort,
then you should choose exactly Malaysia and Singapore.

Trains in Malaysia do not differ much from the European level of service.
Only seeing the window will issue that you are not in Europe, but in Asia.
Especially, if you drive through the jangel line railway (road drove through
impassable jungle, where even no roads)

The largest Loadost of Asia – Airasia – is based at Kuala Lumpur Airport – the capital of Malaysia.
Only 20 dollars – and you are anywhere in Malaysia or even neighboring countries.

There are unique intercity buses of the first class – business class among buses, but at normal price –
Comfortable wide armchairs (there are only 3 of them in a row, and not 4, as usual), which are unfolded in the midst.

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are some of the most technically advanced cities not only in Asia, but in the world.
For example, the trains of some branches of the Kuala Lumpur Metro go without machines, fully automatically!

These are cities with a European standard level, but with Asian flavor. Independent impressions!

Considering all this, the journey through Malaysia and Singapore will be unique and unforgettable,
and at the same time easy and pleasant for any categories of travelers ; and young and elderly and with children.

Maxim Shansky in the video guide fully described all the routes and all the places that you should visit,
both popular and about which they do not write in guidebooks.
And also gave detailed step-by-step instructions, how to organize everything yourself.

What is this in Malaysia and Singapore

The sales of the video guide started today, November 25.
And only 3 days will be a special price of 1970 rubles.
From November 27, from 23:59 the price will already be 2900.

Also available 2 packages:

1) Thailand + Malaysia-Singapore for 3970 rubles instead of 4870.
Usually these countries are visited together, t.To. more convenient and cheaper to fly to Malaysia precisely through Thailand.
Therefore, if you still have no video guide in Thailand, it is worth ordering this package.

2) All video guides in Asia, both created and future:

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And here there is an additional advantage ; Official sales of the 2nd latest video guides,
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What is this in Malaysia and Singapore

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