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What is the weather in Sri Lanka water and air temperature

What is the weather in Sri Lanka: water and air temperature

Sri Lanka Island is close to the equator. Winter, summer, spring and autumn here are not very different by water and air temperature. The difference in air temperature is no more than 5 degrees. Seasons are very different in the amount of precipitation, which we will pay special attention a little later.

If you take a graph of the average maximum temperature in the afternoon, then it ranges from 29 to 31 degrees during the year. The minimum value at night for the year changes from 21 to 26 degrees.

From the point of view of air temperature, you can relax on Sri Lanka all year round. On the coast constantly blowing a pleasant breeze and heat transferred to tourists much more easier than in Egypt or in the Arab Emirates.

The temperature of the water in the Indian Ocean throughout the year is 28 degrees, which makes the resorts of Sri Lanka year-round. Such warm water is most comfortable for swimming, than, for example, the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey in the summer, where the Mediterranean Sea warms up to 23-25 ​​degrees.

Rain on Sri Lanka Island.

On Sri Lanka a very interesting climate. Here not one season of rains, and at once two. This features Sri Lanka from Thailand or Dominica. The best months for recreation is December, January, February and March. This is the longest dry season on the island. The second gap when it rains will not disturb you – this is June, July, August and early September.

The first short rainy season passes here in April and May. On the island can fall to 400 millimeters of precipitation for the month. For comparison, in the middle lane of Russia, about 700 millimeters falls for the whole year. The second rainy season is longer, it lasts from mid-September to mid-December.

What is the weather in Sri Lanka water and air temperature

Peak months of rains on Sri Lanka – this is May, October and November. This month is not recommended to go here. You can simply spend the whole holiday in the hotel, as the shower will not let you go to the sea. Water in the ocean in these months is usually restless and not every day you can swim.

The best months for recreation in Sri Lanka.

Exactly the best month for visiting Sri Lanka beaches We will call March. This month almost no rain, and the sun shines in full force 270 hours a month. We also recommend to visit the island January and February.

If you are going on vacation in winter, then Sri Lanka for you will be the best choice.

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