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What is the Swede, or how to eat fucked fish

What is the Swede, or how to eat fucked fish?

Life in Sweden can be described in three words: expensive, safe and comfortable. Having been in Sweden at least once, they are divided into all the comforts that the Swedes came up with, and at the same time we ask the question, why didn’t you think about it in our country? Because it is so simple and convenient! Here I will talk about some of the features of life in Sweden.

1. Today we are ficuled

Coffee love to drink in many countries: the same Italy, Greece, the Netherlands … But in Sweden, the use of coffee is attached great importance. If you need to watch the everyday life of the Swedes, it is easy to notice that at any convenient case you drink a cup of coffee: at work, at home, while walking, in the store and even in the beauty salon. In Swedish, there is even a special word – "FIKA" (translated literally "coffee break"). The so-called FICA is designed to relax over a cup of coffee in the company of friends, family or colleagues at work and chat about something pleasant.
Swedes in the morning and in the late evening, preferring to eat coffee with something delicious, such as cinnamon bun.

2. Let’s live together

Sweden is rich in not only by its traditions, but also a variety of family relations. There are 17 types of families in the country. You live together with your spouse / th or separately, you are registered or not, often you see or only on weekends – every way of relationships there is its name.
If partners are registered at one address, they live together and are generally the general economy, you can safely be called "Sambo" (Sambo – from the Swede. "Together living").
If the couple is in relationships, but it lives separately, then this type of relationship is called "Sirba" (Särbo, from the Swede. "Living separately"). Found "sirba" on the weekend to go to the cinema or restaurant, and every partner pays for himself.
If the couple sees much more often than once a week and sometimes live together, but does it not as often as "Samba", they are customary to call "Iblandbo" (Iblandbo from Swede. "Sometimes cohabitants").

3. Ray Luch in the Cold Kingdom

December 13 – Red Calendar Day in Sweden. On this day, the Day of St. Lucia is celebrated throughout the country – Martyrs who lived in the late 2000s. N.NS. and deceased for faith in Christ. Initially, the holiday was accompanied by various superstitions, fortune telling and rites.
Now on the day of St. Lucia in the open-air Skansen, the girl chosen is chosen for the role of Saint Lucia. Then a solemn procession is held, which heads Lucia itself, dressed in a white long dress with a red belt and with five candles on the head, a star boys with red cone-shaped caps are followed, and behind them – in white dresses with a wreath on her head and a candle in her hands Girls. The procession is accompanied by christmas songs.

What is the Swede, or how to eat fucked fish

4. Punctuality – the privilege of kings

Swedes punctual to the impossibility. The Swede will rather come 15 minutes earlier than we are 5 minutes later, and all this time it will wink the circles around the house with a bouquet of flowers and a box of candies (no one comes with empty hands). And even after the sought dinner, the Swede will surely call or write a letter, expressing his gratitude for such a warm welcome. So if you are preparing a festive dinner for a Swedish guest, keep in mind that the call to the door is silent exactly at the appointed hour. For our part, the Swedes even for one guest are ready to cover the whole festive table, taking into account the tastes of the invitation. At the same time they will expect from you punctuality and grateful news.

5. How to eat a rotten fish

Mattle Searer, or Surströmming, perhaps, the most unusual dish in the buffet. In fact, the "rotten selegant" is just a name that came across foreigners because of the appropriate fragrance, and in reality the delicacy is the sauced Baltic Salak. Sursstroming is produced in northern coastal areas: fish are soaked in saline solution, and then quasse for two months. On the counter of stores it is not difficult to distinguish the sauced salary: tin cans swell due to strong pressure inside them. That is why, banks with superstromming are opened under water so as not to gather liquid. By the way, the Swedes themselves warn: "Do not open a superstorming at home! Otherwise the smell of rotten canned food will delight you all week "
Because of the appropriate smell, many people refuse to try surstromming. The real gourmets prefer from sauer fish to do sandwiches: bread, oil, fucked selence, top potato and loaf – Delicates ready! Do not forget: Eating all this with hands. Bon Appetit!

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