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What is the most annoying passengers during the flight

What is the most annoying passengers during the flight?

What can turn the flight to the real torture? We conducted a survey, and that’s what it turned out.

The most hated neighbors were those who sits behind and constantly knocking on the back of the chair legs – 67% of respondents answered. In the second place was the inattentive parents who cannot calm their screaming baby. Then – those who omit the back of the chair before you finish dinner.

Many passengers take out an unpleasant odor outgoing from the neighbors, and loud music, which comes from their headphones. Naturally, no one likes the drowned fellow travelers and those who carry on board a lot of hand clashes. And the respondents often complained about the universal neighbors, constantly occupying armrests – fortunately, this problem will soon be solved.

According to statistics, 32% of men do not twist the seats during the flight, women are more attentive – 38%. Moreover, all the passengers responded with the back of the chair during sleep, and a quarter – when the flight lasts more than three hours. 12% are arranged more comfortably immediately after take-off or after the neighbor’s neighbor. And only 23% of American air passengers ask permits from the sitting behind before throwing back the seat.

What is the most annoying passengers during the flight

16% of passengers use a flight as a reason to talk or get acquainted with fellow travelers, and the other 65% is afraid to be on the plane next to them.

Recently, many passengers remove annoying neighbors on the video, and after laying the roller to the network – 12%, 6% write about it in Twitter. And only 22% of passengers are enough braves that express discontent in the face of the offender.

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