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What is surprised in China to tourist, and that is not surprising

What is surprised in China to tourist, and that is not surprising

Many tourists in China are experiencing a real shock, and the reasons for this. The way of life and the traditions of the Chinese are very different from our life. About what awesome you will see in China, and what is not surprising here, we will tell in this article.

Metal detectors in the metro

You are unlikely to hear in the news at least once about the terrorist attacks in Beijing or Shanghai. China is considered prosperous in this regard country. However, as soon as you descend in the Beijing Metro or the Shanghai Metro, then immediately come across the need to pass through the metal detector frame.

The check is required to pass every passenger before entering. This is a complete check, as at airports. You yourself must go through the frame, and your baggage drives through the X-ray machine (in the photo on the right). Everything is serious.

Surprisingly, this control system operates in China very quickly and harmoniously. Even in the peak hours, there are no queues at the entrance to the subway.

Many tourists are surprised: whom the Chinese are afraid, they seem to have internal and inter-ethnic conflicts in the country? Problems, of course, are, just try not to advertise them.

First, in 1950, the Chinese army entered Tibet. It is difficult to evaluate this event from a legal point of view. On the one hand, at this point, Tibet has already become actually an independent state, on the other hand, no one has recognized him.

Immediately after entering the troops, resistance movement appeared in Tibet. In 1959, the first major uprising occurred, which was suppressed. The freedom movement is still functions and arrange different shares. The activities of fighters for freedom rarely goes beyond the limits of Tibet itself, but they are still afraid of China.

Surprisingly, Buddhist monks actively take part in the movement, which is generally forbidden to cause harm to living beings, they are almost not eaten meat.

The second "hot spot" on the map of China is Xinjiang-Uygur area in the north-west of the country with the capital in Urumqi. Here the attacks occur constantly. They are satisfied with Muslim extremists. They are afraid of them most, from here and metal detectors in the subway.

Furnishing on the roads and rules of the road

Drivers’ behavior in China surprises many foreigners. Red color on the traffic light is perceived not as "can not", but as "undesirable". Especially scary foreigners ride a taxi in China, many taxi cars are in a deplorable state.

We have already written about it in the article "What can not be done in China to tourists". Be vigilant on the streets of Chinese cities, especially when moving the road.

If you arrived in Beijing, you can relax, this is an exemplary city, here traffic rules are performed, since drivers stop large fines. In other cities, the situation is deplorable.

Even if you go on a pedestrian sidewalk, you need to look at both. You can knock off a cyclist or a scooter driver.

China has a lot of small shops, shops and cafes

In many areas of cities, the first floors of the buildings are fully assigned under cafes, shops and shops. On the first floors of residential buildings, you can find workshop tires, beauty salons, massage salons, and we even saw in the city Wuhan Sewer hatch shop. What is there just not satisfy.

China is very loyal to small businesses, and give people to show the initiative in the economy. This is one of the collateral of the dizzying economic growth of the country.

Small shops in China do not become objects of shavers, as often happens in Russia. Accounting and taxation procedures for them are simplified, and "slaves of accounting services" they also do not. From small businesses are not trying to make a "daisy cow".

Such an abundance of outlets in any place of the city is striking many foreigners. Large shopping centers in China can boast whole floors of food courts and gigantic buildings. Recall at least the shopping area of ​​Sidan in Beijing.

Chinese behavior on the street

The Chinese are one of the most noisy nations in the world. This is especially noticeable with their social interaction. Once at the market or in a restaurant, you will understand this, the root of their votes never subsides, and many Europeans are very annoying.

For tourists sensitive to the noise there is only one way out of the situation – stock item similar to the one in the photo on the left. We have not come up with another solution yet.

If there is a conflict between the Chinese, their ability to produce loud sounds manifest themselves to the maximum extent.

Once on Shanghai Street, we saw a stunning scene. During the street transition, one Chinese accidentally threw another. They stopped right in the middle of a pedestrian crossing and began to swear to swear loudly with each other. At the same time, they did not give cars to drive.

When a crowd gathered around them in a couple of minutes, they began to pounce on each other, and those surrounding, of course, held them. Immediately remembered the surcharge: "Keep me six, five do not hold down". Five minutes later they were peacefully separated.

Of course, it was rather an extreme event of a street quarrel in China, all the rest of the conflicts, we observed, were modest. To foreigners, the attitude in China is more cultural. The Chinese will be happy to swear with each other, but with tourists always communicate politely. Such a mentality.

Tea markets

This side of Chinese traditions and cultures amazes, but in good sense. In China, you will find huge markets or multi-storey shopping centers that traded only tea and tea supplies.

We talked in detail about the famous tea market on Malindao Street in Beijing. Read this review, now we will not stop in detail on the description of the markets themselves.

Tea for Chinese is not just a drink, but an important element of culture. Most gifts in China are tea or accessories for him. Chinese with great pleasure give each other tables, teapots, cups and even weight weighing scales.

If you find yourself in China, then definitely find the nearest tea market. This is a magnificent tourist attraction, and completely free. Tea is the most common gift from China, do not miss the chance to buy it at competitive prices by choosing from thousands of varieties.

Do not forget that always in the markets in China, it is customary to bargain. Price can be confused by 20-30%. Chinese merchants behave culturally, no one will grab you in the market, as it happens in Arab countries. Only the tourist market near the Yuiuan Garden in Shanghai can be called a sad exception.

Lions at the entrance to the building

Already in the first hours of stay in China, you will notice a pair of stone lions at the entrances to the buildings of hotels, restaurants, banks and government agencies.

The most famous such lions are located in the Forbidden City in Beijing, they protected the peace of emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties (on the photo on the left). The tradition of their installation in front of the houses is rising to the Han dynasties, that is, she has already been 2200 years old.

The Chinese themselves call these lions in the word "Shi", and Europeans traditionally use the expression "Fu Dog". The ours are not called them, we are much worse than the rest of Europe familiar with the Chinese culture.

Previously, such lions were a symbol of the richness of the inhabitants of the house. They were expensive, and not every family could afford it. Now their number in China has increased dramatically due to mass production. It is believed that the lions defend the inhabitants of the house from evil spirits and hold in good.

Massive pastime

Walking down the Chinese city street, you can watch how the Chinese make some exercises massively, dance or read something out loud choir.

Especially similar pastime are popular in Hong Kong. There is a very large percentage of pensioners, and they often gather in the parks and make breathing gymnastics. In Continental China, this is less common.

On the video below you see just such a case. Video shot in Beijing near Malindao Street.

We first thought about the hidden sense of this promotion, as people dance right in front of the entrance to the Chinese McDonalds. But we were explained that this action does not have any propaganda.

How the Chinese bathe in the sea

What is surprised in China to tourist, and that is not surprising

This process is very striking Sanya’s resort visitors on Hainan Island. We love to splash in the sea and swim, and the Chinese are not. They go to the sea by knee, and just there. And they enter the sea in clothes.

ours such behavior does not shock, just for us it looks ridiculous.

Noodles quick-savory

We are accustomed to perceive fast cooking noodles as harmful food and poverty attribute. In China, everything is different.

Noodles in China – Casual food and poor, and rich. If you calculate the number of brands of this product in Russia, then more than 10 do not find. In China, thousands of brands of such noodles from ultra-cheap to very expensive.

The quality of the Chinese quick-wave noodle "on the head" above our dochies and rolltones. Many species are completely natural without flavors, dyes and preservatives. One interesting variety of noodles we even dedicated a separate article "Hubeyskaya dry noodles" on our site.

In many tents and small stores, sellers specifically keep the kettle to brew noodles for their customers. It can be said that hot food in China is on every corner, in the literal sense of this expression.

Chinese alcohol

Alcoholic beverages in China cause shock from Europeans, including ours. Chinese beer does not cause any negative feelings. But rice vodka and wine shocks with their smell. Read the main article "Alcohol in China".

Chinese cuisine and traditions

In fact, no Chinese cuisine does not exist at all. There are kitchens of different provinces. They differ so much that to unite them in something – the matter is ungrateful.

China – Absolute Recordsman on Diversity Dishes. Nobody tried them to count them, and it is better not to try. Their millions. ours know only the part of this diversity: the duck of Peking, meat in the sour-sweet sauce, different types of rice, fruits in caramel.

Some dishes shock or surprise tourists. For example, "smelly tofu" in some ours causes fainting by one odor.

No less ours are surprised by the fact that the Chinese eat with chopsticks. Our tourists consider this tool extremely inconvenient, and the Chinese think also about forks and spoons.

Many nations under the influence of European culture were treated for forks and spoons, but not the Chinese. In many cafes, there is even no European cutlery, so we always recommend taking with you to China forks.

Also, the Chinese are reluctant to travel to European products – Moloka and Bread. Find these foods in China is difficult. Of course, there are bakeries here, and the milk can sometimes be found in supermarkets. But, we recommend not wonder if you do not find them, this is a matter of luck.

Fabric traditions in China are surprised by ours. We are accustomed to that at the table in the restaurant everyone serves its dish. In China, it is not accepted, here all the dishes are common, except for the portion of rice and noodles. In the center of the table it is customary to put a rotating circle so that everyone can easily try any dish (see. photo on the left).

The idea of ​​the Chinese feast is to try as much dishes as possible. It is a pleasure from the diversity of tastes and smells here at the head of the corner.

Chinese do not love meals alone. As we said, they are more social than we. For dinner, it is customary to gather either the whole family or friends. Dinner is a communion and a pleasant pastime.

Chinese trains

This is a very pleasant surprise. We have only one high-speed train – this is Sapsan. This is our railway pride. High-speed trains in China run between all major cities. Agree, it is nice to get from Beijing to Shanghai at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour in just 5 hours.

China still many amazing. Read our articles about this country (Links below).

What is surprised in China to tourist, and that is not surprising

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