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What is overbooking and how to avoid it

What is overbooking and how to avoid it?

Overbooking tickets – this is when selling more places in the plane than in fact. Those who regularly come to the airport to the end of registration probably have already come across this, t.E. you were denied landing due to the fact that all places are busy.

But as it is possible, if you know in advance how many tickets are sold and how many places in the plane?

Causes of Overbuking

Overbooking has two reasons, one technical is to replace the side as a result of any problems. For example, the flight is declared Airbus A321-200 to 169 seats, but for technical reasons the aircraft had to be replaced by Airbus A320-200 for 156 seats. If all places in the plane were purchased, it turns out that 13 people will fly to another flight.

Second reason – economic. Most airlines are downloaded by about 65-75%, despite this, tickets are for sale much more. The fact is that not all passengers who bought a ticket will fly. Some are late, others will change their mind at the last moment and so on.

Some rates include cancellation of the ticket and change the date of departure even in the case of No-Show.

No-Show – non-appearance on the flight. From what moment is considered No-Show depends on the airline. Some of this is late for registration, others have to land or depart the aircraft.

At least a passenger in most cases and has to pay a fine, its size still does not compensate for the loss of the airline from free space in the cabin. To finally do not go into minus, all airlines are used by Overbooking.

The percentage of overbooking on a particular flight depends on many factors: the season, data on NO-Show statistics on a particular flight and t.D.

Most often to face overbooking in the midst of the tourist season in popular directions. As well as before and immediately after the holidays, when many fly home or, on the contrary, on vacation.

What if you encountered overbooking?

If the flight was overbooking and all passengers arrived for registration, then for those who came to register later, there are two options for the development of events:

First: If you have been booked a ticket to the first or business class, and there are still free places in Economy, then you will fly, but the service class will be reduced to you.

In this case, you have the right to reimburse the cost of the ticket, depending on the frequency distance:

1) 1500 km and less – 30% of the ticket price.
2) 1501 km -3500 km, (except for flights between the EU countries and the Overseas Territories of France) – 50% of the cost of the ticket.
3) All flights that do not fall under paragraphs (1) and (2) – 75% of the cost of the ticket.

Second: You will refuse to land. According to the rules, employees of the airline must ask the rest of the passengers if someone wants to give you their place in exchange for airline bonuses. If volunteers were not found – then, alas, you will not fly away on this flight.

In this case, you have three options:

1) do not fly and return the full cost of the ticket (even if the tariff was irrevocable) or the part of the ticket that you did not use.
2) fly the closest flight of another airline at the same destination or the closest to it.
3) fly to another date of the same or other airline.

What is overbooking and how to avoid it

If you decide to fly closest flight, the airline is required to offer you for free:

  • Nutrition (or snacks) depending on the waiting time of the next flight
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transport between the airport and the place of temporary residence
  • 2 phone calls, telex or fax, or email.

In addition, you may require material compensation from the carrier, which will also depend on the flight distance:

1500 km and less ; 250 EUR
1501 – 3500 km – 400 EUR
Other ; 600 EUR

Please note that the amount of compensation can be reduced by 50% if the alternative flight of the flight remains on the destination with a delay to:

  • Two hours with flights 1500 or less km.
  • For three hours with flights for 15001 – 3000 km.
  • Four hours in other cases.

Overbooking and its advantages for passengers

As we have already written above, if there are no places in your service class, then you can lower it. But! If the ticket was purchased in an economy class, and in business there were still left, you can transplanted to business.

Not allowed not all, as a rule, in such situations, first of all, the upgrade to business class is offered to participants of the airline bonus program, if any, then you have a chance.

What is overbooking and how to avoid it

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