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What is necessary to see in Tokyo

What is necessary to see in Tokyo

Awareness of where to stay when planning a tour in Tokyo, probably may cause bewilderment, but in the city it is easier to navigate one suburbs at once. Each area has a peculiar feeling, so locals advise to choose the sights of interest and choose accommodation nearby. But this is not scary, because the most populated megalopolis in the world also contains one of the most complex transport systems on the planet, and it extends all the islands! But what to visit is necessary? The list below will help figure out.


All the biggest and brightest in Tokyo is Shinjuku. The famous center of Tokyo makes it easy to get to modern shopping centers. For dinner and nightlife there is a Memory Lane or Shinjuku Omoide Yokoch, there are also some of the most popular Tokyo Street Food Kiosks, local bars and traditional restaurants, undergo techno shows and street performances.


For trips for traditional Japanese flavor Asakusa. This Eastern District in the Tuto is the birthplace of the National Soumo Cocugican Stadium (Ryogoku Kokugikan), where the matches of SUMO pass almost every night. In addition to Sumo, Asakus is filled with historical charm, which distinguishes it from neighboring suburbs. In addition, excursions are held here Temple of Sense-Dzhi, the Temple of Asakus-Dzinzya and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. And for lovers of something new and unusual here Skytree observation tower in Tokyo I Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art.


The most popular youth district of Tokyo. Shibuya is as interesting for both adults with attractions such as SHIBUYA CENTER-GAI Shopping Street Perekrestok SHIBUYA "SCRAMBLE" CROSSING CROSS, which, according to rumors, is the busiest intersection in the world. Also here is Memorial statue of Khatiko, Where the memory of the most famous and faithful dog Akita Tokyo and its owner are stored. For a more relaxed atmosphere there are Park Joyoga and Temple Maidji Dzing, Next to which souvenirs are sold on shopping streets in Harajuku and Omothesiando.

What is necessary to see in Tokyo

Lovers of history and travelers with a limited budget love Weoo. This small part of the Tuto is located at the Weno train station and filled with the best museums of the city. Most of the day, tourists spend in Park Weo Outshi, where is Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Nature and Science, Zoo Oeno and much more. More stories can be found during a short walk to the north to Janak, where tourists are surrounded by the culture of the Sitami, hundreds of temples and a restrained, post-war atmosphere, which really amazes.

Where to stay?

For beginners in Tokyo Booking Hotel near Tokyo Station ; one of the most convenient options. Tokyo tourists love this area for the same reason. The most central tourist center of the city is in close proximity to popular areas, such as Chiode, Chow, Minato and Tiba, Each of which deserves the day of study. Tokyo Station also provides easy access to Airport Handa and international Airport Narita.

Tokyo – Magic city, which is impossible to study in one trip. However, you can optimize the route and give it saturation with the most different attractions. And places from this list can serve as excellent exhibits for studying in Tokyo.

What is necessary to see in Tokyo

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