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What if you stay without money and documents in someone else’s country

What if you stay without money and documents in someone else’s country

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The path from the loss before returning home takes several stages. Main Prize – Time. Spent less at the first stage – there will be more for subsequent. It is important to familiarize yourself in advance with the algorithm of actions so that in an emergency is not lost, and immediately move to the case.

Start preparation follows before the trip, settling important things on different "baskets". Then, in the case of which you will choose with less losses from the current situation.

Preparation for the trip

1. Make color photocopies passport. Just one last page – no one needs a copy of the visas. Copies Put in each bag of your baggage. SCAN passports send to e-mail and save to the phone.

2. If you have a credit card – order another one in the bank. At the same expense. Making a bank card, do not save on trifles. Take, for example, Visa Gold, and then the second card (Electron) will be issued for free. Take both maps on the trip, just keep them in different places.

3. Be sure to place the bank-online service. If there is an internet, this is the fastest way to block the map. Password make up so that you can dial it on a non-standard keyboard layout.

4. SIM card from the phone is better not to take. If you can’t live without a phone, buy a local SIM card on a trip – it will be cheaper.

5. Make a list of all valuable things by writing the names as they mean when selling in the store. Send yourself to e-mail and take a printout with you.

6. Make a list of all contact phones, insurance numbers, email addresses and T.D. Print an instance yourself and leave a list to a friend / family at home. Consider a keyword needed to transfer money through Western Union.

7. Flying far and for a long time, do not take a non-return ticket. Better to pay a little more than staying home without a ticket.

eight. Get blog and share with people information. Often it is faster and more economical than sending letters to each addressee separately.

nine. Make 6-8 photos on documents.Strictly colored, size 3×4 is quite suitable.

ten. Send an email with PIN numbers to your email, passwords. Without explanatory words, of course. If you need – immediately remember what.

So it happened

1. Go to the police. Better take a witness and go to the police. Even if the theft or attack happened a minute ago, do not try to find thieves yourself. Lose time or make more big trouble. Your main task is to get a decorated report. This is theorest document in the absence of a passport.

2. If you have completed 10 listed items before the trip, you have a copy of the passport. Like a list of valuable things. In the list, emphasize the lost and with a copy of the passport give sergeant to execution. The process may take quite a long time.

3. International relations and the Internet at the police station, as a rule, no. Standard practice. But! With a policeman, you will be provided with 10-15 free internet minutes in any nearby hotel or cafe. This is enough to make three things:

– through the bank-online block the credit card;
– write a letter to a friend and / or throw a post in a blog, where (with the complete absence of money) to specify the data for Western Union;
– rewrite pins, passwords, insurance numbers and t.D. If necessary.

Call free you are unlikely to allow the police. If there is no Internet – relax. It means that there is no thieves, and your credit card for them is only a piece of plastic.

4. So a report in your hands. With the seal of the police station, the signature of the officer and the stamp assumed the signature – without this, the document is not valid. Make a few copies.

Take in the site the address and phone number of the nearest our consulate. The embassy you have anything – the Consulates of Citizens of the our Federation deals. This, on the one hand, is good – the consulate in the country may not be one, t.E. not only in the capital. But on the other hand – work hours are very limited. Call at any time time, even at night – tell the answering machine, and at the same time you know the time of work. There is a small chance that your documents will find, – then they will be attributed to the consulate, and employees do not have to break their heads who are you and where you look for.

What if you stay without money and documents in someone else's country

Stamps in the Argentine report: printing office, officer signature and certification of signature

5. Solve the problem with housing. If the second credit card remains – look for a hotel in which you agree to settle with payment on the map and on a photocopy of a passport with a police report. A copy of the other in the hotel, as a rule, leave yourself. Sometimes the hotel staff agree to remove a little more money from the card, and the difference to you to issue cash. Ask about it – do not miss the chance. Finding a refuge, go back to the site and leave your coordinates them. Ideally, ask the police once again to give you access to the Internet – communicate phone numbers to friends and acquaintances. If there is no money and banknotes – sleep in a plot or at the station before receiving transmission via Western Union or another system for transferring money. Things can be stored from the police.

6. In the consulate, you need to get "Return Certificate". By the decree of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for issuing this paper should be paid. Depending on the country, an average of $ 60. And pay on the spot, and not by returning home. Payment by credit card, of course, is not accepted. Fortunately, with the complete absence of money you can do without payment – I wrote a statement on the name of the consul with an explanation of why it is impossible to pay.

Certificate for Return. Front side

7. In addition to paying you will require two color photos. And testimony of two citizens of the our Federation in the fact that they know you and confirm your citizenship. Well, if you drive with the group and the passport is lost only with you. Otherwise, you will have to wait from the week and more while the data provided by you will be checked in the homeland. However, there is a chance that third-party people who have come to the consulate will help you – do not hesitate to ask, because you are not rich.

Certificate for Return. Overseas

eight. Under the most favorable coating of circumstances, two days will take. For example, the American Consulate provides documents of its citizens within an hour. With this paper, you should go to the representation of your airline – to stand on a list of waiting for a speedy departure home. The return certificate is valid only two weeks, and achieve a speedy departure in your interest. Not to mention the fact that you need to live somewhere and there is something in anticipation of the day of departure.

nine. Hooray! Finally, departure. At the border, except for the testimony, you will seek a police report. Can call to the embassy – so be at the airport early. In the case of multiple flights, it is important to have landing coupons for each (in the country Transplant Talon – the main document). On our border you need to put a stamp on the entrance to the certificate.

ten. Congratulations you got. But you need to do something else. Certificate for the return – paper of strict reporting and is subject to delivery in a three-day. There are nuances. Bring (send fax) a copy of the certificate of the police station (passport table), where you received a passport. Be prepared for the fact that the state prosperity will try to understand what it is. Original Do not give.

Urgently collect documents for a new passport and attach a certificate to them. The new passport is issued in the following cases:

– after the expiration date of the old;
– in the absence of free pages;
– With loss / stole.

In the first two cases, you need to present an old passport, in the latter – police report. You have it, but probably not in our. Required notarized translation costs considerable money. But it turns out that the return testimony replaces the report, and nothing needs to translate.

What if you stay without money and documents in someone else's country

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