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What drink to Peru

What drink to Peru

Fruit juices are good from non-alcoholic beverages "Hugos" And a wide range of grass tea or leaves. One of the first to popularity can be called Mate De Coca – tea from Coca leaves, this is a universal drink, which is drunk everywhere and always. Peruvians are sacred believe that such tea is a panacea from all the troubles: if you have a headache, or there is no strength and want to sleep – drink seagulls and everything will pass. This tea is very well reduced blood pressure, so drink drink especially in the highlands.

Also in a huge number of tea (Yerba-Mate) is consumed in the continental countries (Yerba-Mate) from dried crushed leaves and young steps. It is drinking, more precisely, the mate is sipped through thin tubes made of a vessel made of dried pumpkin. Called this vessel calibass. It is believed that the taste of mate thanks to this sipping becomes especially pleasant.

As cocoa beans are growing in Peru, here you can buy pure chocolate tiles everywhere. You can prepare hot chocolate, bay cocoa with water tile and heating it until the cocoa is completely dissolved, then adding milk and sugar to taste.

For the Mandrels, Peruvians can prepare a cocktail "Juice of dark beer": several different fruits are sewn along with carrots in a blender, a puree is filled with a raw egg, honey, milk and dark beer. It turns out a fruit-milk cocktail, a little sweet and incredibly tasty.

You can also try and evaluate the pivot – corn beer. Chicha is known in these parts from the time of the Inca. You can see Chichari throughout the country – yards, where they sell hechie, marked with a long stick with a red plastic package wound on it. Other refreshments are also popular: "Inca", "Chicha Morada", "Chicha de Hhor" and "Ingles".

The strongest, most popular and most traditional drink in Peru is "Pisco" (vodka from grapes, a fortress of at least 45%, something resembles our vodka), as well as cocktails based on it: "Pisco-Sur", " Algalobin, "Chillo" and "Kapitun".

What drink to Peru

Also in Peru produced a good grade of whiskey. In the rural produce "Kashassa" and "Waterwordi" – sugarcane rum having a characteristic taste and often insistant on various herbs.

Peru has a long tradition of the manufacture of wines – brand "Wine Tinto", "Vista Allegre" and "Takama Gran Wine" Deserve close attention. Inexpensive varieties of Argentine and Chilean wines are also sold everywhere.

Peruvian beer is also famous for excellent characteristics. Mostly here is boiled beer type "Serbesa" and "lager", Having preferred with strong dark varieties, but a bright beer is boiled. In Lima most popular varieties "Crystal" and "Pilsen", in Cusco – "Kuskin", in Trujillo – "Trujuliana", And in Arequippe – "Argeeipeken".

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