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What does Senegalese village live

What does Senegalese village live

Attractions and all that is, of course, it’s great, but a real traveler is interested in seeing not only a polished cover, but also a real picture. And what can be real than the most ordinary residents of the country living in the most common conditions. So during our journey in Senegal, we decided to call in the usual Senegal village and see how ordinary Senegalians live there.

We just went on the road from Dakar to Saint Louis and, to somehow diversify our way, asked our Senegal Guide, could we come to some village and see what and how? Sure! – he said – That’s just with empty hands do not go to visit! We burned out and in the nearest stores bought "present" – ordinary products and a bit of snacks – all that really needs people. And now, not with empty hands, we turned off the track and drove into the first senegalese village.

First of all, the guide went to look for an elder to ask permission. And then you never know, maybe people do not want to see uninvited guests, and even from foreign. But we are not with empty hands! So after short negotiations, we were invited to the village.

Naturally, who met us was the first guys. I think. Although no, I am sure, white people come to them very rarely, if they are driving. Therefore, it is still unknown who was more interesting – we look at them, or on us. But that’s what I can say unequivocally, so this is what they liked to be photographed and posed them with great pleasure. And the kids did not require anything in return, they only wanted to see the photo on the small camera of the camera.

The guide in the meantime handed our elder "present", And in my backpack a little sweets and a pack of our corn sticks, which I gladly presented to residents of the village. These wands diverged very quickly and truly produced a truar, t.To. Senegalents for the first time in his life saw sticks that can eat, and not use to clean the teeth. I even regretted that I took so little.

Distributing all your gifts, I armed with the camera and went to the photo octot.

Residents turned out to be very cute and photographed with pleasure. Whether our gifts have affected them, whether they are just so cool, but no one hides, no one closed, people are cute and smiled into the camera lens.

Well, I somehow somehow photographed children, it hurts they are cool and interesting here.

And now we walk through the village itself. Right on earth, or rather on the sand, stand straw huts, in which local residents live. Wood and straw – that’s all that is used for their construction. Although there are already some new house from concrete, but most of the hut is made of straw.

There are no electricity in the village, but some rich inhabitants have generators, and judging by the antennas here should be TV. But this is a big rarity, and most likely it is one house on the whole village, which all residents go like a cinema. And maybe it is a rustic cinema?

In themselves "Houses" just sleep, inside the beds there are nothing (but there is a bed, and even some kind of mattresses), but food is prepared right on the street at a fire or in small clay stoves.

Near one house just prepared for some kind of brewing here in such a pussy boiler.

Separate theme – Local Teapots! These are ordinary teapots, but what are they colorful! You do not find any pale kettle here – they are painted in bright colors, and everything is absolutely different! We can say that the kettle is the unique identifier of each family. It will not work out to smoke, so you can safely leave on the street.

And what people do here? In the village we were afraid, so there were practically no men here. In Muslim society (and Senegal is a deeply Muslim country) a man works, and a woman is engaged in the house and children, and this village is no exception.

Most of the men went to work in the nearby city and plantations, but some were present in the village..

What does Senegalese village live

These two drank the chaps and winds a fishing line. Apparently they were preparing to go fishing, because to the ocean here is not so far away, and the fish is full there.

And this one was lying at all in Thawing and played with his phone. By the way, here is a paradox, no electricity, and there are phones! And there is a connection, and very good. But how to charge the phone, if there are no sockets? It turns out that they charge them in the city at work, and those who do not work give to recharging. Although with their number of sun, they would have purchased a pair of solar batteries for a long time and all the villages would be charged.

Naturally in the village there are all edible living creatures, and vegetables grow around the villages around the village.

Home Women’s work (except for feeding husband of course) – give birth and raise children than they are happy and engaged. Children here are a lot, so there is no time to miss.

Well, we are time to say goodbye. Alas, no matter how good is visiting, but you have to go further.

Allowed us all the villages. Wonderful still people live in Senegal. Good, cheerful, hospitable and smiling such that charge you positive at first sight!

Here is her, Senegalese village. Yes, they live very poorly, but does it prevent people from living and enjoy life? I have only positive emotions, a lot of impressions and a bunch of wonderful personnel! And how many impressions were with local kids, I think they will still remember the big white uncle with a magic box that can make beautiful pictures.

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