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What do not be done in Vienna

What do not be done in Vienna

Vienna is one of the cities that conquers absolutely all arrived tourists. To rest well, it is important to know the local laws and features of the mentality, because the city is not the same as it seems at first glance.

Some things and actions are not recommended to make, the reasons may be different and not always logical, but it is better to just remember and do not do what to try to figure out.

There are actions that should not be performed in Vienna under any pretext

Not necessary buy water in stores, As a person it is familiar to home or on vacation in other masss. Here is an excellent water quality, and you can dial it in special fountains, which are installed throughout the city. They are available at any time to all people, because tourists have nothing to fear. Accordingly, there is no need to spend extra funds that can come in handy for something else.

Each country has its own characteristics that sometimes agree. So, Do not wait for stores in the city will work on Sunday. Some tourists can be unusual. You will visit it in advance to purchase everything you desired in order not to spoil your vacation to a similar nuance, which can be very carefully planned or limited in time.

Naturally, most tourists are trying to get into the local opera, even if in this form of art they do not understand anything. Of course, this is the case of everyone, however, experts and experienced tourists recommend Do not buy tickets to Opera in front of the Representation itself.

If a person wants to enjoy the architecture and decoration of the building, you can simply go on a tour who are spent here. If the tourist really wants to hear one of the works, the acquisition of tickets must be advanced (for individual performances it is necessary to order them in a few months) so as not to overpay colossal amounts and in general to get to a specific performance.

What do not be done in Vienna

In a relatively recently recently operate Act that prohibits hide face, Therefore, wearing similar clothes or masks are prohibited. Violators will be forced to pay a fine of 150 euros. And it concerns it as ordinary people (pedestrians) and drivers driving.

There are no limiters in the Viennese subway, and people deliberately pay for passages, not trying to join or see, despite the fact that its price is quite noticeable, so tourists should not consider themselves special. Monitoring the availability of tickets here is regular, And the same who decided to save, will have to pay a fine of 100-105 euros.

Of course, tourists may not obey the recommendations given and do, as you want, but all the consequences and possible spending will have to experience personally. Of course, there are more serious prohibitions and restrictions, but they should be recognized separately, so as not to put the rest.

The standard of living in Vienna is quite high, and the city itself is charming, so the rest in it is worth planning carefully and consciously so that after only pleasant memories and the desire to come back here.

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