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What dishes need to try on Corsica

What dishes need to try on Corsica?

Corsician cuisine is chestnuts and all of the chestnuts, especially the most gentle polenda; Cheeses from sheep and goat milk and "yummy" based on these cheeses, for example, a peculiar cheesecake "Phyadon". Wines and seafood by default, as in all Mediterranean cuisine. It seems that Corsican dishes should also be similar to Italian. The island was built up migrants from Genoa. And what really? All uniqueness in detail.

Chestnut leaves, chestnuts everywhere

My first Corsican dish – Foul. Neckless field. I treated her at the Christmas Fair in a special "evening of the polenta". I chatted with merchants, still not understanding the French speech, I was going to leave, and here one told me that I need to stay. Why?

And because soon – "Foreton". The word was mysterious for me. At first I decided that the program was playing or dancing. I was told: it is preparing from chestnut flour, and it turned out that this is a kind of dish. Consonant with polenta – corn porridge. And I began to wait for the beginning of the "Polenta evenings".

At the Christmas market, on that evening a piece of the poles were distributed to everyone – Come and take a plate. A little sweet, slightly bitter (chocolate is also bitter and sweet at the same time) and very gentle. Passed almost a year, and she did not steal from my taste. For me, the Foreton is like dessert, although for some reason it was served with local sausages fried on the grill. It is said that Corsician sausages-sausages are considered the best in all France. This is "Figaidelle", for example. I do not eat them, therefore I will not add anything more about them.

Forenend is preparing long. And the composition is simple. Just need to take brown flour and water. Pans to put on fire and interfere, interfere and again interfere with about an hour, or even more. It is best to eat warm and together with the "Brickchi" cheese. In the restaurants the Foreton must be delicious.

What for "bricks"? – you ask. Goat cheese, also very gentle taste, a little similar to Italian ricott. On Corsica made out everything in a row, therefore I will tell you more about later. And now about the combination of bricks and chestnuts. This is fragrant "Myachcho", Test Circle with Fresh Goat Cheese. All the piquancy whom the brown leaves give – it would be baked on them, it would seem like a simple cake. The most delicious "Myaccio" I tried on a Sunday bazaarsk, where the local fruit trades and other food from their farm. I remember, I was then surprised by the incomprehensible leaves of the tree. And they explained to me that in the original "Myachco" bake on brown leaves. With a thin flavor of brown leaves and fire and with a pretty buckled cheese – try Myaccio at the fairs! Incomparably with what is sold in ordinary bakeries (Bulanzherri).

Chestnuts on coals

Brickcho – Brocciu – and other cheeses

This cheese is made only on Corsica. From sheep or goat milk, or mix them. Practically hand, there is no factories. Somehow, we picked up the car – Romanka, she said that she worked on the farm, helped make cheese. Dooming goats – also manually, without apparatus. So Romanian and Google goats, and melted milk. Very troublesome it is to create cheese.

Brickchi do not store for a long time, only do – and the freshest, gentle bar is carrying for sale. There is a type of grinding, which is specially fermented for a long time, he has a tart taste. In addition to grinding, I like Tom cheese – also from sheep or goat milk, but cooked on a special manner. For storage and making cheese, the similarity of a small house of stones are built. Cheeses here are very tasty, their quality is excellent. What they are done manually plays a big role. Plus, the ecology on Corsica is wonderful.

Phyadone – FAIADONE

If you see in the Corsican Cuisine Restaurant map Dessert FIADONE – order without a doubt. Taste bridge resembles cheesecake. Instead of Cheese "Philadelphia" used Corsican cheese Brickchi. And add lemon in the form of a zest. As a result, it turns out a delicate dessert with a thin lemon note.

Kanneloni – Canelloni

Kalonni is one of the types of Italian pasta. Large tubes from dough, hollow inside – to put inside the filling. Corsicans "stuffing" canonni on their manner. Local "Fishka" – Brickchi and Spinach (or like spinach grass). I also start ravioli. How I adore this stuffing! Kalkelonni bake in the oven under tomato sauce and grated cheese. Just melting in the mouth. And true corsicans can add mint to this stuffing.

Beignet – Beignet

What dishes need to try on Corsica

To explain that this will give a dialogue from life. I taught local friends to the word "pupbodz". And at the fair I saw the inscription "BeigNet" and the queue for him, I asked "what it is?"In response he heard his native: "PIE!" In fact, it seems: yeast dough, inside the filling, fries in boiling oil. Bempnia came from French cuisine. But the Corsicans put their favorite bricks, because everything gets its flavor.


Only in Martha. Yes, Panserotti bake only a couple of days a year, in March – for the feast of St. Joseph. Basically, the day of this saint-patron of the family is celebrated in the vicinity of the city of Bastia. At the heart of the test – flour from pea nuts. Such flour here is planted here. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and fry in boiling oil, it seems to be simple, and very tasty.


My familiar guide says that our tourists adore Corsican seafood. Sea Yozh and Langustov, caught in the waters of Corsica, are considered one of the best. I do not know what kind of taste they are, the view does not attract me absolutely. My acquaintances caught marine heels and fir them (poor things) raw.

Corsica is preparing fish soup, served in restaurants, and rush into banks and sold in stores.

As for the wines, they are here excellent and cheap. My favorite: White Wine Muscat from local winemakers.

Be sure to try ice cream. It is comparable to Italian! Made by hand, natural, with real taste of nuts or mango, chestnuts or raspberries – to choose. Often in Gelateria / Glacerie (in-Italian and French signs) sell ice cream made in the same cafe.

And on Corsica, they produce their own chemistry – minimally stuffed chemistry – and Muesli bar with a symbol of the Bastia Football Club. Corsicans – True patriots, they are proud of their island.

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