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What did the members of the Dyatlov group wanted to see. Part 1. Duck and Kolate Syl

What did the members of the Dyatlov group wanted to see. Part 1. Duck and Kolate Syl

About the death of a group of Dyatlov in 1959 a lot is written in the Northern Urals. One of the most complete and detailed studies is given in the next book: "E. V. Buyanov, B. E. Slobtsov Mystery of the Death of the Dyatlov group. Documentary investigation". Those who want to read in detail, the book is presented in electronic libraries and easy to find it.
Unfortunately, there is a lot "Research", Or say straight, speculations dedicated to this tragedy. About them and talk not worth.
But I was more interested – and what we wanted to see the members of the group? For what interesting places would have passed their route? Since in those edges, namely, in the Northern Urals, I had a chance to visit many times, then before you – the reconstruction of the fact that the group could see in these places.
Photos in the text are mostly made in summer. Of course, the winter hike differs from summer. There are advantages when moving in winter, as it is and cons. Actually, the main advantage and a minus winter hike is snow. It can fall asleep Berl, Kostlik Birch Birches and Ivnyak, facilitating movement. He, if he recently fell, makes it difficult to move. But usually above the border of the forest wind quickly compacts snow, and skis do not fail.

Snow falls asleep stones and go becomes easier. But it must be borne in mind that there is a danger of blowing snow from obstacles. Therefore, in the fog, it is necessary to go carefully, so as not to fall out in such a pit, as in the picture below.

Snow falls asleep streams and rivers and one of the techniques of winter movement becomes motion on rivers. But it must be borne in mind that mountain rivers can form wins in which you can fail. On the snapshot you can see the curved with snow the valley of the river. Below, in the forest zone, for a kilometer of the river, even in a strong frost did not frozen.

And of course, in winter you can get into the fairy forest – when all the trees are covered with a thick layer of snow.

Return to the route of the Dyatlov group. From the mine, the second northern group of Dyatlov intended to go to the northeast along the valley of the Lozva River and its origins to the mountain, (1182, on old maps: 1234). After the radial climb on this vertex, they planned to sharply turn to the south and along the ridge of the belt stone to pass the heads of the origins of the Ugra rivers, Vishera and Niols to the Oiko-Chakur Mountain (or Okacchahl, 1322) with a radial ascent on this mountain. From the Outo-Chakura, it is direct about 70 km, but actually Dyatlovtsy had to go over more than 100 km on the ridge. Then planned from Obo-Chakura in the eastern direction along the valleys of rivers Rivers, a small troops or a big toshage to reach their merger to the Northern Toshch, and on her valley to go on the road and in the village of Vizha.
Let’s start with Mount Syl (or Kolatechl). Mountain, like many vertices ridge ridge, has a flat elongated top, on top of the mountain there are small stone remains.
One of the remains resembles a small dog. It is located on the top of the top.

Much more remains are located on the axial line of the ridge. From the southern part of the mountain from the pass to the top of the top stretches the continuous chain of the bizarre.

From the location and forms give an excellent opportunity to fly fancy

This is whom can remind this rest, located almost at the top? Bird?

And this remainer, which is located on the southern slope of the mountain, we are nusted "Indian", or, more precisely, "Out of Indian".

Also many remains are located on the eastern shoulder of the mountain. One of them is dedicated to a group of Dyatlov, a memorable board and a pyramid has been installed on it. Now there are several commemorative boards.

What did the members of the Dyatlov group wanted to see. Part 1. Duck and Kolate Syl

So it looked like this obelisk with a memorial plane 20 years ago. Under the board lay a dune from the rocket engine, destroyed by the explosion. Now this dub, "Researchers-Dyatilovy" Her steel.

With a pass to good weather, the last northernmost point of the Route of the Dyatlov group – Mount Upden. Seen car, below which is Lake Lung-Husap-tours (Lake Lonely Goose). From it begins the river Lozva. According to Mansiysk legends, during the Great Flood in this lake survived the only goose, from which everything on the ground went all the lively.

When moving along the ridge, the top of the seal with many scaling outputs begins to draw. The snapshot is made with the approach so that these stone outlets are visible better.

And it looks sorted from the ridge near. Removed at the end of August. As you can see, the weather on the ridge can sometimes bring surprises. Unprepared people may face in summer with rain, strong, hammering with wind, and of course, with snow with wind and rain, and all this in full fog.

At the top of the outstand you can walk for hours if you have time, you can go down to the lake. The view from the lake on the stone wall must be seen personally – no photo can pass this grand.
You can see the Pechora Valley and one of the 7 wonders of Russia – the plateau of Man-Pup-Nierr with his famous remains. Despite the fact that the distance in the straight line is almost 40 km, in good weather they are excellent.

A lot of interesting things (namely, a large number of remains) can be seen on the side ridges that depart from the deregulated. But in the plan’s plans, it was not part of the departure was its extreme northern point. Further, the group was supposed to return back to the ASPIA River Valley to the labase left with the products and continue his trip along the ridge "Belt stone" South. About this section of the path – in the next story.

What did the members of the Dyatlov group wanted to see. Part 1. Duck and Kolate Syl

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