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What can not be joined in the plane

What can not be joined in the plane?

The safety rules when traveling by the plane differ significantly from the rules of any other type of transport.

What can not be taken in the plane? Today we will deal with this issue. But first, read the general rules of baggage in the plane.

Explosive and illumination substances:

  • Powder
  • Cartridges, including gas and hunting weapons
  • Petardes
  • Bengal lights!
  • Pyrotechnic remedies: signal and lighting rockets, cartridges signal, matchmaker, etc.
  • What can not be joined in the plane
  • Troil, dynamite, Tol, ammonal and other explosives.
  • Objects imitating explosives

Flammable substances:

  1. Aerosols, such as the paint can. With the exception of hair lacquer, deodorant and other aerosols intended for care.
  2. All types of fuel (gasoline)
  3. Liquid for lighters
  4. Gas burner, all types of household gas
  5. Paint and solvents (acetone)

Chemicals, caustic and corrosive substances:

  1. Chlorine, including pools
  2. Liquid bleach
  3. Salt, sulfur and nitric acid
  4. Brake fluid
  5. Mercury
  6. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxide
  7. Phosphorus white, yellow and red, potassium, sodium, calcium metallic and their alloys, calcium phosphorous.

Radioactive materials:

On the aircraft it is impossible to carry all types of radioactive substances.


  1. Pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines and other firearms, gas, pneumatic weapons.
  2. Electroshock devices

* Weapons are forbidden to take a plane if the board is not equipped with special containers for transporting weapons or passenger has no appropriate permissions.

In addition, on board the aircraft it is forbidden to carry any other substances, objects and cargoes that can be used as an instrument of attack on passengers, the aircraft crew, as well as the risk of aircraft flight.

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