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What can not be imported into any country

What can not be imported into any country

That it is forbidden to carry across the boundaries of most countries? And why it is prohibited? What is better not to take with you to rest in order to definitely not have trouble? Read the list in our review.

Now we are considering the situation when a simple tourist rides on holiday to another country or returns back.

"Allowed" and "not caught" are different situations

It is unlikely that you can find the airport in the world where customs officers check all passengers without exception. Customs officers suite only selective checks. Dozens of times you can fly and never start under selective check. And you can get under it when first in life flight. If we get lucky.

Many tourists carry prohibited objects and do not even suspect that there is something forbidden in their baggage. Learn about it from the customs officer only on verification.

I remember the curious story of one American named James, who flew to Europe several times a year. Every time he is eating apples or other fruits. It was even when fresh fruit in the European Union was forbidden (now you can already).

James did not even know that fresh fruit was banned. But somehow, when he went to the "green corridor", he felt hunger. He took an apple from his bag and began it right in front of the customs officers. Naturally, they immediately "accepted" immediately, searched luggage, confiscated three kilograms of apples. He got lost a light fine.

This story is popular in English-speaking tourist forums, it is quite indicative. Therefore, we give it as an example.

Therefore, remember that "allowed" and "not caught" are different cases. Read a list of what you can not be pronounced through the boundaries of most countries. List of small, long time will not take.

1. Potato

The overwhelming majority of countries categorically prohibit the import of fresh potatoes to their territory.

Once again, we will repeat that we are now considering the situation of a simple private person crossing the border. Legal entities can carry out the border of the commercial parties of potatoes in compliance with phytosanitary norms.

Potato plays a huge role in agriculture of many countries. To understand this role, compare numbers. In Russia, the average potato yield – 250 centners with hectares, wheat yield – about 35 centners with hectares.

Naturally, all countries are panicly afraid of problems with their potatoes harvests. And first of all afraid of potato diseases. Unfortunately, potatoes are very strongly susceptible to infectious diseases. Crop loss in case of mass infection of fields can be 70-95%.

For these reasons, fresh potatoes are banned at the customs of almost all countries of the world. Fortunately, the idea of ​​carrying potatoes on vacation comes to units from tourists, and there are no big problems because of potatoes. Also forbidden the import of seeds and any planting material.

2. List of CITES (Washington Convention)

In 1973, in Washington, 80 countries signed the Convention "On Trade Flooding Flora and Fauna", and rather the ban on such trade between countries. Now the participants of the Convention are already 169 countries, that is, almost all countries of the world.

Now the CITES Convention protects 33,600 species of animals and plants. It is forbidden not only to carry across the boundaries of these animals and these plants, but also any products from them. In some cases, it is possible, but according to special documents.

At first glance, this convention may have to have an ordinary tourist? Maybe. For example, all kinds of crocodiles are included in the SITES lists. And therefore any product of the crocodile leather under the ban. Both types of elephants are also in SITES lists, which means any ivory product under the ban.

In some cases, the quantities are strictly limited. For example, sturgeons are included in the SITES lists, but to export a sturgeon caviar from Russia is allowed, but not more than 250 grams.

In practice, we have never heard and have not seen the customs officers to seize the wallet from the tourist to test the examination – and not the crocodile? So you can not be afraid for personal belongings. But try to carry live animals we categorically not recommended.

3. Antiquities and antiques

Almost all countries of the world do not object to the importation of other countries of cultural and (or) historical values. And why would they be against? For example, in Russia of antiquity and antiques can be imported.

Naturally, now we are talking about single objects if ordinary tourists are brought.

However, the export of antiquities is prohibited from all countries except Israel. And even in Israel for the export of antiquity items, it is necessary to obtain a special permit. We talked about this in detail in the article "What can not and can be removed from Israel".

The main question is: what to consider the subject of the antiquity, and what is not? It depends on the country. For example, in the European Union there is a very strict law 3911/92. Under this law, any picture or photo older than 50 years is an object of cultural heritage. Any antiques older than 100 years is an object of cultural heritage.

Therefore, any antique items leave at home. Hardly on vacation they will be vital for you. Hardly on the beach in the southern country you will need grandfather cigarette or grandmother’s jewelry box.

4. Narcotic substances and medicines

It would seem that the incomprehensible? Drugs across the border can not be transported. However, do not forget that the list of narcotic substances in different countries is different.

In one country, some medicine can sell without a recipe, but in another country it may be prohibited. Recall at least the sensational story with the Englishman Laura Plammer, which imported into Egypt the drug Tramadol. In her native United Kingdom, Tramadol is just selling. And in Egypt for Tramadol, she went to jail for 3 years. Read more this story in the article "What can not be imported to Egypt".

In order not to repeat the bitter fate Laura Plammer, remember the basic rules:

– Medicines carry only in small quantities that you need for personal needs;

– Drugs carry in the factory package;

– If you carry painkillers, then take a doctor’s recipe. It is advisable to translate this recipe into English. But in our, the recipe will be very useful.

Observe these rules and serious troubles will definitely not be.

5. Weapons, ammunition and military items, as well as drones

Weapons and ammunition can not be carried across borders without special permission. It is obvious and here add nothing to.

What can not be imported into any country

However, with the subjects of military assignment, everything is not so obvious. In many countries, such items are prohibited for free importation and export. By the way, in Russia it is not prohibited by laws directly, if the subject is unlicensed.

For example, metal detectors are considered to be martial subjects, and they cannot be pronounced in many countries. We do not know how many people drive metal detectors to look for coins on the beaches. But questions about this comes to the editorial office of our site constantly.

In practice, some people carry metal detectors successfully. And some are confiscated. This is a lottery. Want to play. But we believe that you can look for coins and at home.

Drones with video cameras by law are prohibited for exportation from Russia and import to Russia. Drones are funds of hidden information. Belong to the list 2.17 Solutions of the ECE 1 College №30.

However, drones with video cameras Our tourists manage to carry. And this is another lottery.

6. Some informational materials

Naturally, imported extremist information materials is prohibited in all countries. Materials calling for religious, racial, national retail.

Also almost all countries are forbidden to import informative information materials. But remember that the concept of obscenity in different countries is different.

For example, Playboy or Maxim magazine can be carried to European countries without any problems, because in these magazines there are only erotica, but no pornography or demonstration of genital organs. In Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates, this magazine is already banned.

The laws of most countries imply any information materials on any media. However, it is clear that the hard disk of your laptop or the phone flash drive for pornography will not be browsing.

7. What else

There are some more objects that are prohibited. But we will not talk about these subjects in detail, since there are almost zero in the suitcase of the tourist. It:

– poisoning and toxic substances. Protective gas can leave at home;

– elements of chemical and bacteriological weapons;

– Radioactive substances and parts of nuclear weapons.

More important advice

– in detail about what is forbidden and allowed to import to Russia, read in our article "What can and cannot be imported to Russia";

– about what is forbidden and allowed to export from Russia, read in the article "What can and cannot be exported from Russia".

Specify the questions and leave comments below, and read our useful articles about tourism and for tourists (List of articles below).

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