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What can not be done in Poland

What can not be done in Poland?

It was in Poland that a case was recorded when a person survived with 14.8 ppm in the blood. For comparison, the deadly dose ranges between 5 and 6. One of the most common drinks in Poland – beer. In the summer, it is customary to drink cold beer with juice and through the tube, and in winter – hot beer with cinnamon and orange. In fact, it is not juice, but syrup, which is added directly to a glass before serving the client, but you order "beer with juice".

Present Tanya

Nothing personal! Just in Polish, the word "Tanya" means "cheap". Agree that it is not quite convenient and absolutely optionally. But it’s not worth worrying about this. It is enough to simply use the full form of the name – Tatiana – and you can safely communicate.

In Polish, by the way, there are quite unusual names for our hearing. If someone tells you that he loves Kalina or berry, then it may well go about women.

Add potatoes to soup and use the word "cup"

In Western Europe, soup is a festive dish, so rare. But here soups are eaten in the same mass quantities as in Russia. The most interesting thing is that very often the Poles do not eat soup spoon from a plate, but overflow the liquid into a cup and just drink it. It would not be very convenient to catch the pieces of vegetables from the cup, so neither potatoes, no roasted vegetables here in soups. By the way, if the word "soup" is in Polish and will be "ZUP", then our word "cup" is translated as a "skull", and if you ask for a cup of soup or tea, you, which is good, will take for maniac.

Take sick, if sick

It sounds a bit strange, but if a child fell ill, then you absolutely do not need to go to the doctor with him, sit in line and infect the rest. In schools and kindergartens do not require official confirmation from the doctor. There will be enough note, phone call or filling out an electronic application by parents. Self-treatment can lead to serious problems, you will tell you, but the Polish statistics say the opposite.

Talk about money

All cash issues – information under the vulture "Secret". It is not customary to talk about how much it gets, for how much I bought a thing about how much I spent on a gift or vacation. This topic is considered purely intimate, and similar questions are a real intervention in privacy. Husband and wife do not always know about each other’s income – what to say about friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

Stay in the office

"It’s not lazy, it is a rational distribution of time," any Pole will say. If you did not finish the project, you did not have time to finish work or the terms are lit – all this can wait until the next day or even until Monday. If the working day ends at 17:00, Ideally, you need to finish it by 16:55. If you give work more time, it can damage the family, and the time spent in the family is invaluable!

And no hikes "on beer" on Fridays. Friday is too good a week of the week to spend it on conversations with colleagues. At the same time, the team can be very friendly, but to the status of relatives to him far.

Work on Sunday

What can not be done in Poland

In Poland, it is not customary to deal with business issues on weekends. And this applies to absolutely. In the gym, there will be no queues, in the laundry you can be one. Moreover, the government adopted a law on the ban on sales on some Sundays and holidays, motivating it by the fact that people should spend more time with family and visit the church. Therefore, shopping or even simple purchase of bread for morning toasts on Sunday acquire the character of the quest.

Do not try coffee with breast milk

From the latest innovations in the capital – a cafe, in which, in addition to the usual cow, soybean or popular now brine milk, you can get an invigorating female. Yes yes, this is a separate item in the menu. As the manager explains, the cafe cooperates with women who, during the lactation, agreed to join and sell them part of their milk. The offer appeared before the winter cold with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimproving immunity. What you say, would like to strengthen the body in this way or yet the usual tea with ginger you can do?

Take a pet from the shelter just like that

It will be necessary to pass the casting to get the right to take a friend of smaller. First, income must be more than worthy. Secondly, the presence of sufficient housing for the subside of the animal. If the above conditions are satisfied with the requirements, you can go to the second stage. For example, put the grids on the windows. And the final decision will take a special commission.

Predict the weather

Weather in Poland – the phenomenon is very unpredictable. Warm, affectionate, sunny morning, and in an hour or two this magnificence may change beyond recognition: a hail with a nut, a little later, a strong wind, and in the evening the rain is a very standard situation. That is why it is always necessary to have with you and warm clothes, and an umbrella, and sunglasses. The climate is not very hot, and therefore it is not customary to install air conditioners in Poland, there is simply no need for.

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What can not be done in Poland

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