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What can not be done in Israel

What can not be done in Israel

Temporary, spatial and other continuins are distorted on the Holy Land, and therefore at the time when all over the world on the yellow traffic signal "prepare", and on the green – "ride", in Israel to yellow actively signal, and on green – pushing the back. All this is exclusively from good motivations: "What if you fell asleep or did not notice the switching traffic light?"


Standard Security Service: "Are there prohibited items in a handbag? Weapons, Knife, Drugs?"The most witty tourists (the Israelites know perfectly perfectly than such jokes ends) sometimes they can joke:" Yes, we carry two pink bombs in a suitcase ". They hope that the border guards and the protection of public places are all right with a sense of humor, and those, of course, see that no you are a terrorist and not the leader of the cartel. And this is the main misconception: the Israeli security service has no sense of humor – they are losing it, as soon as they put up for shift. Therefore, if you tell a joke about a bomb that has been soldered to all, including the border troops, after a second and in the next few hours you will be absolutely no good.

Ride the car on the day of redemption

There are many popular myths about Israel: for example, about full ban on work in the Sabit, about all stores closed on Saturday to united stores and restaurants and T. D. But this all is divided into the first visit to the country: there are excellent restaurants on Saturday, cars ride, and your neighbor can safely score nails into the wall. At the same time, there is one social status quo, which is not disturbed by the Israelis (what kind of denominations they belonged to) is a ban on riding a car in Yom-Kipur, that is, at the day of redemption. On this day, it is officially allowed to ride on scooters, bikes and rollers in high-speed tracks, lying on a double axis and move the street in any inconceive place – the car, with the exception of salvation services, do not go.

Offend children

Children in Israel are not just the flowers of the life and the joy of parents. This is a cult, idol, an object of universal worship and insanity. The children’s will in Israel is subject to everything and all: shops, restaurants, legal offices and even the Cabinet Prime Minister. If a child wants to eat strawberry ice cream, sitting on the floor and swinging him on the shoes of the guest, means that the will of the Most High. And with the Almighty here do not argue. On the street or in a restaurant, no matter how you crossed the screaming or running between the tables, you can’t make a remark. Not accepted here. Even commenting at your table disducted behavior of a child is not Comilfo. Like this.

Abandon treat

Food in Israel, like children, – Holy: The cult of falael, shawarma, hummus, fish, meat, ice cream, yogurt and other delicious food reigns here. Through people, as well as those who feel bad and without appetite, the surrounding becomes very sorry and they are trying to feed them. Sometimes intrusive and strength. Believe that you can just not want to eat, no one can be able here, and therefore the balls of the falael, the spoons of yogurt and the last, with the father’s syrup will be stuffed in you, for mom and dad.

Smoking in public places

Smoking in public places is prohibited in many countries, but not in all of it. In Israel, it is impossible to smoke in restaurants or in bars, nor in night clubs, nor even at bus stops. Here is such a hard smokers here life.

Ride without clothes

What can not be done in Israel

Yes, alas. In Israel is prohibited by road rules Driving with naked torso for both men and women. But it’s a pity.

Be retrograd

In Israel – all the most advanced. This country is first received from the heavens of prophecy and sulfur rain, however, together with them – new technologies and most progressive devices. If you do not use the latest model of the newest phone itself, do not own a dozen appliqu├ęs, without which it is impossible to live, do not charge a laptop from a wireless charging, you do not pay the phone with a phone and do not pass the message by the power of thought – you are hopeless retrograde.

To give place in transport to young women

In Israel, of course, lived and sensitive citizens, who are always inferior to grandparents and grandparents. However, do not even think to show yourself a gentleman and give way to a young lady with M-16.

Win with girls on the street

"Hey, beautiful, you often have here?"- Perhaps the most common" accession "in Israel and the beginning of a dialogue with a girl you like. So, so do not do, otherwise the police can get acquainted in a minute with you. Local girls bathe not only in the Mediterranean Sea, but also in the attention of local and overseas men, and attention is in the peak of the tourist season.

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