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What can not be done in Israel to tourists

What can not be done in Israel to tourists

Israel – free country. In this you will be sure after it is passing strict passport control at the airport and find yourself in the crazy Tel Aviv, where the homosexual couples and friki all the masters are freely walking through the streets.

Freedom felt in other cities. But on the Holy Land there are taboos that better not to break.

To go to «indecent» Clothes in religious quarters

At the entrance to the religious quarters of Israeli cities hang warning signs: «It is forbidden to enter the organized tourist group and in indecent clothes». Ultrathodoxy Jews extremely negatively belong to T-shirts, shorts, short skirts and decollete. For tourists who want to see their eyes to see the focus of the Israeli flavor and feel the atmosphere of the pre-war bolt, there is a dress code.

Men should be in long pants, shirt and closed shoes, be sure to cover head. Women need to close their knees and elbows. Pants and, moreover, jeans will not fit: in the religious quarter you can only wear a wide skirt, closing knees, a free shirt or long-sleeved sweaters. Clothes should not emphasize the figure. Unmarried woman laid walking with uncoated head, but long hair needs to be collected in a beam. If a woman is married, there should be a handkerchief on his head.

In tourist areas and secular cities you can dress as you like, but in the whole country and men, and women are forbidden to drive a car with bare torso.

Delegate to behave in the religious quarter

If you ended up in the authentic Jerusalem district of Mea Shearim, do not provoke orthodox behavior, unacceptable for them. If you decide to walk on the religious block of a couple, it is better not to demonstrate romantic manifestations and passion. Do not hold hands, hugging and kissing.

It is impossible to show your finger on the locals, talking in mocking and condemning tone, laugh at them, look like something in something. In religious quarters there are even posters with the inscription: «Here is not a zoo!»

In Shabbat, you can not enter the orthodox blocks by car: can throw stones. According to the laws of the Torah, it is impossible to light and extinguish on Saturday, namely, such processes occur in an internal combustion engine.

There is no official ban on the photo and video filming, but the orthodoxs do not like to be photographed, they look at the photographer, look at a sealing look or turn away from the camera. After sunset on Friday and before sunset on Saturday, Orthodox Jews – Men in black fruits and hats and women in dark closed clothes – You can not take pictures. Orthodox shabbat cannot participate in creative processes.

Disrespectful to refer to the post of Kipur

On the day of redemption, life in Israel freezes: all the Jews do not work, do not sit behind the wheel, do not eat and do not drink. If you ended up in the country in Yom Kippur (in 2018. – September 19), do not outraget with closed restaurants and the lack of transport.

Better Do not plan trips on this day, buy food on the eve or find a Arabic restaurant.

Photograph Strategic Military Objects

If you take a picture of the military object in Israel, individual zones of the airport and its employees, power station or port facilities, be prepared for the fact that you are suitable for a person and ask you to remove photos from a camera or phone.

Also, people with cameras do not miss into some shopping centers, but the ban on shooting in shopping centers is considered illegal by the Israelis.

Make cruelty to children

In Israel, children are equated to national heritage. In the families of orthodoxs can be 10-15 children, and it is considered normal. It is forbidden to apply to children both physical violence and psychological.

If the child behaves inappropriately, adults must endure. Seeing that you punish your child, Israelis can make you a remark in rough form.

Talk with the Israelis on forbidden topics

Most of the inhabitants of Israel – Friendly, funny and easy people in communication, but there are topics that are better not to concerned in a conversation with them.

1. «Among the Arabs there are good people». Even if you have a wonderful friend from Iran or Syria, it does not mean at all that he is kind to the Israelites just like you: the genetic memory and the impact of the media affects you.
2. Business conversations in Shabbat. If your interlocutor – Religious Jew, it is impossible to talk on Saturday to business topics, including discussing what should be done after the end of Shabbat.
3. Anti-Semitism. No need to talk with the Israelis that they allegedly hate the whole world. First, it is not true: Jews do not like only in religious Muslim countries. And secondly, after such applications, you risks to be in the police station.

Show aggression or sarcasm regarding security officers

What can not be done in Israel to tourists

The security officers may well be a good sense of humor, but they have no right to demonstrate it at work. Therefore, it is not necessary to iron, as well as resent and rude, if you are asked to make a bag and other personal belongings for inspection, ask about the presence of drugs, weapons, explosive substances.

Jokes about hydrogen bombs and ig will be perceived as a manifestation of disrespect and inadequate behavior. All jokers are necessarily delivered to the police department for additional check and interrogation, and in the worst case are deported from Israel.

Get acquainted and flirt with Israeli

According to the legislation of Israel, any woman has the right to declare the police about rape or attack. The man is arrested immediately, and let go only if he succeeds to prove his own innocence.

Cute Israelis are in demand among tourists, and if attention signs seem too obsessive girls, they can contact the police. If Israeli liked you too much, start the conversation politely, delicately, without coarse flirting. But it is not necessary to approach girls in dark skirts-maxi and long-sleeved sweaters: Religion’s kosher jews forbidden to join the daughters and get married both for non-Jews and for Jews leading a secular lifestyle.

View pornographic photos and movies in the hotel and public places

At the end of 2016, the Israeli authorities adopted a law prohibiting pornography. All providers blocked resources with pornographic materials. To access them, users must write an official letter to the provider. The prohibition applies to the guests of the country.

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea

If you go swimming in the summer months, no one arrests you and does not even finish. It is dangerous for you yourself: from June to August to the Israeli coast of the Mediterranean Sea swims a lot of jellyfish. Their poison leaves strong burns, and tourists have to seek medical care.

Abandon treat

The cult of delicious food reigns in Israel, and the Israelites adore to treat both each other and guests. If you were invited to a Jewish house, be prepared for the fact that a festive table will be covered for you and require you to try all dishes.

Do not grieve owners – Come on with an absolutely empty stomach! After all, it is in the Jewish House that you can feel the atmosphere of the country.

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