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What can not be done in Austria

What can not be done in Austria

What should not be done tourists in Austria, so as not to fall into trouble? How to avoid fines from the authorities and disapproving views from the Austrians? How not to overpay during rest? Read the answers further in our article.

Do not forget to validate a travel ticket

Penalty for a non-flying passage is one of the most frequent troubles with tourists in Austria.

In public transport Vienna little just buy a ticket. Go to the subway, the tram or bus can just so, there are no turnstiles. However, a ticket must be validated. Without a validated ticket, the controller will finish 105 euros per person. In detail, we wrote about this in the article "Metro Vienna – Rules, Prices, Card in our".

Also from January 15, 2019, in all Vienna metro cars, it is forbidden to eat food. Since July 2019, for this, it is fined for 50 euros.

Do not take a bill (s) 500 euros

Austrians pay in stores and cafes in different ways – someone loves cash, someone prefers a card. It is not Spain, where all people pay in cash, and little cards are generally accepted. But this is not France or Germany, where they pay only by cards, and even bill of 100 euros may not accept, because there is no passing.

In Austria, you can pay anything, but there is one exception. Bill of 500 euros here is almost undeveloped. Bill of 500 euros almost never will be paid to payment. Local stores even do not have equipment to determine its authenticity. Will have to look for the bank to exchange. Or go to a large supermarket, where for checking bills most likely will cause the main manager, and he will already give "good" to make the cashier accepted bills.

Such a situation with banknotes of 500 euros is observed in almost all countries of the Eurozone. Who often travels in Europe, have long known that you need to take small bills.

The situation with bills 100 and 200 euros in Austria is much better. These bills are accepted everywhere.

Do not start

In Austria beer cheaper soda. So some tourists start using beer like everyday drink. On the prices of alcohol, we talked in detail in the article "Alcohol in Austria".

The results of such a replacement can be deplorable, up to a fine up to 10,000 euros for antisocial behavior in a public space in a drunk.

Do not throw garbage past urn

Penalty – from 50 to 90 euros.

Previously, the fine was 36 euros, since 2017 increased. Fine at 90 euros applies only in extraordinary cases. Member of the Board of Ecology Vienna – Ulli Sima explains: "The maximum fine of 90 euros will be appointed only in exceptional cases. For example, if someone shakes the full ashtray from the car straight to the street."

Penalties for debris discharge in Austria not only police officers. There is a special service here, called "WasteWatchers". These people wear a blue or green uniform with the inscription "Waste Watchers" on the back. What do they look, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge.

In addition to fines for the garbage, they write out fines for unacceptable feces of dogs on lawns and illegal installation of trade tent.

If the WasteWatchers officer caught you, then he demands to choose the garbage and send to the urn, requires a passport and makes out the fine. If you refuse to give a passport, the WasteWatchers officer causes the police outfit. Then the fine of 50 euros is not finished.

It happens that they are limited only to oral warning, then you are lucky. Make a clever face and a serious look to show sincere repentance in the deed.

Important moment! An employee of Wastewatchers should always have an icon and should not take a fine cash. He can only write a receipt, no more. Beware of fraudsters!

The WasteWatchers service exists in Vienna since 2008, during this time they have already discharged 70,000 fines. For 2018, they issued 7,300 fines.

Do not cross the street on the red and where it fell

Penalty for the transition of the street in the wrong place or on the red light of the traffic light – from 70 to 726 euros. Of course, the police do not "picky" and in most cases they write down the minimum penalty of 70 euros. But it is extremely unpleasant.

Do not lead conversations for religious topics

Austrian law prohibits sermons in any form if you do not belong to a registered religious group and do not have a special permission to preach.

Any religious conversation in a public place can be perceived by the police as a preach. And then a large fine or even criminal responsibility cannot be avoided.

Any conversations for religious topics are only in private atmosphere.

Do not close the face

From October 1, 2017, in Austria, it is forbidden to wear any clothes or items if they close the face and interfere with identifying a person. Penalty – 150 euros. The law applies to all – both on local and tourists, and migrants.

There were a lot of hype in the media around this law and a lot of disputes between Austrian departments. Economic agencies were opposed to the law, as the law heads tourists from Arab countries from Austria. However, supporters of the law won.

Theoretically, even if in the winter will complete the lower part of the face in the scarf, so as not to climb, then this is a violation of the law and the penalty will lead.

Do not forget the passport

What can not be done in Austria

According to Austrian laws, any person (no matter, a citizen or tourist) must have a passport with him or in the nearest accessibility.

If you go dinner in a cafe 200 meters from the hotel or play with the child to the playground 300 meters from the hotel, then you do not need a passport.

If you are going to the landmark in another area of ​​Vienna, then the passport is already required to take.

Police periodically suggests document verification. If you get to such an inspection, and there will be no passport with you, the police will deliver to the site before finding out the personality. Agree it’s unpleasant.

Do not forget about pockets

Crime Level in Austria One of the lowest in the world. By rating Numbeo, Vienna has a security index – 78.91 and ranks 18th in the list of the safest cities in the world. List leader – Abu Dhabi has an 86.46 index. Moscow has an index of only 56.05.

However, pockets in the Austrian cities still have. Their main goal – tourists. They work in tourist places, in large clusters of people. Also pockets are active at train stations.

be careful! Money and documents hide in internal clothes pockets. Do not "shine" in cash, and generally try not to take a lot of cash with you, if there is no objective necessity.

Lose money – it’s a shame, but not very scary. It is terrible to lose documents and then restore them through the embassy. By the way, we recommend that you make copies of all documents in advance, since with copies get the help of the embassy will be much easier and faster.

Do not buy alcohol where

It so happened that the most popular gifts from Austria from Austria are alcoholic. This is a schnapps, beer, wine. All this we advise you to buy in supermarkets, and not in souvenir shops. In supermarkets cheaper. It is best to find the nearest large supermarket BILLA.

What else

Not any items and products can be imported to Austria. To avoid trouble at customs, read our review "What can not and can be imported to Austria".

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To avoid large spending on services in roaming, connect the most profitable options in advance. We talked about this in detail in articles: "Internet in Austria" and "How to make a cheap call from Austria".

Have a good holiday in Austria, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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