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What can not and can be taken out of Vietnam

What can not and can be taken out of Vietnam

Boxing does not happen much, but in Vietnam you can buy very cheap, and one other interesting. However, not all of them can be freely taken out of the country, and in addition, not all can bring in Russia. In this article, we shall understand – what can and can not.

What exactly can not be taken out

– Weapons, ammunition, ammunition, explosives, military technical equipment. This category includes metal detectors, they can not be imported or exported from Vietnam. And even if the entrance was lucky and did not find it on the road may well be confiscated;

– Psychotropic and narcotic substances. Some tourists want to bring drugs traditional Vietnamese medicine, and buy them in the form of powders, mixtures or herbal blends. Similar items can cause suspicions. Therefore, we advise any folk medicine in Vietnam to buy only in factory packaging;

– Objects of cultural or historical value, here include antique things. The law does not prohibit antiques to the country, but prohibits export from the country. Therefore, if you have antique boxes or portraits, grandfather award watch or any other old, then leave it at home. And the Second Council – keep checks for all purchases that can be suspected in cultural value: paintings, figurines, and the like;

– In Vietnam, there is a "Mail Law". According to this law it is impossible to export postage stamps. Fortunately, not all customs officers know about him, and the brands are easy to hide into the book as a bookmark, where no scanner finds them;

– It is impossible to export valuable animals and plants, as well as objects of them. The list of these types of animals and plants is on decree 32/2006 / ND-CP on March 30, 2006. In particular, there are elephants in this list, and the products from ivory cannot be exported. The crocodiles are also present in the list, and crocodile leather products are prohibited for export;

Laws exist to break them

Most tourists think pretty primitively, with concepts: "You can" and "you can not". We urge to think more unfolded, with the concepts: "You can", "but you can not care," you can not, but not caught "and" you can not, and caught ".

In reality, tourists quietly carry a statuette from ivory or crocodile leather wallet. Customs does not inspect everyone traveling thoroughly, only selective control and safety scanning.

If you drive one wallet, customs will not be interested in. If we carry ten leather wallets and five handbags, they will naturally be noted and will be. What made of what? Where bought? Why so much?

Therefore, we advise not to heal and do not try to take gifts in large quantities, then pass customs control without problems.

How much alcohol

Export of alcohol from Vietnam is not limited. However, it is worth remembering the norms of importation to Russia. You can enter our country without paying no more than 3 liters of alcohol. The 4th and 5th liter can be transported if you pay for a fee – 10 euros.

Vietnamese alcohol is not famous for no quality. Therefore, his tourists are rarely carrying, exotic drinks in bottles with scorpions or snakes. Read our article "Alcohol in Vietnam".

How many cigarettes

Cigarettes Tourists are lucky much more. In Vietnam low prices for tobacco, and you can buy dear American cigarettes very cheap, if you know where to buy. Read our article "Cigarettes and tobacco in Vietnam".

Tobacco export from Vietnam by law is not limited. You can enter or up to 1 block (200 pieces) cigarettes, or up to 50 pieces of cigars, or up to 250 grams of weight tobacco to.


If you export the amount of more than 15 million dongs or 5,000 US dollars (or equivalent in another currency), then it is necessary to prove the legal origin of this money.

If the money brought with you, then in the passport there should be a stamp about the declaration. If we received a translation or removed in the bank, there must be a corresponding document.


Our tourists love to bring shells, but not all countries are allowed to export. From Vietnam you can. On decree 32/2006 / ND-CP in the list of protected species there are no crustaceans, nor mollusks. Naturally, shells should be in reasonable quantities, with a full suitcase of seashells, customs officers will definitely stop.

What can not and can be taken out of Vietnam

Popular gifts

List of the most popular gifts, see our article "What to bring from Vietnam".

– Tea and coffee can be exported from Vietnam and imported to Russia in any quantities;

– Any spices can be brought without problems without restrictions;

– Exotic fruits, dried fruits, vegetables relate to products with phytosanitary risk. Import to Russia is limited – no more than 5 kilograms of such products per person;

– Any animal imported foods as possible, but up to 5 kilos only in their original packaging and only the products ready for use. In particular this applies to seafood;

– Silk products can be exported, if the number matches the concept of "personal use";

– Pearls and jewelry out of it can be exported if the number matches the concept of "personal use";

– Souvenir chopsticks, tea tables, bamboo furniture export is possible. In Vietnam, there is a legislative act "Circular 12/2006 / ND-CP» on January 23, 2006, which prohibits the exportation of timber and lumber. However, ready-made wood products are not covered here;

– Traditional medicines, leather and bones – a difficult moment. If an object (or substance) are made from parts of endangered animals by CITES or under Decree 32/2006 / ND-CP, the export of banned. However, the eye is difficult to determine – a crocodile or not, This is now bone of an elephant or not?

Therefore, customs officers do not pay attention, if someone carries a pair of statuettes or purse. But if you are lucky a lot of suspicious items, the customs authorities may withdraw for examination. And this is considered that for good. Tip one – not arrogant and do not be greedy.

We wish to go through customs without any problems, and read our interesting article about Vietnam (Links below).

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