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What can be viewed in Helsinki in 2020

What can be viewed in Helsinki in 2020?

The best gift for children and adults on the New Year holidays is the ride to the homeland of the beloved Santa Claus. But this is not the only heritage of Helsinki and his suburbs.

Now there are other attractions that will delight all of his tourists.

Inexpensive flights to Helsinki

Attractions Helsinki

Helsinki is a young modern city and in it is the busiest port of Finland.

From self-trip to this city you can get a lot of good emotions that will forever remain in your memory.

Historical monuments, beautiful parks, cathedrals, a large number of museums – where you can go for the whole day. This is only a small part of what a tourist is expected in his journey to Helsinki.

Walk around Helsinki: what to see?

In Helsinki, a huge number of places where you can see all the beauties of this town.

Walking is better to start from the city center, from the Senate Square.

There are some of the most important attractions of Finland:

  • Cathedral;
  • Building of the State Council;
  • National University Library.

Each tourist has a unique opportunity to visit the islands in the Helsinki Archipelago.

The archipelago includes 330 islands, but the most popular of them are:

  1. Pihlayasaari;
  2. Kaunissari;
  3. Vartosaari;
  4. Korkeasaari;
  5. Uunisaari;
  6. Seurasaari.

Also in the city and its surroundings a huge number of parks entertainment, museums and church structures. To see everything is not enough and months.

What else can you watch in winter?

While visiting Helsinki in winter, you can observe a local miracle ; Lights, an enchanting show that prepared nature for you – this is the Northern Light.

You will be offered crossing and snowmobile hiking hiking.

You can also ride dog sledding to enjoy the true beauty of the Arctic.

Business card of the city

Senate Square is a business card and the main attraction of the city.

Everyone agrees with the opinion that it contains the most beautiful architectural buildings of Europe, which were built in ampir style.

In the Senate Square there are great architectural creations of Engels:

  1. Cathedral – This is the largest Orthodox church in the northern part of Europe. He used to be called Nikolsky in honor of St. Nicholas.
  2. Building of the State Council. It was intended for the meeting of the Emperor Senate.
  3. Main building of the University.
  4. National University Library. She keeps a rare collection of literature Slavs.

Major Cathedrals

In each city of our vast country there are holy places that every believer wants to visit.

There are also in Helsinki and anyone can visit them:

  • Assumption Cathedral. This is one of the Orthodox churches of the country, although the main religion of Finland is Lutheranism. Located this cathedral in the center of Helsinki at Katanokka Peninsula. During the trip to Helsinki, be sure to serve. The decoration of the cathedral amazes its magnificent interior. From the site around the cathedral Beautiful view of the city: Square, Harbor and much more.
  • Church of Callio. Thanks to the huge size of the building, this church can be seen almost from all areas of the city. In 2012, he was one hundred years. His name from Finnish is translated as "rock". In appearance, the church is similar to natural creation, which man just subjected to restoration.
  • Church in the rock Tempeliaukio. Extravagant idea of ​​its construction amazes all of her visitors. Here, an amazing combination of virgin nature and modern technology is the most important distinguishing feature of Finland. Many admire the beauty of landscapes, architecture and stunning acoustics.
  • Gothic Church of St. John. This is the largest stone church in Finland. Located in Pavanuori on a high hill, it is here that fires are burning in honor of the holiday ; Summer Sunline Day. In the Church, the ceremonies of weddings, baptism and funeral are carried out for free. It accommodates 2600 people.

Main Museums

Fans of antiquity and history in Finland are waiting for fascinating hiking of the Museums of the capital.

Their large number and they are ready to open their doors for tourists from all over the world:

  • Museum of Design. The museum serves unique drawings, drawings and photos of the designs of the whole world.
  • Museum "Kiasma". Here are the work of the most different directions of art of our time.
  • National Museum of Finland. It contains a large number of cultural historical heritage of the country.
  • Art Museum of Amos Anderson. Here are the art objects of the private collection of authors who have influenced the period of development of Finnish art of the 20th century.
    Full list of museums that are available for visiting, you can learn from guides while traveling.

Places for romantic walks

In Helsinki, as in any city of the world, there are places where the couples can be visited:

  • Annala Park. Here is a magnificent garden of butterflies and mirror ponds. Silence, standing around, envelops you, and you can enjoy soul conversations.
  • Bridge of love. This is the place where the couples swear in love and in this sign hanging on the railing locks.
  • Botanical Garden. You are waiting for a walk among the colors and the opportunity to see the biggest pitcher, whose name ; Victoria.
  • Orangery "Gardenia". Tropical garden will surprise even the most exquisite romantics.

Walking on these beautiful and romantic places, couples can enjoy silence and solitude from the fuss of the surrounding world.

What to look for 1 day?

There are people who are in Helsinki passing for one day. How do they choose the most interesting places for excursion around the city?

To do this, it is better to watch the Internet in advance and scroll through the sites that have detailed information about Helsinki.

It will save your time looking for the most famous places while traveling.

City tram

This is the most convenient way to see the whole city without nerves.

Near the tram line there are many museums, galleries, stores that you can visit during transfers.

For convenience you can buy a one-time ticket that is valid for one hour.

With it, you can drive not only on the tram, but also on any other transport.

Suomenlinna fortress

It is a practically a separate city that is located on the six islands. On one island there is a maritime school.

The fortress was built in the 18th century, for the defense of the city after a repeated defeat of the Swedes during the war with Russia.

She had to restrain the troops of Russia so that they could not go to the territory of Finland, which was as part of the Swedish kingdom.

In 1808, the our troops occupied the fortress, and in 1809 Sweden gave Finland of Russia.

The fortress received its current name, after the recognition of Finland an independent country.

Heureka Scientific Center

Scientific and popular center "Eureka" has no less popular among children than "Sialaife".

Here are collected unique educational rides and entertainment. For inquisitive children, it’s just a paradise, because they will be able to touch and experience the simulators and other inventions.

One of them is the "wheel of energy", which can be twisted and thereby take part in the production of paper.

Spherical cinema Verne

Located on the territory of the Scientific Center "Eureka".

Here you can see shots where the climber goes back to the top of the mountain or birds flights.

Do not regret the time, Stay here longer and you will not regret. Souvenirs that you buy here will definitely like your relatives.

Every time coming to Helsinki and getting into this cinema, you will always see something new.

All ocean wizards of the whole world you can watch on one screen and it will seem that you really visited there.

Museum "Kiasma"

It is very easy to get to him, because he is near the train station.

Only relevant art exhibits are exhibited here and therefore the exposition is often changing.

Basically, the works of Finland and nearby countries are exhibited.

Oceanarium Sea Life

In the center you can see fish and other inhabitants of the depths of the sea.

There are sharks, skates and sea skates. Coral fish live in small aquariums, and in large – silver herring.

Large adrenaline can be obtained while walking along a glass ten meter tunnel, which is located under the pool shark.

Each visitor has the opportunity to feed any inhabitant of the maritime center.

Water Park Serena

It is the largest water entertainment park throughout Europe, it is located in the city of Espoo.

Having been there, you will always remember this place, because his unusual location inside the mountain can not leave anyone indifferent.

In winter, on this grief you can ski.

For lovers of marine spaces there is a swimming pool with waves in a meter height.

Go beside and not to visit the attractions is impossible, because so many joyful visa and splashes fly from them.

After visiting the sauna and jacuzzi, you can lie on the sun loungers or go to a restaurant where you are offered drinks and snacks.

Sauna "Cotikhary"

Having arrived in Finland, it is impossible to skip the campaign in the sauna, especially since this is the only public sauna, which is token by firewood.

She is next to the metro station "Somaineen".

The hosts of the bath is a whole family, it is perfectly coping with the trash and reception of guests.

After the wage, visitors can go outside right in towels and drink beer, despite passersby.

This place is considered ideal for holding boys. With additional payment you can order and massage.

What to look for 2 days?

If you arrived for two days, then you have more like a sight of you more than enough.

But still it follows with the mind to distribute your time, because in the confusion you can forget to visit all those places you wanted.

To do this, schedule your route in advance and try to stick it strictly.

In guides, you can ask for an individual route by which they will spend a tour. It will save your time and nerves.

What can be viewed in Helsinki in 2020

Central Station Helsinki

Built in modern style, it is known to the whole world as a magnificent work of the Architecture of Finland.

The building plan is very convenient and therefore, it is impossible to get lost.

At the entrance there are shapes, who have lanterns in their hands, and the building is decorated with a clock tower.

The wall of the restaurant located at the station is decorated with a depicting of a local lake. Through underground transitions of the station, you can get to the largest shopping centers of the city, for example, in Camppy.

Here you can find a tourist location where you can learn about the sights of the city’s sights.

This information is completely free.

Esplanada Park

Linden grow here, among which the locals and guests of the city love to walk.

At the entrance to the park there is a restaurant Capelli, where you can eat after a walk.

The park has a concert area, where festivals are held in various directions of music and show ideas.

Fountain Havis Amanda "Sea Nymph"

Pretty spicy sculpture is located on the territory of the trading area. This is an image of a naked girl who comes out of the sea.

Among students there is a tradition: to arrange a noisy golyak at the monument on May 1.

Old Market and Trading Area

The old market is a place where you can buy everything you want.

Inside the market you can find shops where they sell bread, meat and restaurant where you can treat sushi.

Trade area is the same market, but in the fresh air, on the shore of the bay.

Monument Sibelius

Sculpture of an unusual view dedicated to the famous composer Finland Jan Sibelius. It is made of stainless steel in the form of pipes organ.

With a blow of the wind, they publish elegant sounds, striking their harmony.

Chapel of silence Campi

One of the new attractions of Helsinki, where you can retire and relax from the noise and bustle of the city.

In shape, it looks like a large bowl of wood and her kind is contrastingly written off into other buildings.

The administrative hall is made in a rectangular form with glass doors and here you can learn about the events that are scheduled there.

The place is very popular, forty thousand people visited it for the first working month.

Winter Garden

This is a place where at any time of the year, you can enjoy exotic plants.

You can see the thematic exhibitions of plants that correspond to holidays.

For more than a hundred years, residents love to meet in this garden, hiding from bad weather and gray everyday life.

Zoo Corkaceari in Helsinki

Here are collected 150 species of various animals and thousands of types of vegetation.

This is one of the old world zoos, in which you can enjoy natural beauty, see animals and learn their history.

Zoo fulfills an important mission – supports biological diversity of species.

Unusual buildings and monuments in Helsinki

Tourists Helsteen offers to see unusual cultural monuments. Many modern art directions were embodied in the monuments of the capital.

The most famous of them:

  1. "Venue". Sculpture made of copper, brick and steel. The author believes that this is the best landmark for those who have lost someone on vacation.
  2. Monument to Baran. It is installed at the fortress of Olavinlinna. By legend, Baran prevented the attacks of enemies.
  3. Monument "Teacher". Installed at the entrance to the city library of Kouvola in honor of a woman who worked at the school and which many graduates remember.
  4. Iron cows. It is made of old cars and is located in the Owila area.

This is just a small part of unusual sculptures to see everything, you need to visit Helshenka.

Amusement park Linnanmäki

Amusement park Linnanmäki. This place is chosen by local residents of Helsinki.

And this is not surprising, because a family holiday held here leaves unforgettable impressions.

Finding in the city center has its advantages: it is easy to find and go close to.

On the two floors you can see the inhabitants of almost all seas and oceans of the world. Proud Park are sharks.

There are also cozy cafes and restaurants, museums and cinemas. Visiting the park, you will get a lot of fun.

Olympic Stadium

It is considered one of the most beautiful stadiums available worldwide. It can be found in a very high observation tower located on its territory.

The stadium is three kilometers from Helsinki and accommodates more than 30 thousand spectators.

During the opening of the 15 Olympic Games, the stadium has accommodated more than 70 thousand spectators.

On the territory of the stadium you can also visit the Sport Museum.

Fernnair Skywheel Ferris Wheel

Thanks to the help of the Finnair airline, which sponsored the construction, Finland has a new attraction. This is the fault wheel "Heavenly Wheel" with a height of 40 meters.

From the height of the ferris wheel, you can see all the beauty of Helsinki: ports with cruise liners and pleasure boats, islands, and attractions of the city.

As the glasses of the cabins are tinted, it is very hard to take photos. But the sun does not blind eyes.

In each cabin there is air conditioning and even with a complete loading of the cabin, you will not be stuffy.

What to see with children?

The most desired excursion for children is a trip to Lapland, the country of Santa Claus.

Here you can visit Santa – Park and Santa Claus village.

In the mail, you can buy postcards and send them to your relatives, with congratulations directly from Lapland.

You can also send souvenirs purchased in the Santa Workshop.

You can also conduct a comic ritual for intersection of the border of the polar circle, at the end of which you will be given a certificate.

The atmosphere of the holiday, which reigns in the village of Santa Claus, will give you and will accompany you all your trip.

Of course, every child dreams of visiting the water park. Perform his dream and reduce your Choo into one of the two proposed water parks, and the child will be grateful to you all my life.

We also recommend visiting the Scientific – Popular Center "Eureka".

Water parks in Helsinki

  • Waterpark Flamingo. Located in the city of Vantaa and is one of the largest Waterparks of Finland, located on the territory of the Yumbo Shopping Center. When you get in Flamingo, the feeling appears that you are, somewhere in an exotic country. This feeling gives amazing backlight and design solution. Equipment of the water park will not leave indifferent not only children, but also adults; Water slides, rigs for diving and pools, which are already seven pieces. There is also a Finnish sauna, spa ; Salon and cafe, where you can eat when you get hungry.
  • Water Park Serena no less popular among existing. It is located in the city of Espoo.

Shopping: What stores to visit?

Before gathering shopping, decide what exactly you want to buy. In Helsinki a huge number of shops.

If you are looking for specific brands in clothing, then you should visit the shopping centers of Yumbo and Campi.

Also in the city many networks of department stores and shops selling certain brands.

Strong alcohol sells only one network of trading "Alco", but light alcohol can be bought in supermarkets.

Many interesting things can be found in city markets.

They can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Flea. Example is Valterry;
  2. Industrial. Here you can buy antiques, souvenirs from the trip;
  3. Grocery. At any time of the year you can buy fresh greens, fish and other seafood.

In the city of Turku you can buy farm products. All this can be bought in Hans and Skancy shopping centers.

Article may be interested in: what to bring from Finland?

What excursions to visit?

Helsinki gives you two types of excursions.

Land excursions are divided into the following:

  1. City tour. During the excursion guide shows you the main sights of the city. It can be individual or group. Excursion is mainly held by bus, but if you want to go ; Choose hiking tours. When booking in advance, you can add to the route those places where you would like to visit.
  2. Audio-excursions. Excursion duration of about two hours. During this time, you sit on the bus, listen about the attractions that you can see the window during the trip. Four times a day you can spend such a tour.
  3. "Little Finland" in Helsinki. This is an excursion to a small village near the city where you can see the wooden architecture of amazing samples. You have a trip to the farm, where farmers are breeding deer and inspection of vintage forges and mills.
  4. Excursion to the city of Porvoo. Together with the road it takes 5 hours. This is a unique opportunity to see the architecture of Old Finland. This city ranks second in Starne in Finland. The chocolate factory also enters the list of visited places during an excursion.

Sea excursions are divided into categories of transport type:

  • Ferry in Tallina. Regular tours are organized for one day between cities. This is a very pleasant adventure when you can see two cities at once, which are close to each other, if sailing on the ferry and a very long distance divides them on land.
  • Cruise on Canal Deuger on Yacht. Excursion takes an hour and a half, but it gives great pleasure. You can see the Fortress of Svetaborg, Islands of the Helsinki Archipelago and many other interesting places.

Express Walk: What can be viewed in a few hours?

If you have little time allocated for a walk, then you better choose a maritime excursion. You can organize a flight special for you for several hours.

During the swim there is an opportunity to order food, to divide and go to the sauna.

To rent a ship you need from 50 to 500 euros per hour .

The most popular places visited during maritime walks are the islands of the Helsinki Archipelago.

There are only about 330 of them and there you can relax from the noisy city:

  • Pichalsaari ; This is one of the islands where the local residents of Helsinki love to relax. On the one hand it is surrounded by a sandy beach where you can sunbathe, swim and organize a picnic, and on the other ; Beautiful rocks.
  • Kaunissari. This is more distant from the capital of the island, who won the glory of the beauty of sea landscapes. Approximate time on the way on the ship – forty minutes, but then your patience will be awarded the beautiful beaches and abundance of fish in water.
  • Vartosaari. Popularity This island has received with intriguing history. It is said that on this island Vikings roasted the warning of the threat of fire. In this island there are villas of the rich residents of Helshenka.
  • Corkaceasaari. This is a coastal island on which the zoo is located where animals from all over the world and rare disappearing species.
  • Ounisaari – Beautiful island with a rocky surface. An ideal place to relax with children and picnic organizations. Here in restaurants are quite often weddings. It is a pity that rest here is carried out only in the summer, during the remaining seasons the beach is closed.

Surasaari Island: Open-air Museum

This island is also part of the Helsinki Archipelago and is closest to him, you can walk on foot.

It has the most amazing open-air museum. Here you can see the most original architectural buildings collected from the whole country.

What can be viewed in Helsinki in 2020

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