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What can and can not be taken out of Thailand

What can and can not be taken out of Thailand

What is forbidden to export from Thailand? What is allowed to export freely that with limitations? How much can exotic fruits? Is it possible to remove corals and shells? What restrictions are waiting later at customs in Russia? Read the answers in our article.

What is impossible not

– Narcotic and psychotropic substances. To this ban should be taken very seriously, because in Thailand the most severe punishment for drug trafficking is the highest penalty;

– Doubts from the point of view of ethics and morality objects – pornography in any form, materials, inciting national or religious hatred;

– Any counterfeit subjects. These include pirate CD / DVD / Blue-Ray discs;

– Fake documents or prints;

– Items with the image of the flag of the Kingdom of Thailand;

– Weapons, ammunition, ammunition.

Disport of food (including fruits)

You can remove food from Thailand without restrictions. Excluding of course cases when it is food from protected animals and plants. For example, the crocodile meat or elephant cannot be exported, since all kinds of elephants and crocodiles are under the protection of the Washington Convention CITES.

Almost all tourists in Thailand are carrying home exotic fruits – Durian, Longana, Mangosteins. About them Read our article "Fruit Thailand". All these fruits can be exported without restrictions.

When importing to Russia has limitations:

– Food Food Origin: Meat, Dairy Products, Fish, Seafood – Up to 5 kilograms per person. All such foods should be in factory packaging with a label indicating the manufacturer’s details;

– Almost all products of plant origin: fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, root, cereals – up to 5 kilograms per person.

– Ready baking, roasted coffee, spices – without restrictions.

Export of cigarettes and tobacco

There are no restrictions on the export of tobacco products in Thailand. However, there are restrictions on the our customs – no more than 10 packs (20 cigarettes) per person, or not more than 250 grams of tobacco, or no more than 50 cigars.

Export of alcohol

In Thailand there are no restrictions on the removal of alcohol. However, no more than 3 liters can be transported through our customs without paying duties, and the 4th and 5th liters with the payment of fees in the amount of 10 euros per liter.

Cash export

The local currency "Thai Bat" can be taken out, but not more than 50,000 per person who has his passport. Why tourists export Thai bats? The question is unanswered, because in Russia they can be changed only in several banks and exchangers, and only on frankly "robber". Current currency rate, see the article "Money in Thailand".

Cash total over 20,000 US dollars need to be declared. Here are meant any cash in any currencies. If money in another currency (not in dollars), the currency is translated into dollars, the total amount is considered.

Amounts of more than 20,000 dollars need not only to declare, but also to prove their legis. If the cash brought with them, then you need to show a stamp in a passport about declaration when entering Thailand. Therefore, large sums at the entrance must necessarily declare, what we talked in the article "What can and cannot be imported into Thailand".

If money was removed from the account through a bank or an ATM, then we need a document proving this. No matter how you got these cash, the legality is needed. No evidence? Then wait for huge trouble. Confiscation of money is definitely detention to clarification of the circumstances most likely.

What can and can not be taken out of Thailand

Export of art and antiques

Export of any antiquities or antiques is prohibited. Theoretically, it concerns even drawn paintings.

In practice, customs officers understand the difference between the souvenir painting and really valuable. But it is still better to rebuild. If you bought a souvenir, which theoretically can claim the status of the object of art, then it is better to save a check about his purchase.

Export of religious attributes

Any items of religious content for export is prohibited. The exception is made for one small statuette of the Buddha in the settlement of one tourist. By law, it is impossible.

Is it possible to export shells and corals?

By law, the removal of any wildlife objects is prohibited – and flora, and fauna.

And it is forbidden not only to export shells and corals, but even assemble them on reefs and on the beaches. All "animals-owners" of these seashells and all corals relate to protected species. Theoretically, this act is punishable: up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to 100,000 Thai Bat.

However, tourists still carry small amounts of shells, customs officers just do not notice. But we still do not recommend risk. Do not stand these shells of such risks.

The removal of seashells by tourists is huge damage to ecology. It seems that you can withdraw a couple of shells, and nothing terrible. In fact, imagine if each of the 35 million tourists take a pair of seashells, how much will it be in total?

In 2016, there was a very indicative and curious case at Krabi Airport. Customs found "Order from above" to deal with the removal of seashells by tourists. They began to thoroughly check the luggage of all passengers and confiscate shells. Many tourists learning about the inspection left shells all over the airport. For 3 months, customs officers and airport employees have passed 1.2 tons of seashells!

Please do not destroy nature, do not take shells, which are still needed by racks. Do not rob of marine animals, do not deprive their housing stock.

Pleasant holidays on Pattaya and Phuket Beaches, and read our interesting articles about Thailand and Thai (List of articles below).

What can and can not be taken out of Thailand

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