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What can and can not be exported from Turkey

What can and can not be exported from Turkey

The situation with the prohibitions for the export of items from Turkey is very interesting. The laws here are arranged so that Turkish customs has the right to present claims to every second tourist. But in fact, the customs officers do not stop anyone. In this issue, the severity of laws is compensated by the optional performance. Tell detail.

Where to look for official information

If you go to the website of the Turkey Ministry of Customs and Trade), then information about the subjects forbidden to export tourists will not find. The site politely suggests reading the Customs Code of Turkey (Turkish Customs Code) as editions of October 27, 1999 per number 4458.

In July 2019 there were minor changes in customs laws. But they did not touch the ordinary tourist, so we will not talk in detail about them. Tell the situation for October 2020 for an ordinary tourist.

Tourists have to navigate on other sources that have already formed lists for tourists. The most popular such source is IATA (International Air Transport Association, International Air Transport Association). It is for their data that will rely on this article.

What is forbidden to export

Strictly prohibited for export of antiques and antiques. Import them to Turkey is also forbidden. When buying a souvenir, which is externally similar to something ancient, be sure to take a check to present this check customs and avoid potential trouble.

The next group of prohibitions looks unauthorized:

– Products from grain. It is not fully understood here that it is precisely meant – flour products or cereals;

This list partially coincides with the list of popular tourist souvenirs from Turkey. Theoretically, customs officers can "grab by the hand" of each second tourist, if not every first, because tea, coffee or spices are carrying many. Also under the ban theoretically falls Turkish Pahlava.

In practice, tourists claims for tea, coffee, spices and patchlave are not presented, tourists rested in Turkey quietly pass through the green corridor.

Pebbles, shells, corals and similar

Theoretically, there are no prohibitions for the export of this from Turkey. In practice, pebbles Customs officers may consider cultural value, and corals can be disappearing species. In this case, customs officers have the right to send it all to check, and tourists detain until the circumstances.

Our advice: Do not risk in vain, do pebbles with a beach or shells of this risk? If you bought something like this, save checks.

Cigarettes and tobacco products

Prices for cigarettes in Turkey are not called low, and cigarettes Tourists are not brought back. Another thing is a hookah tobacco, which tourists love to bring from Turkey.

You can freely remove up to 2 kilograms and up to 3 tobacco boxes – these are very soft norms. Please note that it will still have to import all this to the territory of Russia, and the restrictions on the import of tobacco are much tougher – only 250 grams.

Alcoholic beverages

Turkish drink "Cracks" sometimes enters luggage to tourists on the way back from Turkey, also as gifts are popular local fruit and berry wines.

You can freely remove up to 5 kilograms and up to 12 bottles of local alcoholic beverages. We remind you that the norms of importation of alcohol to Russia are much more tougher – 3 liters are doseworthy, from 3 to 5 liters with payment of fees, more than 5 liters are prohibited to Russia.


Their cost should not exceed 100 Turkish lire. Mass of each product should not exceed 5 kilograms. Here we must remember that in Russia there are strict restrictions on the importation of food.

Products of animal origin can be imported into the our Federation only in factory packaging and no more than 5 kilograms. Fruits, vegetables, cereals – also no more than 5 kilograms. Coffee, tea, baking without restrictions.

Gifts and souvenirs

Their total cost should not exceed 5,000 Turkish lira. If more, then you need to present a check on currency exchange and prove that they exchanged money to buy souvenirs.

What can and can not be exported from Turkey

At the time of the update of this article (2020), 5,000 lire is about 50,000 rubles. Many readers will ask: how can you get souvenirs and gifts for such a sum? You can, if you buy carpets, fur coats or leather clothes. Our advice: If you decide to buy something expensive in Turkey, then be sure to keep the checks about currency exchange.

Currency Export Rules

Money "Turkish Lira" can be exported beyond Turkey, unlike, for example, Egyptian pounds or Tunisian dinars. Turks are very striving to make their currency freely convertible, hence the free export of the country.

Turkish currency (in the photo on the left) Tourists take out rarely coins as souvenirs or for collectible purposes. If, when leaving the country, Turkish lira remained in his pockets, we strongly recommend them to exchange for dollars.

Turkish Lira is constantly depreciated. For example, in June 2015, the TRY / USD course was 2.7, and in November 2016 already 3.4, at the beginning of 2020, 6.5. This article was updated in October 2020, and the dollar is already 8 lir!

That is, the holders of the Turkish lire lost 5 years in 5 years! Be sure to get rid of Turkish money.

Freely you can take out amounts of up to $ 5,000 or equivalent in other currencies. If removal more, the amount should have been declared at the entrance. These norms are accepted to combat the export of money obtained by illegal.

If you have brought one currency, it was declared, and then remove another currency, then check the exchange checks.

It’s important to know

– If the local SIM card was used during the trip (not a tourist rate), then you can throw this SIM card into the trash, and the phone can no longer take to Turkey. Why is that? Read in our articles "Internet in Turkey, cheap and" How to call from Turkey Döshevo ";

– change the remaining lira easily. Reverse currency exchange (from lire to dollars, euro and even rubles) free. However, not always and not everywhere good courses. Details in our article "How and where to change the currency in Turkey".

– Read more about customs laws at the entrance to Russia, read in our review "What can not and can be imported to Russia".

Successful communication with Turkish customs, and read other interesting articles about Turkey on our website (Links below).

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