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What are the guides are silent

What are the guides are silent?

Love mischievous excursions? All of them love. And what dilutes the list of historical facts about attractions? Of course, legends! Have tried to collect interesting legends about some attractions and places. Next time you can wipe the nose guide.

Beauty requires sacrifice

The one who visited the Cathedral of the Paris’s Mother of God in Paris Spearly saw an incredibly beautiful curly gates. The work on their manufacture was commissioned to one forklining, who worried so much that he could not do something worthy that he had contacted the devil himself. He turned to him on the eve of the surrender of the sketches, and in the morning the churchman discovered the dead blacksmith and the finished gate with a charming pattern. Rumors that despite the death of a blacksmith, the flame in his furnace continued to burn for some time, and the tools worked by themselves.

The gate was so beautiful that they were decided to leave. True, to open them, I had to drop holy water to the castle. And no one still did not understand how they are made, since the gate is not like either on cast or forged. Yes, and the pattern to repeat either no one to this day could not.

Every soul on pebble

And this legend takes us to Stockholm, on the area of ​​Stores in the old town. Many of us walked along it and admired multicolored houses. In this story, let’s talk about a red house with white pebbles around the windows – he is there one such, not mistaken. But little knows that something called "Stockholm Blood Bath" happened on this square.

The story of such. In 1520, the Danish king of Christian II decided to confuse the Swedish throne while the real heirs were desperately fought with Danes for independence. And Christian II said that forgive everyone, if the Swedes will be allowed him to the city and recognize their king. It was smaller of evils and people agreed.

As reconciliation, a feast was arranged in the royal castle. But the newly new king schitril and locked in the castle of all guests, declaring them with traitors. Then within three days on this very square, I executed all men, and women were engaged in Denmark.

And what’s the house? Red House wears the unofficial name "Bloody House", and white pebbles are the souls of innocent nobles, which then executed on the square. You can count next time, there must be a minimum of 92.

Cambridge head

Many of us probably dreamed of learning in Cambridge. To a large hostel in the castle, libraries with stairs and high ceilings, antique furniture – everything is as in the film about the famous wizard. But there is their skeletons in the closets of the university. For example, the ghost of the head of Oliver Cromwell. They say it sends to the university corridors and is looking for their body.

What are the guides are silent

The fact is that Cromwell died in 1658, and after a couple of years, the royal monarchy recovered, the body was exhumated, then they executed over hanging, and after that she was still beheaded. For a long time, the head was collapsed in one of the halls of the Westminster Palace, and after her buried in the Cambridge chapel. Since then, it turned out.

Woman, do not cry

The coast of Latin America and Mexico as magnets attract tourists from around the world. Whether it is a resort beach or vice versa, a quiet sandclock in some village on the coast – tourists are interested everywhere. But there is one unpleasant legend, which will give the rest of the nicks. This is a story about a crying woman, or Lillion.

Long ago in one village there was a peasant Maria. The girl was unprecedented beauty and knew exactly that he was worthy of the same beautiful husband. And he did not make himself wait. Somehow I drove into this village a young man, about his courage has long walked for a long time, about his beauty sang songs. They noticed each other and, of course, got married, and they were born two wonderful children.

But after some time, Maria stopped interested in her husband, and after long trips he paid time and attention to only children. Maria got angry and in the next lack of her husband drowned them. But soon I realized what a nightmare had been completed and running along the river in search of children, and soon disappeared without a trace.

Since then, on the shores of rivers and coasts, you can hear a quiet cry and a ghost of a woman in a white robe. This Maria is looking for her children. Therefore, if you rest in those edges of the whole family, carefully follow the children. Suddenly what?

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