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What applications will help save on travel

What applications will help save on travel?

Only an inexperienced tourist does not know how to travel budget. Therefore, we (and you) here. Found several applications that will help you save money and time in any city.

Too Good to Go

I want a restaurant meal, but it is a pity or no money? Then download the application Too Good to Go, After all, it helps and restaurants, and you – sells unrealized dishes. It turns out, you can dine in a restaurant with a good discount! Your use is delicious food. And plus for a restaurant – the ability to make money on a meal, which would simply write off if your hunger did not come to the rescue.

And this does not mean that they will bring union. Just sometimes the restaurant remains blanks that cannot be kept until the next day, but today you can still cook something. While in Appendix 12 countries (mostly Europe), but the service is developing.


Traveling in a large company in itself is economical, but it often leads to financial issues: who should someone have, "Oh, and who paid yesterday?"And" I have no change now. I will give it later. ". Familiar? To decompose everything on the shelves, install Splitwise . An application in English, but users’ feedback argue that the interface is intuitive and understandable for the basic level.


Long transplant – not the most pleasant moment in the journey, and a sudden long-term transplant is generally a nervous event. But you do not need all this time to hang around at the airport and to join the uncomfortable seats of waiting rooms, trying to build a little.

You can pay for the lounge area and spend time in less comfortable conditions, but there is a better option. Download the app Dayuse . With him you have the opportunity to rent a hotel room for several hours with an 80% discount from the usual daily amount. Better and do not come up to take a shower or take a break before flying.

Sygic Travel

What applications will help save on travel

In this application, it seems to be all. It shows the weather, how much time you have a walk to Won Won to that tower, popular tourist routes, guidebooks, also conveniently planned trips. And his main chip is that most of these features are available without network.


Alas, not in all countries transport walks on schedule. How to find out when the next bus comes or what a route from the tram, in which you just jumped? Wikiroutes – This is a large schedule directory and routes of any transport in more than 1,500 cities of Russia and Europe.

Ready schemes of routes, search for the right and even the fare – all here. The directory is edited daily, so it always current information.

In our Telegram Channel There is also useful and relevant information. We tell about the places where you immediately want to fly away, publish cheap tickets, share news and lifhaca. Walkam!

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