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What and from what can be protected

What and from what can be protected

A ride abroad for most ours is a costly event related to a certain risk. After all, in someone else’s country, yes, not knowing the language, it is easy to get to see and spoil the pleasure of a trip. However, the insurance will be shocked from most troubles.

Medical Insurance Policy, as a rule, is included in the price of the tour, but it can be purchased independently. In some countries, tourists are allowed without insurance, but on the territory of Shengen, it is absolutely excluded. In addition, leaving abroad without insurance, you need to have with you an inval amount of money, because treatment in countries of developed capitalism costs non-sash, especially compared to insurance.

Standard Medical Policy will protect you from health care during a trip. If necessary, you will be sent to the hospital, pay medicines and work doctors and will be delivered to their homeland for free, even if the stay has long expired. With a long stay of the insured in the hospital, the insurance company pays for a visit to the patient with relatives.

Before concluding the contract, the Insured must sincerely inform information about the state of health. If it turns out that the policyholder went abroad with a sick or he had an aggravation of chronic disease, then the insurance company will safely eliminate the payment. The same thing will happen when the trips on the trip are caused by alcoholic or drug intoxication, as well as disregard for elementary safety equipment.

I must say that the standard medical policy is only designed for emergency medical care. And from an accident you need to insure separately – there is another procedure for compensation. For example, with a loss of working capacity, the policyholder pays a full refund, which is sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. With smaller damage – wounds, injuries, injuries, diseases as a result of unforeseen events – the policyholder will be cured and sent home. To go skiing or dive into ocean depths, separate insurance is required – naturally, with other tariffs.

In general, insurance against accident and general medical insurance on many points coincide. But, first, accidents occur abroad more often «ordinary» diseases, and secondly, medical insurance is more general and does not provide specialized assistance. It is quite logical to acquire these insurance in the complex – such programs are available in most companies.

What and from what can be protected

In addition to diseases in the journey, other incidents may occur. In particular, you can miss baggage. But you so carefully collected things! It’s a shame with your kind, but baggage insurance at least sweetened to the pill and give compensation. It protects against death and damage to luggage as a result of the actions of attackers, natural disasters, fire, explosion, accident. However, Masham-grumbling compensation, alas, not supposed and the pill will have to swallow bitter.

Abroad you can inappropriate to cause damage to others. And they may claim compensation for damage! But in the presence of civil liability insurance, these expenses will take on the insurer. The main thing is to cause damage to the life, health and property of third parties, was not intentionally and not under the influence of dulling differences.

In general, the most unpleasant for any tourist is the cancellation of the trip. The reasons are good – this is the illness of the insured or close relatives, and the refusal to issue a visa, and property damage. But the means are already spent! Do not be sad – even though the trip and broke, but in the skill you will not stay – Insurance against non-district fully compensate for your expenses.

And the last. Motorists when leaving abroad must have «Green map». It’s something like an international term. Without this policy, to go to Europe on your car simply unrealistic.

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