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What airports are the most dangerous in the world

What airports are the most dangerous in the world?

"You may have met lists of the most terrible landings in the world or the most dangerous airports in the world to which you can stumble upon, for example, on the Internet. They need to treat healthy skepticism, because all civil airports are safe. Otherwise, no airline will be carried out in them. Some airports pilots are called complex, but it is quite another matter. As in any other profession, a number of tasks – in this case, some of the ups and landings are more employers than others, but they are quite silent for people trained to perform them.

Complex factors are considered the length of the runway and the surrounding area (they are either separately or together). Many airports in Andes, Himalayas or Rocky Mountains are complex conditions and departure due to nearby mountain peaks. From airports known to their boilers, New York La Gardia, Chicago Midway and Congonias in Sao Paulo can be called. Sophisticated conditions in the area of ​​takeoff and landing can make it difficult for pilots, but this does not mean that they need to be afraid.

What airports are the most dangerous in the world

The same applies to short stripes. The runway should always be long enough to ensure a safe takeoff. The same applies to landing. Do not imagine that the pilot first, looking at the runway, thinks: "Well, everything seems fine", And then Maudich rises on the brakes. Considering the flight weight and weather (including the deterioration of flight technical characteristics due to the surface, which has become slippery due to ice, snow or rain), the data must confirm that the aircraft can stop, overcoming no more than 85% of the total strip length. Ups and landing – it is much more accurate science than it is considered to be. They say a lot about the fact that pilots should be able to evaluate the situation and have good skills. Maybe, however, when choosing a point for landing or take-off, there is almost no place for subjective assessment. However, no one will argue: short runways almost do not leave the right to error. Stories are known many cases of rolling outside the runway, some of them turned out to be fatal. In case of bad weather, the situation may come out of control. Bad visibility, gusty side winds, slippery surface can in the aggregate to lead to the fact that maneuver will begin to develop via an unplanned scenario. The best tool to cope with an unspecific landing approach (perhaps, this is the only true way) – to interrupt it ".

What airports are the most dangerous in the world

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