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What a student will be involved in the Work & Travel USA program

What a student will be involved in the work program & Travel USA

Recently, I highly covered the opportunity to participate in the work program & Travel USA. Almost all licensed companies tell about their advantages, offering more and more favorable conditions for students. And yet there are many ambiguities. For example, how much will the trip in the USA actually?

Independent expert invited by Star Travel company, incognito visited the offices of the largest companies and found out what participation will be involved in the program. So, the companies that he chose. This (in alphabetical order) Center for Cultural Exchange Intex, Inter-AIR, also known as Inter-R, International Exchange Center, He is Inter Exchange, and Star Travel Agency. All of them work with international student exchange programs not the first year and have a solid reputation.

Usually pay the student falls in 2-3 reception. Some amount take after the successful passage of the interview, then (usually in January-March) is paid by the main part of the program (registration of work permit in the United States of the DS-2019 form, if necessary, the selection of the employer) and, finally, in April-May you pay for the design Visas (consular collection of the US Embassy) and the air ticket itself in the US and back. Sometimes you may be able to insure in case of failure of a visa or circumstances that will not allow you to go over the ocean in time.

So, about everything in order.

The first installment varies from $ 30 to $ 300 (all prices that will appear in the material are taken from price lists received from managers of the aforementioned companies). Usually take this amount as a guarantee that you do not change my mind. The least you have to pay in the Inter-Air office and Starrels $ 30 and 1.200 rubles (about $ 37), respectively. True, in the Inter-Air you will have to immediately pay more and search for work, if you immediately decide not to do it yourself.

In principle, the selection of the employer costs $ 150. For this money you will either select a contract, or will be allowed to participate in the fair of vacancies. Exception is Inter Exchange There you should immediately decide how you are looking for a job (ourselves or with the help of the company), and the difference in the cost of the program is $ 250.

However, they decide to look for independently and not successful, they promise to help.

Next Stage Job Search. Star Travel and Inter-AIR invite you to take part in the job fair in early February. At this time, American employers will come to Russia, and the contract can be concluded in place for an hour. The rest will have to be more difficult: either look for themselves, or rely on your company.

In any case, if there is a contract, you will begin to execute permission to work, and then it is time to pay for it. Cheaper than just do it in old barrels you pay 18.500 rubles ($ 578). Inter-AIR will require $ 615, and Inter Exchange will offer to pay all, including air ticket: $ 950 or $ 1.200, depending on the selection of the employer. Intex will take $ 600 from you, but you will have to translate this money to the United States to American partners.

Money has already been embedded, it would be nice to insure them. Moreover, that the American embassy in the new season intends to tighten the system of issuing a visa, and the percentage of failures can grow.

Star Travel, who invented the insurance system a year ago, proposes to insure both the failure of the visa and the personal circumstances that prevent the departure to the USA. That is, you will be returned to all the money including the consular fee, if you hit the hospital or on trial, or, God forbid, you died your close relative. Insurance of failure in a visa costs 500 rubles, personal circumstances 160, in the amount of 660 rubles ($ 21). Inter-AIR and Intex insure only a visa failure (for $ 15 and $ 22, respectively). And Inter Exchange You, Alas, does not insure. However, in case of refusal of a visa, almost everything will return, leaving for itself $ 50. Well, consular fee $ 100.

Suppose that everything has been great and in April you are going to submit documents to the Embassy. It’s time to pay consular fees. All with the exception of Inter-AIR, which takes $ 120, it costs $ 100.

And now he is a moment of triumph in your passport there is an American visa J-1 in the pass, in the hands of a contract to work in a park of entertainment or just McDonalds. Even the session is handed over. It’s time to fly. Where the question is not idle. The basic cost of the program usually includes a ticket to New York (about $$ 600-620). In the Intex you will again need to transfer money to the USA.

Exception Star Endrevel and Inter-Air. Probably because they sell students own air tickets at special student prices. You can choose a flight convenient for you to the desired US point. It is important, after all, to get, say, to California or Colorado from New York problematic. Usually, students use Greyhound buses, but with comfort there is not everything is in order, but the time to cross the country, you will leave at least 3 days.

By the way, do not forget that to buy a student air ticket You will have to issue an international ISIC student certificate. It costs $ 7, but in the Star, the Starrels this time is included in the cost of the program.

It’s time to summarize? So, participation in the work program & Travel USA-2003 with an independent selection of an employer will cost you in:

What a student will be involved in the Work & Travel USA program

$ 1.315, if you choose Star Travel (Insurance, from which you can refuse, we will remind, another $ 21); You can also choose a convenient flight by paying the price difference (usually tickets to California cost $$ 50-100 more expensive than in New York);

$ 1.350, if you choose Inter Exchange (in this case, you are not insured in case of failure in a visa and a ticket you only have to New York);

$ 1.385, if you choose Inter-Air (Insurance in case of failure visa costs $ 15, a ticket to New York);

$ 1.450 (excluding translations in the USA) in Intex (insurance in case of failure visa costs $ 22; ticket to New York).

Now consider how much the program with the selection of the employer.

$ 1.465 will take the Starrel with you (you can still insure from all possible misfortunes for $ 22)

$ 1.535 There is such an option in the Inter-AIR (insurance for $ 15 against failure in a visa is attached);

$ 1.600 you pay Inter Exchange;

$ 1.600 (excluding translations in the USA and insurance against a refusal of a visa $ 22) will need to be paid in Intex.

What a student will be involved in the Work & Travel USA program

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