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Whale festival in Hermanus 2014

Whale festival in Hermanus 2014

South Africa is famous for its annual festival, which is devoted to the migration of southern whales. This autumn event pleases not indifferent to all living people for 23 years, every fall attracting many tourists to South Africa.

This year, the event will also be held in the city of Hermanus. The festival will begin on October 3, and the 6th day of the same month will be completed. For an excellent opportunity to watch whales from the shore, Hermanus nicknamed the world capital of whales.

Whale festival in South Africa is a truly unique event that combines ecology and art. Every year this event is visited by a huge number of people. In addition, which seems to be the rarest opportunity to see whales, you can also take an active part in a variety of promotions, listen to concerts. To purchase memorable souvenirs, you need to visit local fairs. It will be interesting to see the exhibition specially prepared for this occasion.

For scientists, as well as just for those who want to learn a lot of interesting things, scientific lectures will be conducted on whales, their lives, habitat, reproduction, nutrition and many other things.

Whale festival in Hermanus 2014

Children will have their own, do not use an interesting program. For young guests will be held exhibitions, competitions, various entertainment activities. Interestingly, mostly all events within the holiday are performed absolutely free. However, the entrance to some concerts will require a ticket purchase. But all the money taken out in the days of the festival will go to his further improvement and to ensure the vital activity and protection of whales.

Visit the whale festival will not only be interesting, but also useful for the spiritual development of every person. After all, not every resident of the planet thinks about the importance of environmental protection and animal world.

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