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Wet nose, four paws

Wet nose, four paws

Dream to start a dog or cat? These restless creatures cause lunizing, give joy and change the life of their owners very much. How exactly the artist from Taiwan under Nick John.

Previously, you collected a suitcase for half an hour, now it will take a little longer time. The cat must check whether you have forgotten the beach shorts and, most importantly, his. Decided to eat something delicious? Share with a dog, because you almost with tears looks like a couple of brown eyes. Muhu can now be killed just like this: the cat hunts on her, and you help him. In the hunt for mice, the cat does not need to help, but he can bring mining home. Be ready for it.

Clash of the Titans

Spectacular can not only kangaroo, but also hares. They get up on the hind legs, and the front begin to beat the enemy. Male hares are most often fighting during the marriage period – so they disintegrate partner. In the fight can also join the bunnies – however, they are fighting not with each other, but with annoying weights. What sex hares in this video, we do not know, but the situation looks pretty funny (for a person).

By the way, you knew that the hares beat off the fraction of the paw not just like that. They thus communicate with their relatives. One of these moments is shown in the cartoon "Bambi": in one of the scenes of the bunny, the Topotun hits the back paw on the ground during the acquaintance with a pretty bunny. And the hare is one of the main symbols of the Catholic Easter. How it happened, read in our material.

In full view

Sea tulips, multicolored fields and windmills. For a second it may seem that by description you got into Amsterdam, but no. All this – on solar philippines.

Sirao Park, in which we mentally went, and the truth is called "Little Amsterdam" because of the abundance of tulips. However, more in it is an agencies that bloom orange, yellow and purple. View this beauty offered from a special platform in the form of a huge human hand. She seems to indicate where the tourist needs to look, and his gesture says: "The whole world is in front of you".

This observation deck is the most popular place among tourists, it is impossible not to take pictures on it. It remains only to choose the right angle and legend. Maybe the hand helps you to be in the clouds or allows you to slow down and look around.

Parks are built even in the most seemingly inappropriate places for this. Imagine a park on the place of landfill, rail juncations or plant. Happened? That of this came from landscape designers and urbanists in different parts of the world, see and read here.

Flute drain pipes

From PVC tubes, you can collect water supply, sewage and even saxophone. Many material for this will not need. We collect the design, externally reminiscent saxophone, on the housing you do holes: they will replace the valves (buttons on which the musician presses). Do not forget to make yourself a mouthpiece and attach a belt to saxophone, on which it can be worn. Congratulations: Your saxophone is ready.

Wet nose, four paws

The sound of the saxophone is called velvet, silver, magical and magical. Saxophone can be devoted from a dozen epithets, and in the homeland of the saxophone – in Belgium – he was dedicated to him. Before the adoption of the euro in Belgium, it was possible to find 200 francs depicting a saxophone. At the homeland of the inventor of Saxophone Adolf Saks, in Dinan, decided to go on. In addition to museums and monuments dedicated to Saksu and his brainchild, images of saxophones in the city everywhere: on signs, in logos, signs on buildings. In addition, there is a parade of saxophonists every year and is the largest saxophone in the world – 12 m high.

While you think about whether it is worth collecting your own orchestra from drain pipes, we will remind you why in Oktave seven notes and where did the raspberry ring come from.

On the streets of elephants walked

In the photo Kiri and Moneyi. These charming elephants served as artists in the Hamburg circus, but in the autumn of 1945 the profession had to change for a short time. Giants brought to the streets so that they turn and drag and dragged the frowned cars, the fallen trees and a large garbage, remaining on the streets of the city after the fight.

In the trunk of an elephant is 40,000 muscles. Therefore, these animals can raise huge loads. For example, an elephant can drag on the ground log weighing up to 800 kg or raise up bales 250 kg weighing. And the same trunk he is able to lift a small match – a real virtuoso! It is not surprising that during the Second World War in the homeland of elephants, in India, they were used to load aircraft, and in Europe they replaced horses, which were sent to the front. Elephants harnessed in a plow and plowed the land.

Trunk has other ways to use. First, the elephant is gaining water to drink or wash. Secondly, trunk is also a weapon. Hit by a trunk can kill a person.

By the way, in military operations by associates of people, dolphins, bats and even fleas were becoming! You can find more about this in our material.

Wet nose, four paws

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