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Wet Delz

Wet Delz

Artist from Finland Lisa Hietainen elevated knitting in the rank of art. Moreover, a very unusual – Lisa knits strangers in full growth. The frame of such sculptures consists of cement and metal reinforcement, and inside they are packed with soft materials. To create one character from the artist leaves about three months. "I choose models for my future works intuitively," says the chietainen. – Usually I just meet them in everyday life. For example, I can make the sculpture of one who I will see in the library, in the dressing room of a sports club or while walking with the dog. Almost any of these people, I do not know before creating a job, but in the process I, of course, I find out well. ".


Brooke Hansingen works keeper in the American Zoo Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. On the same area combined the zoo, aquarium and botanical garden. The other day, Brooke laid out a flashing video on Facebook, which has already been collected by almost 8 million views. It is captured as a flock of gorilla during a shower trying to carefully move into the shelter without worsching (although, justice, it should be noted that among the monkeys there are those who love to wash). "Gorillas – magnificent creatures, full graces and grace. Until the rain begins, "Hansingen wrote in the description of the video. In fact, monkeys conquered Internet users just their touching clumsy. They are very cute, is not true? However, in household smells they will not refuse. Previously, "My Planet" placed a large material about the amazing abilities of monkeys.

Spring road

Student-designer Vlad Circius put floral patterns on panel high-rise buildings. It turned out successfully – maybe the city authorities will see his project and decide so paint some of the residential buildings? By the way, the patterns themselves are very reminded that they are applied to women’s peacockosad. By the way, the history of these handkerchiefs is rooted in the distant past. They originate from a simple piece of white fabric with an embroidery, which was called Mountains (learn more about this headdress, as well as about other outcome of the wardrobe, which were worn by ancient our ladies). By the XVII century, Cellus took a handkerchief or shawl. And already in the XVIII century, in the area of ​​Pavlovsky Posad, textile production began to develop. In the best times in the Bogorodsky district (where the Pavlovsky Paradise was just included) there were over 70 silk boat factories and workshops.

Do not believe our eyes

Wet Delz

Think, in front of you a portrait? No matter how! With the slightest change of angle view, the picture breaks down – and it turns out that it consists of a variety of small fragments. This work was created by a talented sculptor Thomas Delaninger and is a spectacular example of an optical illusion. Delaninger began his creative activity with the search for various things in flea markets (if you are going to go on his footsteps, check out our guide). Then he also began to collect objects on street injuries and connect them into sculptures. Who would have thought that as a result could be something similar? For 20 years, Thomas has been striking the imagination of viewers and art critics with their amazing creations. Learn more about how the world is getting rid of waste: about the cemetery of ships in India and the village of garbage collectors in China.

Flexing neck

Have you ever seen such an unusual dolphin? It is called Iravadian. Unlike other species of the Dolphin family, he does not have a beak, but in the presence of a very flexible neck. Iravadian dolphins live in small flocks from two to ten individuals and are found mainly in the coastal waters of Southeast Asia, as well as in the fresh waters of the Mekong Rivers (in Laos and Cambodia), Mahakov (Indonesia) and Iruvadi (Burma). These animals are very friendly to people and often accompany fishing boats, helping to drive flies in the fishermen network. However, it is precisely the networks that are often lifting dolphins: they are confused in them and die. Unfortunately, now the population of this mammal is on the verge of complete disappearance – according to approximate estimates, no more than 200 individuals are found in the wild. By the way, you know how to talk dolphins?

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