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Westman Islands

Westman Islands

Currently he is in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO.
Of all the islands now we live only one – Highimai (Heimaey) – At the foot of the Volcano Elffel, there is an only city of Westmanaear archipelago.

Westman Islands got a name "Pompeii North". In 1973, Volcano Elffel woke up and, falling asleep the city of Lava, erased him from the face of the earth. Residents were evacuated, but soon returned to their homeland. Currently, about 4500 people live on the island, despite the fact that Volcano Elffel is officially in the active phase.

Another entertaining fact in the history of the Westman Islands is that Keith Caiko, who played a major role in the film "Free Willy", was caught in 1976 when he poured in Highimay’s bay.

How to get

By air

Airline Eagle Air Allows daily flights on Reykjavik – Westmannaire. Flight lasts about 25 minutes, ticket price – 125 euros.

You can also use the services of the airline Air Iceland, Nat Offers at a price of 80 euros, but the flights are not possible every day and not even every week.

On water

Westman Islands

Ferry company EIMSKIP Flights on the route Torlauxhöbn – Westmannaire. The fare is one end – 1000 Icelandic crowns (250 our rubles). Ferry twice a day: there at 12.00 and 19.30, back – at 8.15 and 16.00. Travel lasts 2 hours 45 minutes.

Torlauxhöbn can be reached from Reykjavik by car over the ring road, moving to the east, or buy a bus ticket № 3A.
The most convenient thing is that the ferry schedule is synchronized with the schedule of this bus.

Pointer in memory of the street after the volcanic eruption.

Westmannaire in the Higher Football League of Iceland represents the club of the same name, which performs on this tiny stadium :)))

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