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Western Western Wall Nessebar Attractions Nessebar Travel Guide

Western Fortress Nessebar

Western Fortress Nessebar enters the strengthening system of the city. At the same time most of the wall at the moment is under water. The length of the main plot is 100 meters, and the maximum height – About 8 meters. Southern and northern edges of the wall once a long time served as a kind of arrows for urban marins. Two pentagonal towers skillfully protect the gate. A little bit on the side of these objects built round and semicircular towers.

The Western Fortress Wall of Nessebar has two doors in its composition, which served for the defense of the city from the enemy. At the moment, five wall reconstructions are preserved in the period from 7 to 19th century. Terrain excavations were kept constantly, for 11 years (from 1970 to 1981), the main reconstruction of the fortress was held. Western Western Wall of Nessebar invites everyone on excursions with interesting stories about times when the fortress functioned and was considered pretty serious strategic object.

History lovers will find a lot of new things for themselves, because each word said – This is a particle of our story, which is captured in centuries. It would seem at first glance nothing special – but interesting and informative.

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  • Western Western Wall Nessebar Attractions Nessebar Travel Guide
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Western Fortress Wall Nessebar:
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Visiting the wall was included in a sightseeing tour. Since the walk was walking managed to see the landmark very close. Despite the fact that the walls are very old and dilapidated, notes the fact that the holistic image of a powerful strengthen is easy to read.

. For a start, I confess in dishonest, for each writing feedback: I didn’t understand the truth, walking myself on Nessebar, where the wall begins among these ruins) Do not repeat my mistakes – walk with the guide if you need details.

Well – or spit. Because no one is particularly follows here, and you can get to the old walls, where small blue flowers grow between the stones and shnyry the lizards, climb, sit down, look at the sea. Because in traditional "striped" the walls of the folded century and the century ago it costs a motorcycle, the cat is heated on the seat. Because among the streets of the city, the vintage ruins grow with amazing periodicity, hardly more often benches with souvenirs. Retreat from the smell of rose oil to the sea, where the top – these ruins, from the bottom of the restaurants, they freeze in the lumen arches, eldest you on the insane amount, but in the next "Hall" These ruins – it seems after all the temple, local attraction – Accordionist, on rumor recognizing our speech – begins to play "I went ashore Katyusha. " Pines swing under the wind and paaching (much more pleasant than rose oil)) – White boats depart from the harbor, the sea is drawn together, they chase each other. Ah, lyrics lyrics, sitting there – well, not forever, but after that, Sunny Beach with his Germans does not seem to be a place to return, yes) Well, about how I don’t want from vacation, I will not speak.

Sometimes you want to plunge into antiquity, learn something new or just touch the antiquity. The Western Western Wall of Nessebar struck with his uniqueness and made the guide to listen and most importantly «hear» All excursion. So fascinates the appearance of the fortress that you involuntarily become a witness of these events. You start to imagine a picture of defense, and just want to make a film based on your own fantasy. Perhaps someday this idea becomes quite realistic and it will be possible to say with all confidence that it will be shielding something large-scale – This is incredibly impressive.

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