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Western Norway, Grotley. The story of one friendship

Western Norway, Grotley. The story of one friendship

April 27, 1940 in the sky over the Crew of the English deck fighter-bombarder in the sky over the Norway occupied by Norway "Blackburnal Skewa" With the onboard number L 2940 performed a patrol flight over a mining area of ​​40 kilometers from the city of Ontalsnes. Suddenly in the field of view of the crew appeared a lonely German bomber "Hakel-111" with onboard number 3178. Captain "Skewie", Lieutenant Richard Parridge, decided to attack the enemy.

The moment for this was a suitable. Radio equipment on the bomber under the control of lieutenant "Luftwaffe" Horst Shopis was out of order, so the plane fell off his level and got off the way. Smart, bad, he was an excellent target. And although "Skewie" did not have a significant superiority superiority in front of him, the parridge managed to catch the enemy car in the crossbales. From the back of the cab "Heinkel" retaliatory shooting was carried out, but the forces were not equal, and soon the German plane began to fall. But to celebrate the victory was not long: immediately after "Fritz" gone viewed by English pilots, motor on "Skewie" has stopped. One of the bullets interrupted the fuel line.

Looking down at the bottom of the frozen lake and something similar to the road, the parridge sent the car down and successfully made a forced landing on the ice of Lake Breidals on the northern slope of Masvendeg Mount. Parridge and his arrow-arrows Robert Bostok assumed that they were on the territory occupied by the enemy. By destroying the secret equipment in the cockpit and exercising arson of the aircraft, the pilots went to the eastern tip of the lake, where, as they seemed, a small hut or farm was visible.

Meanwhile, on the southern slope of Vasventeg, a similar scene was played – with a non-working engine, a deadly wounded shooter "Hakel" Also made an extremal forced landing on the ice of Lake Halestugu.

Before the start of service in aviation, Horst Shopis was a cavalid officer with noble origin. To study the summer case, he was given quite a bit of time, but for 4 years the service of such incidents did not happen. Landing passed surprisingly well, and during her none of the crew was injured.

First of all, on the gloomy and cold mountain, Horst Shopis and his second pilot Josef actor, as well as the navigator Karl-Heinz Strech tried to bury their dead arrow. Stony land did not give to dig, and deep snow interfered with movements. As a result, consolidating the body in the fuselage of the aircraft in such a way that wild animals do not immediately get to him, in the hope of fitting funerals later.

After that, the Germans left the plane, and went there, where, as it seemed to them, there should have been some kind of shelter. After 4 hours, they hardly reached in deep snow to the eastern tip of Lake Breidal. Their joy (if you can talk about joy in such circumstances at all) there was no limit: a small shepherd hut was opening, in which the fire was clearly burned. However, inside them did not wait for a warm welcome.

As you already guessed, a few hours before that, the parridge and the Bostok came to this hut. Finding inside the modest food reserves and sleeping bags and praise of Norwegians for stocks, they divorced the fire and settled down. Suspending whistling from the street, they were alerted. Germans! Considering the fact that none of the British was armed, a meeting with an armed enemy did not promise anything good.

An unexpected meeting was not happy and the German crew, despite the having pistols. The Germans were not confident that this territory was already captured by Nazi infantry – the occupation of the country in the mountainous regions was not yet completed. Including therefore the meeting did not move to hand-to-hand. And then it happened and something at all unimaginable, for people brought up in patriotic Soviet literature.

And shophis and parridge were courteous European officers with noble origin. So after some zaminka they shook hands.

To soften the acquaintance, the parridge did not admit that he was shot down "Hakel". With the help of gestures and broken German, he explained Shopis that they are the crew of the two-dimensional bomber "Wellington", accounted for an emergency landing.

On Earth, face to face with the enemy and the Germans and the British were delivered to the overall task – to survive in the conditions of cold, snowfall and mountains. They decided to survive together.

Most of the night recent enemies spent together, drinking coffee with the muesli found in the closet. Soon the parridge went to the intelligence in the nearby house, which turned out to be a small hotel, and found cookies and cigarettes there. These small joys appreciated the dignity of all gathered, continuing to communicate.

In the morning, the British went to bed in the next house – the Germans did not mind. Parridge forgot to tell them that he found two pairs of skis. With their help, he planned to illumine to hide from the Germans. However, they solved the idea, and fugitives stopped under the threat of weapons. As a result, the Germans made for themselves improvised snowshoes from sheets of plywood and telegraph wire. After which it was decided to move towards the nearest settlement together.

Western Norway, Grotley. The story of one friendship

Soon the pilots were seen by the ski patrol from the nearest commune. This area has not yet been captured by the Nazis, and was under the control of the Norwegian government and the forces of resistance every day. Norwegians were surprised by the appearance of Germans and the British in one place, and at first considered everyone for enemies. As a result of the nervous detention of Patroleum was shot by Karl-Heinz Strech. Parridge and Bostoka needed a lot of effort to prove their involvement in the allied troops. Only byverting the lining of the flight jacket and showing the London Atelier label, the parridge convinced the Norwegians in the fact that he is really an Englishman.

The Germans were submitted to the patrol, and the British with the accompanying came to the nearest village to find help. Help found them in the face of the local resident of Sevald Grotley, who ruled the bandwidth on the mountain pass. In conditions of a huge personal risk, in the conditions of the Offensive of the Germans, Grotley helped the British to return to the base, and from there – back to the aircraft carrier "ARK ROAL", To make combat departures again.

But for Horst Shopis War was finished. Until 1946, he was in a camp for prisoners of war in Canada. In his memoirs, he wrote that in reality, it was the English captain Richard Parridge saved him life. Indeed, all other participants in this story (except Shopis and Paltridge) graduated from the battlefields or camps for prisoners of war. And the two main characters of this story again met – 34 years later in the same place, a day when the poles are exhausted by bullets "Skewie" L2940 was raised from the bottom of the lake.

Former enemies became good friends. In 1977, Shopis stayed at the parridge in his house in the English Sussex. Friendship continued until the death of the parridge in 1990. In 2004, Shopis with his family, together with the Children of Paldage, visited the scene of this story.

Horst Shopis left this world aged 99 years in 2011. At the site of the very hut, the grandson of the very sevald Ghotley opened the same hotel, in the backyard of which a memorable sign for the dead German pilots was installed. But standing next "Hakel" with a burnt cab – not real. Shortly after the events described, an abandoned German aircraft blown up by German infantry. But a few years ago, a beautiful story of the friendship of two pilots representing the warring nation, formed the basis of the Film Into The White (in our box office – "In white captivity") released on screens in 2012. For this film and was made this layout.

The film was removed right there, in Grotley, and on the slopes of the Mountain Dasnibba. Events in the film, of course, are pretty embedded with dramatic details (video).

However, the essence remained the same – behind the masks of the enemies are hidden by the same people, and the war is hell and meaningless absurdity.

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