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Western Greece, Greece – Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Sights of Western Greece

Western Greece

Western and South Greece – Extensive territory of mainland Greece, consisting of a beautiful Peloponnese Peninsula, Attica and the capital of Greece – Athens city. The main resorts of South Greece are the island of Evia and Loutraki, less popular – Glyfad and Vuagmena, as well as the coastal areas of Athens, who are not so famous in the our tourist market due to the high cost of living and recreation. Loutraki is known among tourists as a healing resort with various courses of healthcare procedures, because there is a hydrotherapy center with healing mineral waters. For an excursion tour of Athens and other resort cities in South Greece, autumn and spring are most suitable, and for relaxation on the sea coast – period from May to October.

South Greece – Excellent place to relax at any time of the year, because the climate on its territory is very soft and favorable. Landscapes and amazing monuments of ancient culture are located in the territory of the entire region, and numerous excursion tours and suggestions will not leave indifferent any rest. To the South Greece region includes a large buckwheat area of ​​Attica, Peloponnese Peninsula and Evia Island. South Greece is famous for clean cozy beaches, walks on luxurious yachts, shady groves and stormy nightlife. Rest in southern Greece will suit absolutely everyone: both lovers of architecture and history, and young people and family couples with children.

The best cities and resorts of Western Greece

What is interesting to see in Western Greece?

Climate in Western Greece

The climate of South Greece is the Mediterranean in its coastal areas and moderately continental in the central regions. The climate in southern Greece, both in summer and in winter, is considered the most favorable climate throughout Europe. High mountains located along the entire coast are climate regulators in southern Greece: they direct the air flows of cold and warm air and smooth seasonal fluctuations. In southern Greece, there are no frost in winter and exhausting heat in summer, so the climate is very pleasant and comfortable here. The air temperature in the summer in July and August is +30 degrees, sometimes reaching the mark of +40 degrees. The average temperature of the water in South Greece in the summer is +24..+26 degrees. The climate in South Greece is rather hot compared to the climate on the island part of Greece. The spa season here begins in May and lasts until October.

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Excursions and events in Western Greece

The most popular excursion in South Greece recognized a sightseeing tour of Athens, which includes a visit to the Acropolis and Cape Sunio, which is considered a certain border between the territory of the beautiful goddess Athens and the legendary Poseidon. A one-day cruise on the nearby Islands of Southern Greece is also organized in Athens – aegine, Poros, Hydra and Delphi. During this excursion in South Greece, short-term stops are being carried out in the picturesque villages of Levadia and Arakhovo. The next excursion in Southern Greece is a trip to Argolid, where you can visit the ancient theater of Epidavr, Mynae and many other attractions that have survived to this day. The trip to the holy meteors will introduce you to the life and being of ancient and modern monks; You will see Christian monasteries and churches, decorated with original patterns of frescoes, invaluable rare icons and a huge library in which ancient manuscripts are stored. Excursion to holy meteors is satisfied lasting and will take a whole day, but its completion will bring a pleasant stay in one of the traditional Taverns of Southern Greece.

Excursions in southern Greece will cost a little more expensive than in other regions of the country, therefore it is recommended to order an excursion trip in advance.

History of Western Greece

Where better to stop, traveling in western Greece?

Activities in Western Greece

The direction of active recreation and sports is very popular in South Greece and is developing dynamically. In South Greece, such sports are presented: rafting, windsurfing, diving, horse hikes, fishing, hunting, hiking and other. In southern Greece, a huge selection of seats for classes are loved by sports and outdoor activities, because 2/3 of the territory occupy a plateau and mountains, and the region is surrounded by the Warm Sea. Sports centers, natural reserves and beaches of the resorts of South Greece opens the enormous opportunities for outdoor activities. Athens is located one of the best clutters of the country, and Summit offers to experience incredible sensations there.

Western Greece, Greece - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Sights of Western Greece

An excellent pastime in South Greece will be a bicycle tour or horseback riding through the most picturesque corners. In large cities of southern Greece there are diving centers, swimming pools, golf and large tennis fields. Most hotels offer sports programs and events held on their internal territories, they also have their own gym, swimming pools and necessary inventors and outdoor activities. Glyfad has the opportunity to make sailing and golf, the local golf club is considered one of the best in all Greece.

Transport features of Western Greece

Moving in southern Greece will not cause difficulties, because there are various types of transport: taxis and buses, motorcycles and bicycles. Municipal public buses Ktel run throughout southern Greece. The cities have specialized ticket office for buying tickets for buses, tickets can also be purchased at train stations. The cost of the ticket varies from the direction of the bus and distance to the destination, on average, the cost of the ticket is 2-3 euros. Resort of South Greece – Loutraki is connected by railway communications in other major cities of South and Mainland Greece. In large resort cities there are rental points of cars, motorcycles and bicycles, where you, in the presence of a driver’s license and a bank card, will be able to rent a car or motorcycle.

Western Greece: how to get?

You can get to South Greece by plane from Moscow or St. Petersburg. There are direct flights to Athens – the capital of Greece, the flight to which will take 3 hours and 40 minutes. Athens Airport is 27 km from the city center and receives flights of all airlines such as international and domestic flights, including flights in Thessaloniki, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini and the rest. From Athens to get to other cities and resorts of South Greece by bus or rented car.

On the territory of southern Greece, Ktel carrier can be regularly running regularly, tickets for buses can be bought in specialized ticket sales points or at office at train stations. On these buses, you can move not only at a specific resort, but also between the cities of the region, such, for example, a bus ride from Athens to Patras will cost 16 euros.

You can get to the resorts of South Greece from Athens using a ferry message. Athens Port is the most important port of the Mediterranean and is located in the bay of the Saronic Bay of 10 km on the south-west from the city center. Athenian port with the capital associate bus service and subway line.

Western Greece, Greece - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Sights of Western Greece

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