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West Caicos

West Caicos

West Caicos – Island in the Caribbean Sea, located in the western part of the Kaikos Archipelago, southwest of Providenskales. Is part of the island state of Turks and Caicos. Area – about 28 km².

At the end of the 18th century, Sizal plantations were located on the island (the plant of the agave family), a reminder of which are the ruins of settlements, former in the past the center of the West Kaikos industries, as well as the balance of the railway.

Currently due to the absence of residents, West Caicos is very attractive for tourists looking for snow-white deserted beaches and a relaxing holiday.

Sandy beaches in the eastern part of the island are particularly popular with one of the best in the archipelago.

Also, the island survived the original habitat for many types of animals – the iguana, sea turtles and many seabirds live here, and in the center there is a lake Catherine, connected by underground strokes with the sea, which has become a house for pink flamingos.

West Caicos

West Caicos has a special attractiveness for divers. Nearby is Reef Massisis, whose untouched underwater world is very diverse. In addition, in coastal waters you can see the remains of ships of the XVI century.

The western part of the island goes to the Atlantic Ocean, so the sea flora and fauna on this side differs significantly from the Caribbean part of the Curx and Kaikos.

Currently, the island is uninhabited, however, before the 2008 crisis, the active construction of private luxury housing and the eco-resort was conducted here, but then it was suspended.

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