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Wentson, Mummy in Italy

Mummy and Lavender in Wetntson

Wentson – a small town in the north of Italy, in which we got completely by chance, when traveled by Europe by car. Wentsona refers to those small cozy Italian towns, where there is no crowd of Japanese and Chinese tourists with cameras yet. There are, of course, travelers who are specially coming here, but they are not very much. Despite the fact that outside Italy, few people know about this town, there is one very interesting attraction – a crypt of St. Michael, in which Mummy rest. We are all accustomed that mummy is exclusively an Egyptian topic, although it is worth saying that mummies in the Ventson are far from the only on the territory of Italy. The famous mummy girl is in Palermo, and we will definitely tell you for mummy and how it turned out there, but in the framework of the article on the sights of Palermo, and today we invite you to stroll through the narrow streets of the small Italian town of Wentson (Venzone).

Entry in the Wentson is allowed only to local residents, so if you are traveling by car in Italy, then you will have to leave your four-wheeled friend at the walls of the city and go further on foot.

Wentsona became known at most recently, when in 1976 the most destructive earthquake in the history of the country occurred in the North-Eastern Italy. The main blow to the natural element fell on the Friuli-Venice-Julia region, but not only Italy suffered, but also a decent part of Europe. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the town of Poleztso, but the shocks were felt even in Berlin. 35 cities were destroyed, 935 people died, another 2280 were injured. Toletzzo is just 15 km from the Ventson.

Wentson was almost completely destroyed, and its inhabitants were seriously injured or died. Since 1977, the restoration of the city began, which was completed only in 1990. Wentson was rebuilt a stone behind a stone.

If you do not know the sad story of the city, which happened less than 50 years ago, never guess that the monumental walls around the city were re-built. Only a part of one of the houses is preserved as a reminder of the tragic events of 1976.

These are quite recent events that occurred in Wetntson, and meanwhile, the city has a very rich history. The first mention of Clausas de Albiciones (from Ital. "Near water") refers to 923 of our era. In 1258, a fortress wall appeared around the city with a height of more than 8 meters and a width of about one and a half. The wall, like all other buildings, restored – like almost 800 years ago she protects the city.

On the territory where Ventson was located, the Austrians and the Germans were attempted for a long time, and in 1797 he was temporarily occupied by the French, but the Italians managed to defend the city and in 1866 it was finally left alone as part of the Italian Republic. In 1965, Wentson was announced by the City-Monument. But in 1976 the tragedy happened.

I must say that the feeling that you are in the city museum, there are now. In the small territory of the vertson there is something to see. For example, a fountain of 1878 was restored on one of the square of the city, but what year does drinking well refers, we failed to establish.

Another attraction of Wetntson – City Palace. Like all other city buildings, he seriously suffered from the earthquake and restored bricks behind the brick. Now in the city palace is the Museum of History of Vezonon.

The population of the Ventson is only about 2,000 people, but it is difficult to believe in it, the narrow streets of the city look completely empty.

Lavender is associated with many with France. And, indeed, the lavender fields of Provence is a kind of business card of the south of France, but few know that there are such purple fields and in the north of Italy.

Wentson has long been famous for its products from Lavender: there is a huge number of shops and shops, in which you can buy "lavender" souvenirs: soap, perfume, shampoos and much more. Such purple stores in Wetntson at every step – not to notice them is impossible.

The main attraction of the Ventson is the Cathedral of the Holy Apostle Andrei. Construction of the cathedral began in 1308, and after 30 years, the first worship service took place.

Wentson, Mummy in Italy

St. Andrew’s Cathedral seriously suffered during the 1976 earthquake: the windings collapsed, the walls partially destroyed. In 1988, the restoration of the temple began, he was restored by a stone behind the stone using the surviving material.

We have already written at the very beginning about the famous Italian mumers, so they came to their turn. In 1647, during work on the expansion of the cathedral, twenty mummified bodies were found. Moreover, no one has mumfied them specifically, everything happened due to a unique microcrease, which turned out in the basement of the cathedral.

These twenty bodies became real relics vertanton. Among them was the only mummy of Gorbun, and there are still disputes – curvature caused by a physical defect of man or arose during the storage of mummies. Nowadays, five of the twenty mummies can be seen in the crypt. Mikhail in Wetntson, which is located next to the Cathedral of St. Andrei. People are unprepared not to descend in the crypt, because the spectacle is unpleasant, if not shocking.

Here is such a small walk through a little-known vention. If you find yourself in the north of Italy, then you will definitely visit this amazing town. In August, the lavender festival is held here, and in October – Pumpkin Festival. Italy north is very interesting for tourists, there are many small, but very cozy towns with a rich history, traveling on them by car – true pleasure.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Mummy and Lavender in Wetntson on the map

A wonderful excursion, only you need to mention the delightful mountains around the city and the beautiful Talamento River. I advise everyone to go there, if possible!

Wentson, Mummy in Italy

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