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Wellington. City of winds. Mid Mediterranean. Fairy Tale Week

Wellington. City of winds. Mid Mediterranean. Fairy Tale Week

Great Bay Tara, Head of Fish Maui, Ponon, Capital Cove&# 8230; Surprisingly, all these names and nicknames belong One city. Wellington, The southernmost capital on the planet, the second largest city New Zealand, has another name – City of winds. It is located in the most windy region of the country, and thanks to this, surfers consider its surroundings with this paradise.
Wellington, By the way, also The largest capital of Oceania countries: in it now live 400 thousand people, v Australian Canberra – 360 thousand. It is interesting that at the same time there are in both countries Millionniki city.
His city name was in honor British prime minister and outstanding commander Arthur Welshley, first duke Wellington – the very thing that defeated the troops Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo.
Capital Wellington became B 1865. A B November 2012 honored the honor, which, it seems, has not fallen out to any other city: it has become in full Part of the fairy tales. Trait The greatest fairy tale XX century: The decision of the authorities he was renamed a week in Middle Of Middle-EarthMid Mediterranean, legendary countryLord of the Rings" John Tolkien.

Top 10 attractions that are worth visiting

Botanical Garden Wellington it is impossible to divide the attention with any scenario, especially since its territory is located Celaburn-Heights Playground (122 meters above sea level) with a magnificent view of the city. In the garden there are and Other facilities, having little relation to Botanica, But at the same time extraordinarily interesting: National Observatory, Office of New Zealand Meteorological service, Carter Observatory, Cable Tram Museum expensive. Well, lovers Exquisite flora are waiting greenhouse v Victorian style, "House Becamonia" and 500-varietal collection of roses. It remains only to add that the garden is allowed is free.

Lighthouse Pencarrow Head – The first major lighthouse in New Zealand. He began to cover the way to ships in 1859; v 1935-M Next to him were built a new, more perfect construction – Baring Head. And this octagonal cast iron tower height in 11, 5 meters Received status historical monument.

Old government residence until 1998 was The second largest Wooden building in the world After the Japanese Temple Todai-ji v Osaka. Erected by B 1876 and externally resembles a stone Italian palace. Now it contains one of the faculties University of Victoria.

Wellington Town Hall – The place from where the city is managed: here are located Offices mayor and members of the city council. Construction of the Town Hall considered once an important thing that First stone In her foundation laid in 1901 myself King Georg V. And the festivities in honor of its discovery, in December 1904, Lost Azh four day. Now the building is famous primarily due to concert hall With magnificent acoustics. Here performed and "Beatles", and "Rolling Stones", And many others legendary performers.

Chapel Futuna Chapel unique not only by design combining elements of modernism and architecture of Maori, but also because it is intended for people of any religion. V 1961 She was discovered for everyone who wants to be alone with him in silence, to remember and pray.

Wellington zooThe oldest in New Zealand, Created by B 1906. It is not located in the city itself, but in ten minutes drive; All animals, local and exotic, dwell in conditions, as close as possible to Natural environment, So visit Zoo Provides the impression of a trip to Wildlife. Here you can watch everyday life Lviv, elephants, tigers, bears, monkeys, as well as various birds, among which, of course, there is Bird kiwiNational Symbol of New Zealand.

Museum of Art and Culture "Pataka" is in 10 km from the capital, but the pleasure of his visiting with interest pays for the trip spent. Here are collected work New Zealand artists, working in All directions Art.

National Museum "Te Pope Tongarere" – one of the most extraordinary cultural institutions of the country. Going there, get ready for a genuine movement along the halls, and to Funny adventure. Here you can sing, Chat with molluscs and bird emu, experience Shivery earthquake, look at the world through lens Cameras&# 8230; Special delight here are experiencing children; And as is known, knowledge, Received in the process of exciting games, Urges best of all. Visit "Those Dad", with the exception of Special exhibitions, is an free.

Museum "City and the Sea", Located in the building 1892, Experts of London newspapers Their Times included B List of 50 best museums. It opened in 1972 as ordinary Maritime Museum, But now, thanks to new interactive technologies and special effects, widely used when creating exhibitions, surprises and delights visitors of all ages.

And crushing the threshold The oldest building In Central Wellington, "Colonial Cottage", Exactly get on a half century ago. it Museum of Colonization New Zealand. At the same time, no one tried to create artificially here Atmosphere XIX century: It has been preserved in pristine due descendants of the owner of the house, Englishman William Wallace. V 1858 He arrived out Britain With a young wife Katerina In search of a better life. And in the cottage erected by his hands, Descendants of Wallace lived before late 70s last century. Today there are numerous Exhibits, talking about the life of European colonists.

Wellington. City of winds. Mid Mediterranean. Fairy Tale Week

Five more things worth doing in Wellington

Climb, To take out a gusty panorama of the New Zealand Capital. It is on the slopes Victoria Camping Group Director Peter Jackson worked on the creation of a film "Lord of the Rings".

Go to the Evening or Night Tour in Wellington Reserve, where on the background of a fabulously alee sky can be observed for Birds kiwi, wild Sedblap pigs and Tuatari – Ancient reptiles whose ancestors are older than dinosaurs.

Select a few free hours and go to the winery village Martinborough under Wellington. Sortes are made here The best New Zealand Wine, and taste them under dishes from the freshest seafood – pleasure even for discerning gourmets.

Stand under the splashes of the fountain "bucket", kinetic sculpture installed in 1969 on Cuba Street. Thanks to its unusual design, water is overflow from some multi-colored buckets to others, and the splashes fly on pedestrians and spectators. Residents of the city love to bring and add to water liquid soap, And as a result, the air around the "bucket" is filled with hundreds of rainbow bubbles.

Cable Car Funicular Cable Car Tram. On it, by the way, you can get to Botanical Garden. From the opening of the bottom is capturing the spirit. Loads airstoon 20-30 minutes.

Wellington. City of winds. Mid Mediterranean. Fairy Tale Week

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