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Well what do you say about Sakhalin (second letter)

Well what do you say about Sakhalin? (second letter)

Suitable for the end of my second day on Sakhalin. Now I am on board the ship "Igor Fahutdinov" in the Sea Okhotsk. There is no link in principle, but I still describe my impressions and as soon as the connection will appear, I will immediately send it.

In the morning I got up fresh and rested. Fixed breakfast in the restaurant hotels. I like it. Breakfast on the system "Buffet", The choice is not big, with heat "Vochoda" Do not compare, but what I needed – was: omelet, sausages, coffee and toasts with cheese and sausage. And there was a milk porridge, fruit (fresh and pineapple canned watermelon), hepatic pancakes, pasta on the side dish, steam vegetables and completely stunning baking.

After breakfast, I went to a small sightseeing tour of the city. The uncle-guide, immediately apologized that very little time was allocated for this tour, but everything in southern. But first it was necessary to collect our group, because we all lived in different hotels.

We started acquaintance with the city with a memorable sign installed on the site of the former village Vladimirovka, from which Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk began.

This sign stands on Sakhalin Street next to Susuya River, through which a small bridge is gone. This bridge at the beginning of the last century was built by the Japanese, which then managed the southern part of Sakhalin. Now the passing part over the bridge is expanded and asphalted, and here all major supporting structures remained Japanese.

In general, this place is quite quiet. Despite Monday cars on the street there are few, and pears grow next to a memorable

And then there was a Lenin Square. Where without her? Moreover, you know Lenin I collect. Touretn Lenin just struck me out: In such a small town, such a huge Lenin. We still do not find this in Moscow, and here – please!

He stands back to the station, and face to the mayor’s office of the South. The very mayor’s office is nothing outstanding, so ordinary three-storey house. Much more interesting railway station, on the facade of which fortified two hours: Some show local time, others – Moscow. Trains here also go Moscow time.

Well what do you say about Sakhalin (second letter)

On the left and left of the city hall building are installed two mosaic panels showing the labor weekdays of residents of Sakhalin.

Well, then we went to the Victory Square and the Square of Glory. On the Victory Square we made a short stop because the complex is still in the construction process. That’s just few of the inhabitants of continental Russia know that in Sakhalin two days of Victory: May 9 and September 2. If from May 9, everything is clear, not many know about September 2. But this is the day of the end of World War II. It was on May 2, 1945, Japan signed the surrender in which the USSR returned Sakhalin and Kuril Islands, as well as territories transferred by Japan on the basis of the our-Japanese war.

Here they are here and turned their activities. In the place of the Japanese temple complex built a hotel complex for the first persons who received the name "Leonovsky cottages". Leonov was one of the leaders of the Sakhalin region – the first secretary of the community of the CPSU.

Moreover, in the construction of new facilities, the new owners of the island did not hesitate to use the inheritance of the Japanese. So to the temple led a real road. Later, it was created on it for the Leonovsky giving, a taught cortices with high officials began to ride. And even later, a little lower than the Leonovsky Dacha was built a memorial in honor of the liberators of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.

The road to the temple is now resting to the monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Vasilevsky, the commander-in-chief of Soviet troops in the Far East

Well what do you say about Sakhalin (second letter)

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