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Well done Olomouc

Well done Olomouc

My friendships returned by train to Prague from Ostrava, where Veniamin Stukhov put the play in the local theater "Tragedy Carmen". The production was excellent, and Ostrava – once the coal-steel capital of the Czech Republic in the northeastern corner of the country – turned out to be a cute and neat city, with traces of the past and now well-kept luxury of the style of Modern. Coal and steel here collapsed, as usual in all of this part of Europe, in the 90s: Industry gone, architecture manifested itself.

We reasoned on these topics, how suddenly someone said: "In twenty minutes – Olomouc. Maybe exit?"

What does visits know, and living here about Czech cities? Number one, of course, Prague is right: one of the charming in Europe. Number two – Again, right, Karlovy Vary: Of the people who mean something in world culture, there were no only those in the order of the stomach in Karlsbad. And who saw the geniuses with normal digestion? Number three – Czech Krumlov, a town near the Austrian border of such charm, which he is in Italy or France, the crowds would go there long ago. But by virtue of the famous historical circumstances, Krumlov opened only a decade of years ago – but at all.

Everything is so, but now my Czech hierarchy has changed. Immediately after Prague there is an Olomouc, a hundred-thousand city in the center of Moravia – perhaps, the most undervalued in Europe, as Andrei Platonov in the World Literature.

Well done Olomouc

Olomouci destined to the tourist future – there is no doubt. But while here is calm and more. It is possible without interference and bustle to consider the Gothic Church of St. Morita and wonderfully stylized neo-neutic cathedral. Vaclav, six baroque fountains, "Plague" Columns on two wondrous areas – upper and lower, Renaissance Town Hall with astronomical clock, the temple of St. Anna and that double-headed who wears the poetic name of Our Lady-in-Snow. So called the churches built on the grounds of the frozen snow, which was considered heavenly sign.

Here is such a miracle – the phenomenon of the entire Olomouc who fell into Czech Earth in the XV-XVI centuries in the form, which, in fact, did not change, despite historical vortices in the form of Gusite wars, an eight-year-old Swedish occupation in a thirty-year-old war, religious perturbations that made Olomouc (Olmyuz) stronghold of the Habsburg Empire and the Center for Archbishop. Here cried on his 68-year-old reign of young French Joseph, when the imperial family fled from Vienna from the revolution of 1848. And five and a half centuries earlier, the Czech King Vaclav III was killed here, on which the Pupyak Dynasty of Premyslides was stopped.

In the house near the Cathedral of a month and a half came from the windmill eleven-year-old Mozart – writing here at the same time the sixth symphony. Olomouc Opera House in 1883 led Gustav Malener. They did not like each other with the city: Vegetarian Maleer asked the spinach in the harchev, and the pork offered to this title. But it happened here: the 22-year-old composer realized his place in music, formulating the attitude to those who inherit, to what she was doing to those who were listening: "The feeling that I suffer from my great masters is that I can throw at least a spark of their fire in the soul of these poor people, keeps my courage". This letter was sent on February 12, and the 13th Mallovsky Kumir died – Richard Wagner. Eyewitnesses remembered how funny Maleter wandered around the Olomouc streets, as they thought he was crying for the father who died at the same time, and he – on the wagneru.

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